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How PCI Compliant Ecommerce Call Center Services Deliver Expected Outcomes for Retailers!

In the era of high technology tools and fast-flowing information, the retail sector has taken a long leap from traditional techniques of doing business by finding comfort in modern technology and eCommerce call center. Today, the competition is cutthroat for the retail industry. Every player is trying to acquire a greater market share and each other’s customers.  While the competitive spirit is good for any industry, it also means your business has to have something extraordinary for customers.

If you are operating online, you should think about establishing sound customer patronage online and loyalty programs. It is necessary to meet the ever-changing end consumer demands and shopping patterns. This requires greater concentration level and expertise, which can’t be mixed up with core business objectives and tasks. This is why outsourcing the work processes to eCommerce call center makes complete sense. Call center service providers can fill out these gaps by offering critical non-core support like customer enquiry support, answering services, 24/7 chat support, multichannel support, order processing and management, grievance resolution support, back office services and so much more.

So let’s get ahead and check what PCI compliance is before we know the details of the advantages it can bring for your eCommerce brand.

What is PCI Compliance for eCommerce?

The PCI compliance for the eCommerce industry is taken from the PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard). The compliance rules are governed and managed by the Payment card Industry Security Standards Council.

Now, the eCommerce is one of the top places for payment card usage in terms of sheer numbers. Keeping the same in mind, the PCI compliance is meant to keep total control over the security and protection on the data generated from the cardholder, and also to improve the processes.

The compliance makes it mandatory every business, irrespective of the industry, that collect, transmit, and stores credit card data to comply with the PCI DSS. Apart from this, all such businesses are required to assess their compliance every year. This is because the required assessment level differs based on the volume of transactions.

One limitation to this is that you have to be a PCI compliant business even if you don’t store the complete credit card number, or if the data goes through your network before getting to the payment gateway.

Importance of Being a PCI-compliant eCommerce Company

  • External support remains in the mainstream

Retail businesses are relying on external BPOs for customer service more and more. Retail business is an industry which mainly deals huge number of clients. Today, outsourcing is mainstream for the retail industry because there are noticeable benefits. Call centers have in-depth experience and domain expertise to handle a series of services. They are committed to providing 24/7 customer support and prompt response so that customer experience remains on the top. An ecommerce call center allows your business to concentrate on capacity building.It focuses on core-competencies, while delivering expected results by the Business Process Outsourcing

  • Why customer service outsourcing is beneficial for retailers

Retail customer service from the eCommerce call center is essential today to achieve success and outshine competitors. Retail call centers facilitate businesses by offering online and over-the-phone customer support, making sure they can engage, understand and satisfy customers irrespective of their physical locations.

Take a look at some of the key reasons why retail customer services from eCommerce call centers can bring success to a retail company. Although its mandatory to choose the right service provider to reap all the below-mentioned advantages.

  • Improved brand image and increased presence

In the retail industry, if you are out of sight, you are out of mind. Hence, it is very crucial to let your customers know that you are present. Making them feel your presence with multi-channel campaigns can be easy with BPO. If you are looking for an onshore partner, a call center in the USA makes an excellent choice.

  • Being available for customers on their terms

Customers want to feel important and they completely like the fact that you are available to address their queries on their preferred channel and language. With a retail call center, multichannel and multilingual customer support is an added advantage that an in-house team can never provide.

  • Improved UX and better customer support

Customers today have more choices than ever before. With eCommerce call center services, retail companies can significantly increase customer satisfaction. Having a dedicated support system with advanced infrastructure can give better services to customers.

Call centers always take proactive approaches to deal with new problems in unique ways. As consumer demand drifts, so are the support services to meet their expectations.

Why Should You Outsource to A PCI Compliant eCommerce Call Center?

As the core of consumer engagement, call centers typically collect, gather, process, and store information (PII) which includes payment card details and credit card numbers, address, DOB, medical records, social security numbers, phone numbers and much more. As a result, most call centers have to meet PCI DSS regulations for data security and privacy standards.

Now, the question is how many call centers honestly abide by these regulations and are compliant to PCI DSS?  Your business deals with online payment and transactions, or the personal medical information of your customer. It is high time you check whether your outsourcing partner is a PCI-compliant contact center or not.

This will prevent fraud and reduce data breaching, your customers can trust you even more with their sensitive data confidentiality. The financial industry is all the more sensitive to transaction-related matter and the need of looking for compliant BPO financial services becomes all the more vital.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS integrates some modern technology.

Let’s look into some of the benefits of outsourcing to PCI-compliant eCommerce call centers.

  • Reduced fraud and data breaching

With constant PCI compliance, the likelihood of cyber attacks for stealing customer data will greatly reduce. The number says that most companies that meet 100% compliance requirements have not reported cases of any data breaches. Companies that were not compliant with PCI have very high chances of data leaks and hacks.

  • Customer confidence booster

More than 50 percent of today’s consumers hold a company responsible for data breaching. Following the PCI DSS compliance will relieve customers from fear of their data misuse and this will in return increase customer loyalty. Displaying that you have taken security compliance voluntarily will help you gain the customer’s trust that you deserve. If you choose to work with a PCI-compliant call center, your customers will see you with respect and trust.

  • Keeps you away from heavy penalties

Data breaching can ruin a company’s image completely, besides the monetary loss that one has to pay as fines. Not just the call center bears the fine in case there is data hacking; the consumer has full right to file a case on  call center as it is working on behalf of the company. So, your responsibility as a company towards data protection is many times more than your outsourcing partner. Hence, it is recommended to choose a compliant eCommerce call center always to be there to protect your customer’s personal data in the best ways possible. We must always outsource you business customer services to the outsourcing company who has all valid certifications.

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