How Effective Should Employee Onboarding Software Important to Your Company?

Onboarding software new employees are quite a daunting task and includes certain things such as recruiting events, recruitment fees, advertising expenses, and relocation expenses. On average, companies have claimed that onboarding new hires cost over $1500 to an organization.


In addition, it is seen that about 58% of companies have a manual onboarding program, which is quite complicated, tedious, and time-consuming work. Statistics have claimed that organizations have robust onboarding software that raises new hires’ retention by about 82%. As a result, it helps improve the employees’ productivity by about 70%.


Moreover, about 88% of the employees have stated that their respective companies have poor onboarding processes regarding hiring new employees. Along with this, employees with structured orientation and onboarding programs are likely to stay within the company minimum of 3 years.


Why is Employee Onboarding Software Important?


Attracting New Hires

The automated onboarding tool facilitates your HR professionals in attracting and interviewing job candidates. As a result, it helps job applicants in career and professional development. With a proper onboarding process, companies offer a continuous learning process and opportunity to your candidates for better professional growth.


Keeping New Hires Longer

By using automated onboarding software, it helps in the retention of new hires at the workplace. As a result, it helps save your company money and time, as these factors are highly affected by lower employee retention.


Better Preparation of Workers for Success

The success of your workers is directly proportional to your company’s success. The e-onboarding process

provides a great launching pad for new candidates for better growth and development.


Reduced Hiring Costs with Poor Retention of New Hires

To an organization, it incurs a lot of money in attracting and hiring new employees. But, as many new workers tend to leave companies quickly, it wastes your company’s money. But, having e-boarding software helps in effective hiring and onboarding, which leads to easy retention of new hires.


Better Learning Culture at Workplace

On having an automated onboarding tool, it helps create and sustain good learning culture at the workplace. It provides an excellent opportunity for new hires to learn and nurture new skills. As a result, it helps in sharing information throughout the onboarding and recruitment process with easy attraction and retaining suitable candidates.

Globally, it is seen that about 69% of the companies invest in the onboarding process for easy assimilation of the corporate culture. As a result, it helps facilitating building of the relationship between employees and employers and employees. It, therefore, includes setting goals, frequent check-ins, and developing employees.


Improved Employee Engagement


With the use of onboarding software, it helps new hires to stay engaged with your company. In addition, it helps your employees to effectively commence their journey to your company. It includes providing information like vision, mission, videos, policies, and compliance documents to the new employees about the company.


Provides Insightful Reports

Recruiting employees using an automated tool helps in real-time handling of the entire recruitment process from hiring to onboarding. This computerized tool involves sending emails back and forth to new hires. It, therefore, helps generate clear reports indicating each stage’s status. It helps in efficient and error-free onboarding of new hires.


Benefits of Employee Onboarding Software


Improved Accuracy and Easy Authorization


On using a manual system of onboarding, chances of error occurrence are high, and accuracy is also compromised. However, with use of automated software, it provides accuracy to the HR manager in terms of onboarding new hires. Moreover, it also offers real-time notifications to the HR team throughout the process of onboarding. Additionally, consultants provide additional assistance to new employees in case they face difficulties after hiring new employees.


Easy to Use

This automated system is quite a user-friendly software as it comes with the manual guide for using the application. This e-onboarding system is customized in nature, allowing companies to add essential features per the requirement. If your company faces an issue regarding its usage, your IT department sets up the system and makes it easy to use.


Improvement of Communication with Important Stakeholders

On using this automated software, it ensures clear communication between employees and your HR department. Along with this, it also provides a smooth transition between the employees who are leaving and are coming on board.

This automated tool helps streamline communication between employees, peers, and managers. In addition, it allows the central creation hub to use this software that helps post questions and share information.


Increasing Employee Productivity and Engagement

This automated tool helps increase engagement and productivity of the employees and has an e-boarding program, and it allows new hires to move significantly towards higher productivity. As employee engagement reflects the employee’s emotional commitment, it helps improve productivity, contentment, and motivation of the employees at the workplace.

This software increase engagement of employees by simplifying easy communication and engagement between new hires, hiring teams, and managers.


Reduced Employee Turnover Rate and Costs of Recruitment


By using an automated tool, the turnover rate of the employees is seen to be reduced considerably. It is because; the employee turnover rate costs about 90%-200% of the company’s profit.

It is quite impossible to eradicate turnover rates of the employees completely, but with e-boarding software, it helps eliminating redundancies across departments. As a result, it helps reduce the cost of recruitment of the company continuously hiring new employees.


Creating Unforgettable 1st Impression

1st impression is essential to the new hires to retain new hires. This automated software provides 1st impression by creating personalized and customized onboarding experiences for each new hire.

This software enables you to create a digital welcome kit comprising documents and videos for new hires. It also helps new hires to feel more prepared for the new role.


Reduced Paperwork

This automated tool helps in reducing

the use of papers for storing and managing information of new hires. On automating documents

and tasks using an e-boarding tool, it allows a reduction of reliability on

paper-based forms. This software helps automating tasks such as setting up

payroll, creating welcome letters, and creating an employee handbook.

Importance of Companies Employee Management System


Effective HR Processes

On using this software, it helps cut down the need for manual entry of data. This software helps improve employee managing processes from hiring to onboarding. The activities like sending emails, phone calls, reminders, and spreadsheets are simplified with this automated software.

On using the software, it helps in creating and assigning shifts to the employees by automating shift rotations from the system.


Providing Centralized Employee Data

The manual system is a decentralized one that is unable to store an enormous amount of data. This data could have been confidential and is essential in managing important data to avoid compliance issues and penalties.

Moreover, this automated system also has user access control settings that prevent data from getting accessed by illegitimate users. Therefore, it is an essential tool for building a strong team, and this software is easily customized as per the company’s needs.


Improved Employee Engagement and Raised Productivity

On having an automated system, it allows employees to initiate conversations with their co-workers. It helps in streamlining employee training with better management of the employees’ activities. Moreover, it facilitates managers in using the system for setting goals for the team members with easy tracking of employee progress.  


Important Insights about the Workforce

This automated system helps in the effective analysis of data, and that helps providing access to a wide variety of reports starting from onboarding to attendance, learning, and managing performance. As a result, it helps your company to identify issues and loopholes that negatively impact employee performance.


Easy Setting of Goals and Motivating Employees

It is essential to set goals for each employee and the company as a whole. The plans have to be quite challenging and achievable and have to be aligned with the mission and vision of the company. In addition, it helps in setting benchmarks to measure employee performance in various stages of the ongoing project.


Moreover, it is essential to motivate employees for better performance and to achieve higher productivity levels. Therefore, your company can adopt various recognition awards required for excellent performance, such as accolades, monetary bonuses, and recognitions.  


Better Manager and Employee Relationship

On using this software, it helps allow companies to track and analyze employee data to make better decisions related to training and hiring. In addition, this tool is customized quickly based on the needs of the company and is used for various purposes like payroll management, scheduling tasks, and time tracking.


Wrapping up

This automated software facilitates your company to conduct seamless hiring of employees to onboarding. It also helps the inclusion of activities for allowing new employees to know more about their new company with having an idea about the mission, vision, and values. In addition, an employee onboarding tool helps introduce new employees to your company’s culture and environment. With good employee turnover, it helps in easy tracking and motivating employees from hiring to onboarding.

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