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How To Backup and Save Zimbra Email As PDF Adobe | Within a Few Clicks

Summary: Do you want to save Zimbra email as PDF Adobe format but cannot find a suitable method? So don’t worry, because we’ll show you how you can perform this task within a few minutes. Exporting Zimbra data files to PDF with attachments is not easy. To save Zimbra emails as PDF files, follow this comprehensive guide.

Emuarticles | No matter what OS or hardware you use, PDF files will display documents in electronic form. Many people desire to save Zimbra data files to PDF format. There could be several explanations for such a circumstance. The main one is that PDF allows for document protection via watermarks, digital signatures, and passwords. Even forensic investigators utilize PDF to recover inaccessible email data.

Many business professionals choose PDF because it can be password protected, therefore protecting data from thieves. PDFs are also utilized as evidence in court to resolve legal issues. Then, without further ado, let’s examine how to effortlessly backup Zimbra mail to PDF.

Backup Zimbra Mail to PDF | Using Automated Approach

The PCVITA TGZ to PDF Converter is a one-stop solution that allows to save Zimbra email as PDF Adobe with all attachments. The software can backup countless TGZ Zimbra to PDF files with the exact email structure and folder hierarchy. The graphical interface of this tool is designed to be simple and easy to use any novice or technical professionals can easily handle the working of this tool.

The best part of this software is that it offers a demo version to check the interface and working of the tool. The demo version works similar to the licensed version of the tool but it allows to convert the first 25 items from each folder to the required format.

How to Save Zimbra Email As PDF Adobe | Automated Approach

1) Install Zimbra to PDF conversion software to save Zimbra emails as PDF.

2) Select one or more Zimbra exported TGZ files using the Add Files and Folders option in the software panel.

3)After selecting folders, the tool will automatically load emails, contacts, and calendars. Enable the preview of Zimbra emails by selecting the required Zimbra data.

4) Now, choose PDF as the file saving option to save Zimbra email as Adobe PDF.

5) Choose a file naming option to organize the data.

6) Indicate where to save the output data. The change button allows you to browse a path.

7) Click on the Convert tab to start exporting Zimbra emails and databases to PDF. It displays a completion message after conversion.

8) The tool opens the resultant data folder after saving Zimbra email to PDF Adobe.

9) The Software also generates a log report after the conversion process user can save the log report in CSV for further use.

Done! This way, one can quickly save Zimbra email as PDF Adobe. This conversion requires no technical knowledge. So even a beginner can easily export Zimbra to PDF.

Zimbra Converter’s Efficiency | Features Discussed

SysTools Zimbra Migration Tool is an all-in-one solution for exporting Zimbra email to PDF format, complete with attachments. Now, let us take a look at some of its most distinguishing characteristics.

1. Self-contained conversion utility – This software enables you to save Zimbra email as PDF files and to view, open, and print the data without installing the Zimbra client on your system.

2. Separate Preview Option – The Zimbra converter includes a separate preview option for viewing TGZ mail data before beginning the process of saving Zimbra email as PDF.

3. Batch export Zimbra mails – The tool enables you to export multiple Zimbra files or folders to PDF format in batch mode without losing any data.

4. Transfer Zimbra with attachments – At no point during the conversion process, this conversion program modifies mailboxes or attachments. You can safely save Zimbra email as PDF Adobe documents along with their associated attachments.

5. Preserves Folder Hierarchy – The tool preserves the folder hierarchy and all email attributes associated with Zimbra mailboxes, such as Sender/Recipient information, Subject, images, hyperlinks, and font style.

6. User-friendly interface – The application to save Zimbra email as PDF features a straightforward graphical user interface that enables users to export Zimbra messages to PDF format without requiring technical assistance.

7. Allows to Convert TGZ File in Multiple Format The advance mechanism of this tool allows to convert TGZ file in four + formats including TGZ, PST, MBOX, EML and vCard. One can easily select the Export option and convert files within a minute. 

No, you are aware of the factors that contribute to this product’s superior conversion rate. However, why has it become necessary to export Zimbra to PDF format? The reasons for this are detailed in the following section of the blog, so continue reading!

Justifications – Why Should I Backup Zimbra Mail to PDF?

There are numerous reasons why users should save Zimbra email in PDF format. Zimbra Desktop was a widely used email client application in the past, but Zimbra is currently experiencing several issues, prompting users to export Zimbra to PDF. However, why PDF only? Let us investigate!

Convenient – PDFs are simple to create, view, and use. Independent of the software, hardware, or operating system on which it is viewed, PDF preserves the exact data layout. Almost every device comes pre-installed with a PDF viewer.

Format – PDF files can contain an infinite amount of information and can be easily compressed into a manageable file size without sacrificing image quality. With PDFs, you can share the file on any device while maintaining the file’s format for good.

Secure- With PDF files, your documents are secure because you can prevent data from being edited, copied, or printed by encrypting the document with a password.

Backup Zimbra Mail To PDF | Guide Explained

In the preceding section, we discussed how to save Zimbra email as PDF Adobe in bulk. Because there are no manual solutions for exporting Zimbra to PDF, experts developed an all-in-one utility called Zimbra Account Migration Tool.

The application runs flawlessly on all versions of the Windows operating system. Additionally, you can evaluate the software by downloading its completely free trial version. The demo version allows for the export to PDF format of the first 25 items in each Zimbra folder. To enjoy unlimited email migration from Zimbra to PDF, purchase the full pro version.

How to Save Zimbra Email As PDF Adobe | Frequently Asked Questions Discussed

Q) Can You Please Explain the Steps To Extract TGZ File From Zimbra?

To Extract TGZ File From Zimbra:

  • Log in With your Zimbra Webmail Client.
  • Now, navigate to the Preferences tab.
  • From the navigation, the list selects the Export/ Import Option.
  • Select the data files and click on Export Button.

Q) Does This Tool Is Compatible With Zimbra Desktop?

Yes, this tool is compatible with the following versions of Zimbra Desktop 7.3.1, 7.3.0, 7.2.8, 7.0.1 for good.

Q) What Windows Version Does This Tool Be Compatible?

The smart solution is compatible with all versions of Windows OS including Windows 7,8,10.

Q) Can I Convert My 50 GB of Data in One Round?

Yes, The advanced algorithms of this tool allow converting unlimited data files in one round. One can easily add any size of TGZ file/ folder to the software panel.

Q) What’s the Minimum Computer Configuration Require To Run This Tool?

The minimum computer configuration requires to run this automated tool is Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU E4600 @ 2.40GHz 2.39GHz.


As a Chief Technical Writer, I know the technical issues faced by home and professional users. So, I decided to share all my knowledge via this blog. I love to help you with challenges while dealing with technical jargon.

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