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How Technology Made Access To Pure Water Easy

Today we live in the technologically advanced area. Communication and entertainment have reached the next level, but it has also increased the people living on the planet earth. In this article, we will discuss some of the technology that has made drinking contamination-free water easier.

Water is the essential needs of all human beings; thus, all of us should have access to pure and healthy water. Every person needs 4-5 litres of pure water each day for drinking. But not all the people have access to pure water and make it possible a global effort is required.

Technology To Get Pure Water

Here we have listed few but crucial technologies with which we can get clean water.

Water Purifier

It is an electrical device which is mainly based on the various kinds of water purification technology. Below we have listed some for the widely used technology for manufacturing top quality water purifiers.

  • Reverse Osmosis Technology

In this technology, contaminated water is allowed to pass through a semipermeable membrane at external pressure. The semipermeable membrane used in reverse osmosis technology has several tiny pores. These small pores have a smaller opening which does not allow the passage of impurities present in water. This technology is one of the widely accepted for eliminating water contaminants from water.

  • UV Technology

This technology used to punch out the microbial contamination present in the water. In this technology, UV rays eliminating bulbs are used which continuously emits UV rays. The UV rays have high penetration powder, which crosses the microbes’ cell barrier and destroys their genetic material. As a result, microbes lose their ability to grow and reproduce. As a result, this technology reduces microbial contamination from the water and makes it safe for human consumption.

Various organisations manufacture modern and latest technology-based water purifiers, but Aquaguard water purifier is best among them. Thus to buy advance technology-based water purifier contact to the Aquaguard Service provider store and receive all kinds of water purifier service.

Fog Catchers

It is one of the advanced technologies used to harvest fog water, and it can be used at places where the entire village and region are facing a shortage of groundwater. A fog catcher is installed on the slopes On Mount Boutmezguida to collect the fog. And this time this is the largest fog harvesting project in the world as it contains around 6,300 litres of water each day.


This technology is used to eliminate or reduce the concentration of salts present in the water. This is one of the widely used technologies in Israel. This nation is made up of more than 50% desert and has experienced drought for several years. Thus this nation use desalination technology regularly to get clean water for drinking purposes.

Nano Water Chip

All of us need to drink pure water, but one of the significant obstacles for many of us is the cost associated with this. To overcome these significant issues, a team of few researchers performed research in 2014 at the University of Texas at Austin and the University of Marburg in Germany. It developed a low drain “water chip” which generates a small electrical field to desalinate the seawater. Initially, this water chip acted as a portable Water Purifier, but research is still going on to use this technology to be used in various water purification products.


Technology has made our life easy and along with it also help us to live healthily. Most of the time, drinking contaminated water leads to various kinds of health issues. Still, due to advancement in the technology now we can get contamination-free water all the time. Now with the help of the portable water purifier, you will clean water even while travelling.


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