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How Much Do Electricians Charge Per Hour?

Believe it or not, this is one of the most asked questions about electricians in history to date. Whether before hiring an electrical contractor or after, this is the ‘must-ask’ question that is never missed by any people looking for electrical services.

So, have you asked this question yet?!

Now, if we were to compare and debate among all the answers acquired about this concept- how much electricians charge, we’ll get different answers for sure. But how can we get contrasting answers to one single question? Is this even possible?

In this case, the answer varies significantly depending on the electricians in question, what type of service is required (accessibility), length and nature of the project, etc. Therefore, the charges may vary depending on certain factors that influence the rates.

Charges of an Electrician

Electricians generally charge between $25 to $100 per hour. Mostly, you may have to spend a sum of $160 to $522 approx for complete electrical repair service.

However, as mentioned earlier, the quote may vary due to several factors. Thus, check them out in the post below.

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What are the factors that influence the cost of electricians?

1) The accessibility of the project:

Accessibility simply implies the project complexity. If the job is to swap out old/broken light fixtures, it would cost you comparatively less than fixing them in the entire household.

2) Location:

If you are in a highly-populated area or city, then it’s likely that an expert will charge more than if they were situated in a less densely populated region. This results from the fact that there is more competition for jobs in major cities.

3) Experience and Skill:

The more experience and skill your electrician has, the more they will charge you.

4) Travel duration/cost:

If the electrician needs to travel a long distance, they may charge more for their services, adding to their travel costs.

5) Amount of Damage:

Suppose your electrical system is completely devastated due to severe weather conditions. In that case, you may need to replace the entire system and therefore pay more than if there was only a tiny fault in your home wiring.

6) Materials & Tool:

Depending on the nature of the electrical project, the professionals will use the required materials, tools, and equipment. Suppose, if it’s a small-scale job, it would cost you comparatively less than the one needed on a large scale.

7) Labour:

If the job is complex and requires additional laborers to handle it, the expert technicians may appoint them as needed. Thus, this will simply increase the work charges.

What are the services offered by the Electrician expert?

1) Installing new circuits and wiring

2) Fixing faulty wiring or outlets

3) Updating or expanding an existing electrical system

4) Installing or repairing CCTV, lighting fixtures and switches

5) Troubleshooting electrical problems

6) Identifying electrical hazards and making repairs

7) Altering or installing electrical fixtures

8) Rewiring electric motors

9) Installing security systems

10) Inspecting and testing electrical systems

11) Studying electrical blueprints.

12) Installing conduit tubes for low-voltage wiring systems.

13) Replacing circuit breaker panels.

14) Locating underground electrical wires and cables using special equipment, such as a non-metallic probe or metal detector.

15) Inspect furnace components to ensure they are working safely.

16) Inspecting fire alarms and smoke detectors.

17) Installing renewable energy systems, such as solar panels.

Are the electricians reliable?

Yes, the electricians are reliable. You can definitely expect them to be professional and finish the job in a given timeframe. 

However, you must get multiple quotes before hiring one so that you can ensure you’re getting good value for your money.

How to find a Trustworthy & Affordable electrician?

It’s not always easy to find a good electrician, especially if you’re looking for one who is affordable too. However, here are a few tips for you to make the process a little easier:

1) Verify the license:

Ensure that the professional you are hiring is licensed. Not only will checking for a license protect you, but it will ensure that they have the skills and knowledge to do their job well.

2) Get an estimate in writing:

Get several bids from various electrical experts. This way you can compare prices and services, helping you to choose

3) Check for their name in the Better Business Bureau:

The Better Business Bureau is the best platform to check for an electrician or an electrical company’s reputation and work profile. This site has a complete list of credible contractors’/ individual experts’ job performance, compliant history, insurance coverage, license, experience, etc.

4) Experience:

It is best if you choose the person with the most experience.

5) Compare multiple estimates:

Comparing your quotes/estimates will not only help you save money, but it enables you to choose the most reasonably priced services.

Quick FAQs about the Electrical service

1) Do I need to be home when they are working?

No, you do not have to be home when they are working. However, it is always a good idea to have someone there in an emergency.

2) Do electricians offer free estimates?

Yes, most of them offer free estimates. Be sure to ask for one before hiring them.

3) How long will the project take?

This also varies depending on the size and scope of the project. Most projects take around 4-7 days to complete.

4) Will they offer free service during the warranty period?

This also varies depending on the type of warranty offered. However, most experts offer free service during the warranty period for any repairs that may be necessary.

5) Are there any other factors that will increase the cost?

If the job site is located at a great distance from their place, they may add a transportation cost to their hourly rate. 

6) What type of Electrical Jobs do expert technicians usually perform?

The type of jobs an expert technician may perform depends on their level of expertise. However, some of the most common jobs include:

  • installing new circuits/wiring/electrical system
  • fixing faulty wiring or outlet
  • updating or expanding an existing electrical system
  • installing or repairing lighting fixtures and switches
  • troubleshooting electrical problems
  • identifying electrical hazards and making repairs
  • altering or installing electrical fixtures, etc

7) Do electricians offer post-service cleanup?

Yes, they do offer post-service cleanup. This includes taking care of any materials that may have been used during the job and cleaning up the work area.

 8) Can one electrical expert cover installation, repair, and maintenance altogether?

No, usually one of them is specialized in a particular field. For example, installation, repair, or maintenance. It is best to ask for their specialties in the area to make the best decision in your favor.

9) Do they provide emergency service?

Most experts do provide emergency service. However, this often comes with an added fee. Be sure to ask about their rates for emergency service before hiring them.

10) How to know if an electrical company is reliable?

All electrical companies should be registered with the local government, which you can quickly check out on your state’s website.

Final Note:

When choosing an electrician or electrical company, always ask for their license and insurance coverage. This way, you can be sure that they are legit, so you do not have any issues with them in the future. Make sure to take advantage of their free estimates, so you know exactly how much the project will cost, so there are no surprises later on.

Lastly, always look around and find the best company at your service. Moreover, if you lack time, simply contact My Light Electrical Solutions Contractors. They can cover your electrical needs in no time plus help you manage your future projects at the best price.


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