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How to Motivate Yourself to Pack for Moving

The packing starts from the day your move is confirmed and doesn’t end till the moving day has arrived. If you have decided to do all the packing on your own without packers and movers then you need to have some motivation every day to complete the packing task on time.

It is never easy to start with the process of packing when you know that you are going to do this job over and over again for the coming few days.

Here are some of the tips to stay motivated to pack things on time:

1. Create a checklist

It is mandatory to create a packing checklist. The major reason you feel demotivated is that you actually don’t know where to start with or you might not be sure when to start the process of packing.

Without a checklist you will just be staring at your household items and do simply nothing because you don’t have a clear plan to do the work. The checklist will guide you from the day you decide to move and will keep on informing you about the area you need to pack next. It will also help you finish the task within the time frame.

2. Start packing in the right order

The right order is something that matters the most. It is important to follow a proper process to make an efficient move. You need to stick to a packing order to make things possible.

Start from the rooms that has the maximum number of stuff and that you think must be difficult to pack. Like garage, store room, inventory etc. These rooms have the maximum number of belongings and it feels like a task to pack them.

If you do the toughest in the beginning then you will be left with the easiest things to be done later. This will motivate you to pick rooms one after the other.

3. Pack in stages

Taking up the household items of the whole house won’t show you any results to continue to do your work and stay motivated. Pack in the stages so that you are able see the results.

Take up one room at a time, for instance:

Stage 1 – Garage/store room

Stage 2 – basement

Stage 3 – bedroom

Stage 4 –kitchen and so on

You can also designate mini tasks in these stages like completing the book shelve then moving to cupboard and so on.

4. Pack things that are necessary

One of the main reasons to stay motivated during the process is not to pack everything you own in your current house. When you cut down the things that are not necessary to be moved with you will reduce the load of packing from your shoulders. You will see at least a few things that you are not going to pack. For example, large old furniture pieces, old antique showpieces etc. require disassembling and assembling which is a daunting task to be done. You can sell them if they have any market value to earn some bucks or you can donate it to someone who is less fortunate than you.

It will help you to stay motivated when you are packing only those things that are useful to you and make some sense to be packed.

5. Motivate yourself with mini rewards

Who doesn’t like to be rewarded? When you are planning your own house move then you have to reward yourself to stay motivated throughout the packing procedure. Packing is a daunting task; it doesn’t only tire you physically but mentally as well. So, it is important to reward yourself when you complete a set of task.

For instance, when you finish packing the first room then reward yourself by spending an afternoon with your friends. Or you can spare one day by binging and watching your favorite web series and enjoy relaxing. It will motivate you to finish your work efficiently so that you can avail the reward after that.

6. Maintain your packing energy

It can be difficult to motivate yourself when you feel extremely tired and low on energy. It requires plenty of energy to do household packing. One should always maintain a healthy regime throughout the house move so that the tasks don’t come to a halt.

7. Eat healthy and in proper intervals

It is important to take a healthy breakfast as it is the first and the most important meal of the day and helps to maintain the energy for hours to come. Make sure you take your breakfast properly so that you can continue your household packing for a longer period of time. Also, it is important to regain your energy by eating energetic food in proper intervals.

Eat fruits, dry fruits, protein bars, shakes and tea/coffee so that you don’t feel tired or less energetic at any point of time.

8. Get enough sleep

When you work on something that is exhausting physically and mentally throughout the day then it is important to take at least eight hours of sleep to maintain the pace of your work and to lower down your stress. If you don’t sleep properly then you will definitely be tired soon and will feel like sleeping for some time. It is better to sleep for eight hours so that you don’t feel like sleeping during the packing process.

9. Add some fun to your packing process

Packing for a move is considered as the most tedious task so it is mandatory to add some fun in the process so that you don’t feel demotivated during the long hours of packing your stuff into cardboard boxes.

• You can invite some of your friends to help you out and then enjoy when you have worked for some time.

• Prepare some tasty snacks and drinks so that everyone in content and able to regain the energy

• Play some good music while you are packing so that it doesn’t seem to be boring

You can keep yourself motivated with the help of these things still it is not easy to do all of it on your own. You can hire movers and packers so that you can enjoy your move and the process also becomes smooth.

Have a successful move!

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