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How to find the right-size office space for your Gaithersburg company

Having the right office space can make or break your business. There are plenty of different factors that play a role when choosing the perfect premises for your business and size is one of the crucial ones. This is one of those instances when we can say that size truly does matter. Unfortunately, there is no specific method to the madness when looking to find the right-size office space for your Gaithersburg company. You must be able to think outside the box and even predict the future. At this point finding the right office space sure sounds like a mission impossible. Stop! Take a deep breath! You will get to the right conclusion. All you need is a little help. Here is what you need to know.

Find the right-size office space tips

Before you dig deeper into looking for the right office for your business you must understand the importance of having an office that is just right. Having an office that is too small or even too big can severely damage your productivity and so much more.

Watch your finances

Choosing an office space that is too big for your business might be too big of a financial bite for your business. Utility costs and your lease might be too, much to bear and your business’ bank account will take a toll.

coins gathered in a glass
Renting out or buying a larger office space than needed can result in serious monetary loss.

Employee satisfaction

By having an office that has the optimal size for your business you can improve employee experience and advance your employee retention rate.

Client perception

If you run such a business where clients visit your offices, you must make sure that everything is on point. The workspace must be neat, presentable, and impressive. If not, your clients might get the opposite idea than you were aiming for. Always strive to make a great impression.

Factors to consider when trying to locate the right size office space

Now that you know that you understand the importance of having an office of an adequate size it is time to start assessing your needs. This is what you need to keep in mind during your office hunt.

The COVID pandemic has changed the game

With the start of the global COVID pandemic, plenty of office employees have started operating from home. Countless employees have set up their home offices and now they work from the comfort of their home. Therefore, if you have employees that operate from their homes, make sure you factor this into your decision making. Avoid paying for extra square footage if it is not needed.

a nice home office of an employee will not be included in your plan when trying to find the right-size office space.
Don’t forget to include or exclude from your equation employees that operate from their homes.

Your employee count

Your overall employee count will be one of the main factors in determining the needed size of your future office. The recommended size per employee is somewhat between 150 and 175 square feet. Nevertheless, this calculation isn’t set in stone. The needs of employees are also based on the type of business you run and their individual functions within your organization.

Assess all your business needs

Besides the number of employees, there are other business needs that will also drive your decision. When trying to find the right-size office space for your Gaithersburg firm you should keep in mind what amenities you need in your office. So, don’t just focus on the number of employees that you have. In addition, think about your equipment, furniture, etc. There are plenty of bulky office items that will take up lots of space. Still, there are ways to cut down on office square footage and consequently on your rent. You can always contact Excalibur Moving and Storage and get a storage unit, instead of renting or buying an office with extra space for storing.

a large conference room with lots of natural light and a large white conference table in the middle.
Based on your office needs, you might need to add extra rooms such as quiet rooms or conference rooms.

Don’t neglect the much-needed comfort and coziness

There is another factor that shouldn’t slip your mind. Not all space in your office should be dedicated to performing work activities. There should be extra space where employees can do just the opposite. If you always want them to be on their A-game, they will certainly need to take a mental break at some point during their workday. That is why you must have the following amenities in your office:

  • Kitchen – a place where they can have a meal and of course use the best coffee machines
  • Lounge – a spot for relaxing and taking a break
  • Storage – cabinets and similar storage for employee belongings

Some companies have daycare, wellness, showers, and other pleasantries. But, these are only to be found in companies that have a big fat budget for extras at the workplace.

Hire professional help when looking for the right-size office space for your Gaithersburg company and moving in

Now that you have found the right-size office space it is time to relocate. You just finished an enormous challenge of finding an office and once again another one is staring right at you. This is the perfect time for a mental break. Hire professional commercial movers and let them handle your move. They will relocate you fast and safely, so you don’t need to worry about productivity loss. So, when you hire professionals to help you, you will be able to direct your attention to the business aspect of your move. In the meantime, they will worry about your heavy lifting.


Looking for the right-size office space for your Gaithersburg company will surely be a difficult venture. First, you will need to determine the perfect size for your business. Once you do you will need to hunt for adequate space. Both tasks are not so easy to handle. That is exactly why you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help. Just like you will hire professional movers, you should hire a local real estate agent and id needed and interior specialist. This way there is no chance that your upcoming relocation will be a miss.

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