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How to Get Around the New Sync Limits of Google Photos on Android

Most of the individuals have enabled the automatic backup of the photos from the phone. Recently, Google has announced that they are going to limit the auto-backup feature on Android devices. As per the sources, Google has taken this decision so that individuals can do their other crucial tasks. Google is not the only company that has taken this decision. Other apps have taken this kind of decision so that users can perform their tasks on the internet smoothly.

You don’t have to worry about the auto-backup feature. There are simple steps that can re-enable the auto-backup option in your device folder. You can do this by performing some simple and easy steps to know the new Sync limit of your Google Photos.

A post was written in Google Forums post by Kate Lynn, who is a Google product support manager. She wrote that due to the current scenario, people are sending and receiving some photos and videos. For saving the internet resources, Sync & Backup has been turned off by Google for apps like Kik, Messages, WhatsApp, and many more.

You can notice all the messages in the Photos App about this unusual change. If you want to enable the auto-update the feature, then you can do it anytime quickly in a short time.

Experts are working more to determine which applications will get affected by the decision of Google and the effective way to get out of this issue. As a result, they have found that folders created by some apps on your phone couldn’t be synchronized with Google Photos. Now it is a default feature, but you can change it as per your requirement. The folder of the following apps can’t be synced by the Google Photos:

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Messages
  • Instagram
  • Viber
  • LINE
  • Messenger

For doing this manually, you have first to open the Google Photos Application. From there, you will see the library option on the lower-right corner, tap on it. Find the “View all” option under the “Photos on Device” option.

Now select the folders that contain cloud icons just on the lower-right corner. The folders with cloud options are the ones that are not Synced up to the Google Photo. Then you should tap on that option or slider that will enable the “Back up & Sync” option. Now all the folders of the applications having photos and videos are Synchronized to Google Photos.

You can repeat the process if you install a new application that has the capability to share media from your Android phone. There are more chances that Google will revert its changes at some point shortly, possibly after this pandemic.

The above information belongs to Android users and doesn’t support the iOS version of the Google Photos application. There is no official notification regarding this issue with the iOS devices. Most probably, individuals using the iOS device may not face this issue. No matter from which app the photos came from, the photos will be synced automatically. You can test it by taking photos from any app mentioned above and save them on your phone. You will see that these photos get automatically backed up with Google Photos. If you are facing this issue, then you can find the solution on their official website.

So, in the end, you know which folders are auto-synced or which is not.



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