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How Do I Protect My Leather Jacket From The Rain?

Whenever we talk about outerwears for the winters, leather jackets and coats are undoubtedly the first and last choice- one of the most versatile and classic fabric that would help you to stay in the long run down the road.

Apart from velvet, tartan, and wool, leather is the first and only thought that comes into mind while choosing the garment for wintery season! Isn’t that so real?


The pure leather products can last up to decades if they are handled properly and used appropriately. Also, pure leather is a lot more durable and breathable than any other garment. From bomber to flight, café racer to aviator, blazer and vest, biker to barn field jacket, leather jacket comprises vast range of styles.

An absolute phenomenal outerwear always!

Leather jackets are made up of the animal’s skin which goes through several machine processes. As a result, you get a strong and durable genuine leather jacket.


No matter the city and country where you love, you are bound to experience some rain at some time in the entire year. Pretty much honest, we plan our activities and automatically our dresses as per the forecasts of weathers.

This is the same way with the rain that what we are going to wear the day when it is predicted to rain.

Do you have any raincoat or a poncho? Or have you purchased any hoodie? What about our beloved and costly leather jackets?

You can any customize leather jacket for men and women, from our collection and can wear it during rainy season without any worries.

But wait… after making an expensive purchase of pure leather jacket, it is very important to get to know about the precautions to protect your leather jacket from water damage. If you fail to do that so, your leather jacket will not be able to commit a companionship of more than a year or two!


Pure leather jackets are considered to be waterproof and water resistant however it is not completely true. Leather is mainly permeable which means that it has porous surface that absorbs and releases the moistures as per the surrounding of its environment.

If you expose it to dry and humid weather, it will absorb the moisture. In the exposure to the dry environment, it will release moisture.

But here comes the real thing, if the real leather jacket would be exposed to the wet or dry environment for a prolonged period, it will absorb maximum amount of moisture. This will lead the jacket to develop mold or mildew. Both of them are the types of fungi that grow in the moist environment.

Leather is a type of organic source food and if the fungi have access to it, they will thrive and leather product will gradually get ruined!!

This means that prolonged exposure of leather jacket to any weather can cause severe damage to it. So, before wearing it in the rainy season, make sure to take necessary precautions.


Make sure that while going out in the rainy season, you must carry the umbrella with yourself. It is not important to carry it around if the sky is clear and all sunny. But if it is being a forecast of rain that certain day then carry your umbrella outdoor along with your leather outerwear. Also, it is highly recommended so you and your leather jacket stay dry.


It is not guaranteed that with the help of an umbrella, you will not get wet. Your leather jacket can still get wet but no need to worry. If you are going to make your jacket dry in a timely manner, the moisture will not cause any damage to the leather garment.

Hence, drying your wet jacket in a timely manner is very important.

Also, do not make the mistake of putting up your jacket into the clothes dryer. This machine process can cause severe damage to the leather jacket. I would suggest you to go with the hand-dry for any type of leather jacket. Whether you use biker and aviator jackets or Marine Corps jackets, hand-dry is the safest solution.

Use a clean and dry towel for this purpose. All you have to do is to blot the surface of leather jacket with the towel until it feels dry.


Protect your leather jacket by storing it in a dry environment, not way too dry but it must be good enough to absorb the moisture of air.

Another simple way to keep your leather jacket safe from water damage is to apply the water-resistant leather lotion. You can apply it to the surface of leather jacket and this will create a fence of protection between leather fabric and the rain water.

You also use the options of waxing and conditioning to clean your leather jacket and to protect it from water damage.

  • Conditioning: Use conditioner to clean your leather jacket and to maintain its natural look. This will increase its life-span.
  • Waxing: You can apply a little wax to the leather surface of jacket and proceed with cloth to clean it. This will increase its resistance to water.


To protect the jacket from water damage, you can use silicon spray over the leather surface. Use the dry clean cloth to remove the dirt and spay the silicon all over. Ensure to allow you jacket to air dry naturally completely. Once it’s dry, it will create a waterproof barrier over jacket that will protect it from water damage.

Also, don’t store your leather jacket in sealed plastic bags or else the fungi will develop due to within moisture of jacket.


You can protect your jacket by following the above mentioned steps. Make sure to clean your leather jacket regularly so it can help you to stay in the long run down the road.

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