How To Choose The Best Car Service Centre In Your Area

Having a new car comes with lots of responsibilities both on-road and in the garage because this is an investment you might not be able to do in future. During the initial few years, even the smallest scratch or engine malfunction would worry you enough to take the car to the nearest car service centre. But as time passes, you not only learn the techniques of fixing the issues by yourself but also postpone your visit to the service centre out of idleness, ignorance or lack of knowledge. Being self-reliant is nothing wrong, but you might not have the experience and knowledge as the servicing professional has.

Besides, as your car gets older, the issues start to pile up and if you avoid visiting the service centre in order to save some money, in the long run, you have to spend a fortune trying to fix up complicated issues. To avoid such complications, it is better to take the car to the service centre within a few months interval. But how to choose the best when there are so many options?

Choosing The Car Service Centre In Easy Steps

You should be aware of the fraudulent car service centre options around your locality no matter how pocket-friendly their service seems. Chances are that these service centres will lure you into choosing them, demand more money than what was estimated and not deliver your car within the stipulated time. Here is how you can choose the most suitable service centre.

1. Check Online, Take Suggestions

With almost all the service centres now having their own website or social media page, it is easier to search for recommendations online. The highest-rated car service centre results will appear first on the search engine page and you can also check the reviews on the services to have a better insight.

While online recommendations are fast, the in-person suggestions are more authentic because you get a firsthand review on any service centre preferred by your acquaintances who own a car.

2. Visit Shortlisted Service Centres

When you have shortlisted a few, it is time to visit each car service centre personally to get a better idea about their services. Check whether the servicing professionals are quick and optimistic in their decision making, efficient in their jobs and cordial at their demeanour. Any good service centre should consist of a properly arranged workshop, availability of authentic car accessories, fuel, separate office and waiting area.

You can also ask your car dealer about the suitable service centres –even better if the dealer has a particular service centre where all the cars are serviced.

3. Get A Minor Service And Discuss Other Services

The best way to check the efficiency of the car service centre is fixing or regular services of changing engine oils and filter done at the designated service centre. See whether the job is done fast and efficiently.

You can also have a detailed discussion with the professional about the services you need, the car model, its mileage and other necessary technical details, whether they accept any insurance policy and finally the charge.

4. Compare Prices, Experience And Skill

Now that you know about the price quoted by each car service centre¸ you should consider which one is the closest to your location, covers the most or all servicing works and is run by certified professionals. The roadside service centres often quote a lower price than the registered ones, but there is no guarantee of their service and their experience is also minimum.

It is not recommended to go for the lesser-known or smaller car service centres unless they have proper tools and technology and the mechanics have the same skill as those from renowned workshops. Also, check whether they offer emergency services and provide a guarantee for each service.


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