How To Make Fortnite Working On Any Android Device

Device not supported will Fortnite run on my android phone? that has to be one of the biggest questions that I received everybody’s listing the names of their phones wanting to know whether Android fortnite will run on their particular phone.

so today I’m gonna tell you the right way where you can check to see your phone’s hardware spec compared to the Fortnite requirements and you see whether the two will marry up and whether you can in fact run Fortnite for Android on your device and not get a device not supported. hi guys I make technology simple and yes that’s what I do.

I think and let’s get on to today’s guide so today we’re talking about Fortnite for Android and people that have already gone into the web on some weird installations files, clicked on those links, open the phones up and then hopefully installed Fortnite… well that doesn’t work! I’ve had many many people send me emails tweets and DMS to say “help I think I’ve bricked my phone” or “help my camera is constantly on” something doesn’t seem to be right like peoples thinks that how to show ping in fortnite.

Well when you install from the non official store this is actually what’s going to happen the developer can put absolutely anything inside that app you think it’s for naught and well now we have problems to check if your phone is actually compatible with your device but it could be a tablet as well to see if it’s compatible what port not what you got to do is you got to see what your device specifications are now these three specifications that we’re looking for one is the memory on the device how much RAM does it have number two what version of Android are you running and number three what is your GPU your graphics processing unit don’t worry I will take you through all this.

okay so firstly let’s have a look at what are the official Android Fortnite specs and phones that are actually compatible so if you go into the Epic Games website you will see the official phones that are supported for Fortnite and then some of the unsupported ones but they’re going to be available pretty soon in the near term as they say so. Here’s the important section this says these are the minimum hardware specs they require Android 5.0 it needs to have three GB of ram and it needs to have these specs for the GPU. In other words your graphics processing unit.

So if your phone has it , it should run how do you know if your phone has it? let me show you first thing you do is you head off to a site called GSM arena dot com and in that site you basically look up your phone. Solet’s just look at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for example once you do that it will bring up the spec sheet what this phone has and we’re going to look for those three items so firstly we’re gonna look for the platform is it running Android 8.1 yes remember this is what they wanted was 5 or higher so it works now the memory let’s look at that what does it got it’s got 8 gigs of ram or six kings over a meter at 128 unit what does and it’s required for fortnite is three gigs of ram.

so that’s perfectly fine it also has got the Mali g72 processor GPU processor which is exactly the kind of spec that they want so this phone will absolutely run for it not and that’s how you tell now let’s do a different phone so let’s check out I don’t know something like the LG g4 as an example well if you have the LG g4will fort not for Android work so ok let’s go back to those three items that we need to worry about firstly the platform android 5.1 in other words it’s more than 5.0 or higher perfect three gigs of ram just making in on the memory side and it’s got the audrina four one eight chip now or this we might have a problem.

because they need the Adreno 530 so what we do is head off to Wikipedia go to the Adreno website and fire the chip that’s actually required then go look for the chip that the phone has and this one you can see is further after table indicating that it’s an older chipset and therefore it might not work all right let’s do another five go back to GSM arena this time let’s look up the Samsung Galaxy j7 Prime quite a popular phone to run Fortnite Android compatible check.

we’re gonna look for those three things again so first I’m gonna look for is the platform and that’s it Android 6.0 so that’s fine because it means it’s five and above so that’s perfect let’s go look and see it the memory and here you can see it’s got three gigs of ram so just bring it in the problem is here it’s got Mali T830 Chip now I’m not sure whether that is more advanced or less advanced than what they required so I’ve got a Wikipedia page look up the Mali page and here I scroll down until I find the chip that they actually want.

which was the G 71 which is a little bit further down there it is G 71 and the G 72 so I’m assuming that anything above that is actually gonna be too old to run and I’m afraid that that other chip the 830 is actually above it so I have a feeling that that’s not gonna run by the way that’s only if I’m reading this chart correctly the ones further down are more powerful newer the one further up are older and less powerful so now this is a problem the GPU is older.

so I know what you’re gonna do someone’s gonna go to fortnight Android and then type their fortnight Android GPU not compatible and they’re gonna see what other people have done here is where the problem is going to be because once again you’re gonna get all these weird and wonderful videos they’re gonna show you how to fix the device how to fix the GPU not supported working problem and they’re gonna drain command G you download guess what yet another apk and when you click on that apk you go to some Google Drive andyou can download who knows what onto your computer don’t do this.

so the message here is clear do not install apk files or links from anywhere on the internet except for the official Google Play Store now inthis rare example we have a situation where epic gaming want you to install it directly from them and this is as I feared in the first video which will be linked somewhere here this is where the problem starts because people are not putting really wonderful stuff into those apk labeling them as for not giving you a cute fortnite android apk icon and you think it’s the right thing and then you’re gonna have issues please please please do not install apk files from any way except for the Google Play Store.

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