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How to Perform Bhastrika Pranayama, Steps & Benefits

One cannot ignore air, food, and water-borne illnesses. Everyone knows the rainy season is the source of a fantastic, exciting, and fun climate. However, it also comes up with some general illnesses relating to digestive and respiratory systems like skin infections, digestion problems, cough, arthritis, common cold, asthma, dysentery, and nasal infections begin surfacing. Thus, you can’t ignore food and water-borne diseases. It is always good to be safe beforehand with regular yoga practice and good homemade sattvic meals. So, let’s discover about Bhastrika Pranayama, its steps, and its benefits to strengthen your immune system.

About Bhastrika Pranayama

Do you experience digestive or respiratory issues every once in a while? It is always simpler averting an illness to happen rather than the illness to stop after it began. So, here’s when Bhastrika Pranayama comes into the light to become your friend.

The words ‘Bhastrika Pranayama’ comes from the Sanskrit terms where ‘Bhastrika’ signifies power, while ‘Pranayama’ symbolizes air expansion. This yoga is an easy Pranayama form and is a breathing exercise. Bhastrika Pranayama is one of the simplest Pranayama forms and is famous for its refreshing natural benefits.

As per its name, you’ve to release the breath to extend the breadth vigorously in this yoga process. Furthermore, one has to take in breath inwardly with equivalent speed. Moreover, it amplifies the oxygen level in your body.

This yoga procedure also helps you to get rid of several health issues. Bhastrika Pranayama aid in supporting the absolute respiratory system functioning.

Steps to perform Bhastrika Pranayama

Following are the steps for performing Bhaststrika Pranayama, which you may also learn from Yoga school in Rishikesh.

  • Step 1: Place the mat on your flat and neat surface. Sit over it in the position Sukhasana or Padmasana.
  • Step 2: Keep your backbone upright and ensure to keep your eyes closed. Next, place your hands Parallel and right at your knees. Then join the Gyan Mudra or thumb with the index finger.
  • Step 3: Maintain your meditation position for some time.
  • Step 4: Now, inhale deep breaths with your nostrils. Ensure that your mouth isn’t open throughout the time while practicing this exercise. In this breathing process, your lungs must entirely swell up.
  • Step 5: Next to this, you need to release the breath you’ve taken in via the nostrils in a single stroke. The exhalation and inhalation speed have to be as rapid as a ‘blower.’ It is advisable to take inside and out the inhalation fully.
  • Step 6: You’ve to breathe in again, thereby forcefully exhaling it again. The blowing-out speed needs to be so fast that your lungs shrink with a shock.

The Bhastrika Pranayama cycle then ends, starting from breathing to leaving. However, while performing this Pranayama, you need to maintain the breathing speed slow, then medium, following at a high rate, and finally exhaling.

Benefits of Bhastrika Pranayama

Bhastrika is indeed a technique of balanced breathing. It aids in balancing all the three doshas imbalances- Kapha, Vata, and Pitta. This exercise is advantageous for supplying oxygen to the brain, along with several other health benefits.

It is advisable to perform Bhastrika ahead of beginning Pranayama or your session and then achieve Kapalbhati. Following are ten significant advantages of Bhastrika Pranayama:

  • Keeps digestive and respiratory system health

This Pranayama is best for individuals with stomach-related problems like acidity, gas, or ingestion. It is among the most crucial Paranayamas because it restores the metabolism and digestive organs.

  • Removes excessive lungs phlegm

The best thing about Bhastrika Pranayama is that this asana aids in supplying oxygen to the entire body. It even eases if there’s any congestion in your sinuses, throat, or nose. Hence, one among the most substantial benefit of this Asana is that it removes excessive lungs phlegm.

  • Blood oxygenation

Bhastrika Pranayama has a focus on maintaining the balance of the exhalation and inhalation cycle. This makes breathing longer, easier and deeper. Prolonged inhalation and deep exhalation with similar intervals aids in supplying proper oxygen amount to the blood. This is indeed crucial for all the vital body organs.

  • Amazing for depression

So, here’s fantastic news for individuals who’re suffering from depression and anxiety. There is a powerful and natural technique for the treatment of horrifying depression disease, i.e., Bhastrika Pranayama. It is an excellent medication choice that is a secure way of dealing with anxiety problems for delivering a positive outcome.

  • Handles Fibrosis

Fibrosis is a therapeutic condition that heads in the excess fibrous tissue formation reactively. It can severely inhibit or interfere with the functioning and architecture of all underlying organs and tissues. In such cases, Bhastrika Pranayama is very effective for effectively treating Fibrosis conditions.

  • Motor system benefits

Bhastrika Pranayama has considerable psychological well-being benefits. This Asana benefits your motor system, the chief nervous system part which has involvement in your movements. Furthermore, this motor system is accountable for all body movements via the brain’s cellular communication.

  • Energy source

All Pranayama kinds are beneficial for filling your mind and body with enough warmth and fresh energy. This Asana creates enough heat, thereby filling the body with a lot of energy. An ardent energy recharge one’s mind plus body alert. Furthermore, it prevents laziness, thereby motivating you in doing your work.

  • Calms the mind

This Asana is among the most eminent breathing therapy which aids you in calming your mind. Furthermore, it guides the doshas, Pitta, Kapha, and Vata, in an ideal balance. Hence Bhastrika Pranayama aids in calming one’s mind also.

  • Dosha balancing method

Bhastrika Pranayama method is the balancing medium that coordinates all three body doshas. Moreover, it balances the body humor, a key in maintaining the well-being in an ideal state efficient of magical encounters.

  • Assists Parasympathetic Nervous structure

The customary Bhastrika Pranayama practice can balance the autonomous nervous structure via a strengthened Parasympathetic Nervous structure activation. It is the mental order which controls stress, thereby promoting a good organ working. Lastly, this Asana is valuable for supplying oxygen to the brain and maintaining its health.

Due to pandemics, many yoga schools are offering the yoga course online and we strongly recommend you to check out the best online yoga teacher training course and get certified as a yoga instructor.

Things to consider regarding Bhastrika Pranayama

It is advisable to perform Bhastrika Pranayama in the early morning as it lets you achieve property respiratory and digestive systems. Here are some points every individual must go through before performing Bhastrika Pranayama.

  • It is advisable to practice three sessions or rounds by taking small breaks in between the sessions.
  • You should practice Bhastrika Pranayama when you have an empty stomach, ahead of the morning evacuation.
  • Practice it according to your convenience, when you don’t feel any pressure. In case you feel dizziness, you can increase your break time.
  • Pregnant women should avoid this exercise.
  • Individuals with eye ailments like glaucoma or detached retina, hypertension, heart problems, vertigo, intestinal disorders, pregnancy, spinal abnormalities, fever, and high BP should avoid doing this exercise.
  • If you’ve panic disorders or high BP issues, perform it under the guidance of the 300 Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh.

Wrapping Up

When one performs physical yoga or exercise, their body demands enough oxygen supply. This sends a signal to the heart for faster pumping, hence raising their heartbeat. However, are you aware that when you perform Bhastrika Pranayama, one pumps a more significant oxygen amount even when the body doesn’t demand it?

It is the process of fast breathing in air, thereby exhaling it and boosting one’s body. Hence, Bhastrika Pranayama is appropriately known as yogic fire breath. Thus, in the future, when you feel your body requires some energy, always perform Bhastrika Pranayama!

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