How To Choose The Best Food And Toys For Dogs

Dogs are no doubt our precious little furbabies and our priority in life. Not only are they most precious and adorable, but they are also the most loyal of creatures.

Dogs, as well as cats, are some of the most common pets and yet many people have little to no idea how to provide them with the right care that they require. Not all pets are the same, even among dogs, different breeds require different and quite specific care.

As dog parents, it is our duty to under what our dogs need and get the best dog food and toys from a dog shop In Dubai. Due care is required not only in choosing their food but also in their toys.

Dogs require toys not only for their fun and play, some toys are necessary for their good health and to target the health of specific areas such as dental health, coordination, etc. As such, let us take a look at how we should go about picking toys and food for our little besties. 

First And Foremost: Food

Choosing the right food for dogs is one of the most important decisions we will have to make for them. In recent years, we have seen the dangers of people force-feeding their dogs vegan and vegetarian food when dogs are completely carnivorous.

Dogs require meat and bones and the nutrients that such meat can provide them. It is also necessary to keep them hydrated. The problem with this is that not many of us have the time to make such elaborate preparations neither for our pets nor for ourselves.

This results in most of us buying the driest kibble for our pets. It is time to take a step back and visit your nearest Dog Shop In Dubai. Quite a few brands are creating the required awareness on this topic and providing canned meat products carefully created to preserve nutrients for our little pets. It is not a struggle it is only a matter of looking for it. 

What Is Wrong With Kibble?

If you are still unaware of the harms of feeding your dog dried kibble then this should be enough to create awareness. Dry kibble remains the most common dog food around the world even today and nothing can be more harmful to our dogs than kibble.

Dog Shops In Dubai are filled with kilos over kilos of dry kibble. Let us take a deeper look at what is wrong with kibble

  • Dry dog food is just that, dry. It is so dry that it makes it necessary to ensure that our dogs are provided with water throughout the day just to ensure they are not dehydrated. 
  • The process of making kibble for dogs is by putting meat products through extreme heat, completely drying them out, and leaving them devoid of any nutrients. 
  • Moreover, many of these are also filled with stock full of leftovers from the canned food industry. In short, vegetable and food waste and mostly corn husks. 
  • This is neither needed by the dogs for their health nor do they enjoy it for its taste. These are just empty fillers with next to no nutrients in them. 
  • Such dried dog food is also full of sodium. Add to this the fact that they are dry, which is a recipe for kidney disease. Kidney disease in dogs and cats has been linked to dry food. It is also a leading cause of early death in our precious pets. 

This is one of the major reasons that many pet owners are shifting to canned dog food from Dog Shop In Dubai.

They preserve the meat as much as possible with as many nutrients intact as possible. But do not fear, there are ways to find out the best possible food for your dog and we shall find those ways. 

How To Choose The Best Dog Food?

There are some key factors you should always keep in mind when choosing the food you will be feeding your dogs. These factors are important nutrients that your dog needs while avoiding some harmful ingredients.

Look for products with as much meat content as possible. It is best to discuss with your dog’s veterinary doctor to assess what type of nutrients your dog requires the most before choosing a portion of food from Dog Shop In Dubai.

List for Choosing Food for your Dog

  • A veterinary doctor will have the complete history of your dog as well as knowledge about its breed, muscle mass, bone density, and other important factors that can help identify the best food for your dog.
  • Look for wet food that can be found in cans. This type of food has good moisture content and will also have added nutrients.
  • Some vegetables, as well as fruits, can be fed to your dog. It is best to discuss this with a veterinary doctor. Moreover, your dog may have likes or dislikes towards certain fresh produce and that is an important factor to keep in mind as well.
  • Ultimately, the best decision you can take for your little pet dog is to discuss everything thoroughly with a veterinary doctor and keep yourself informed with the latest updates and research.
  • It is also important to keep in mind to never change your dog’s diet upside down at a moment’s notice. No matter how healthy the new food may be, it is always in your dogs’ best interest to introduce them to it slowly and gently.
  • It is also recommended to keep your dog’s veterinary doctor abreast of all changes so they can help you make an informed decision regarding your dog’s health.
  • Any underlying health concerns will have to be taken into consideration before changing the dog’s diet, otherwise, it could be lethal or highly harmful to your dog’s health.

What To Look For In Dog Toys?

Dog Shop In Dubai is abundant with a variety of dog toys. As a dog parent, it is necessary to always see what they need before you buy it for them. Dog chew toys from Dog Shop In Dubai are a great choice for our canine friends.

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It is also good to get water-related toys as dogs love to play in the water. Fetching toys are a great way to strengthen their muscles such as their front legs and hind legs. Dogs, whether they are hunting dog breed or not, require proper play and exercise to be in the best health.

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