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How Pest Control Bristol Can Get Your Garden Squirrel Free

Squirrels can be a real nuisance because they tend to eat vegetables, fruits, and bird seeds. They also tend to chew the tree barks. They have a way of getting into your garden and then make nests.

If you want to know about some of the best ways to keep out squirrels from your yard or garden, you can go through the points below. However, if the problem has become too much for you to handle, do not hesitate to help a professional pest control company Bristol service provider.

  1. Let it find its way out

Squirrels are not very comfortable staying in rooms where there are a lot of human beings. They will not make nests in the houses where there are too many human activities being carried out. Therefore, it is advised that you should help the squirrel find out its way and move out of the house. If you find a squirrel running here and there in a room, remove your pets from that room. Close all the doors of the room that tend to open to the other parts of the house. Open those doors that give access to the outside.

  1. Try a human bait trap

If you find that the squirrel is unable to find its way out, try to entice it. You can prepare a bait trap with peanut butter in it. Set this trap on the floor, however, do not go too close to it. Make sure that you keep this human bait trap all by itself for a few hours.

  1. Opt for a blanket approach

If you find that the squirrel is cornered, make sure that you put on the gloves and then hold a blanket in front of you. Then slowly move towards the squirrel, and after that, you will have to drop the blanket on the squirrel. Then roll it up. Ensure that you neither roll it too tight nor push it too hard so that it does not get squeezed or injured. Now carry this squirrel wrapped in the blanket outside and then close the door of your house. Open it on the ground way and let it escape.

  1. Make loud noises to scare out a squirrel trapped in the chimney

If you find that the squirrel has got trapped in the chimney, it is good to make some loud noises and try to scare it out to the roof. You can also attach a thick, long rope with a thickness of 3 to 4 inches if you want. Put it on top of the chimney and then drop it down. This will help the squirrel find a way if in case it thinks that it is stuck.

  1. Make loud noise if the squirrels are living in the attic

If there are loud sounds, bright lights, and certain smells, they tend to keep the squirrels out of the house. If you find that there are squirrels in the attic, try to frighten them by making loud noises. You can turn on a radio or bang pans, turn on the television or the music system. Make sure that you keep playing it throughout the entire day and night. If the loud noise is not working, you can turn on a bright light and keep it that way throughout the day and the night. You can also soak rags in cider vinegar and then put them around the attic. These will surely force the squirrel to leave the attic.

  1. Hire a professional Pest Control Bristol to relocate the squirrel family safely

If you find that the pesky adult squirrels are not leaving, there is a possibility that they have a nest nearby that has baby squirrels. To safely remove the squirrel family, it is best to hire professional pest control Bristol services.

If you follow the tips mentioned above or hire a professional, you will be able to remove the squirrels from your property. A professional pest control Bristol will take out these squirrels safely and ensure that they are not injured in the process. Grey squirrels are the most common ones, and you might find them moving here and there even when you are mopping the floor. But a professional pest control service provider in Bristol will be able to remove them from your house safely.

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