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How To Pick The Best PC Monitor For Gaming, Professional Or General Use

Whether you are gaming, working, or in normal operations with your PC, you need to have the best monitor for carrying out the work. PC monitors are normally available in bigger sizes compared to a laptop screen. Moreover, monitors offer the same operation but they have various characteristics which can or cannot fulfill your requirements. There are more varieties of monitors available in the market today. Thus, you need to consider some factors so that you can get the best PC monitor that can satisfy your requirements. Below is a guide on buying the best PC monitor.

Determine The Major Purpose (General use, professional, or gaming)


Normally gamer should prioritize the quick refresh rates. Moreover, they should also consider monitors that have low-response times. For professional users, you should prioritize, accuracy, size, and shade. Normally, general use requires less particular needs. However, they will opt to have a monitor that has a high-contrast VA-panel.

Monitor Size


PC monitors are available in different sizes. Size ranges between 15” to 32”. Moreover, there are other monitors of a bigger size. Remember the cost of the monitor also differs with size. Screens with 22” to 24” are normally suitable for use in professional use. The size is big enough to offer you a comfortable view and they won’t occupy much of your desk space. It’s always good to measure your workspace before buying the best gaming monitor.

Refresh Rate


PC monitors with bigger refresh rates are suitable for all purposes. Moreover, it’s more helpful when used for gaming purposes. Refresh rates show the number of times the monitor will update new information in a second. It’s normally measured in hertz. Refresh rate determines how smooth & clear an image will be on your monitor.

Panel Technology


TN monitors are the fastest though cheapest because of their poorer picture quality when one view from a side angle. Moreover, the IPS screen comes with a slightly quicker response time & shows a better color when compared to VA panels. However, VA-monitors come with the best contrast-out of every 3-panel type.

Response Time


Response time shows how long the PC monitor can take to vary the individual pixels white-black. The longer the response time can mean that you will have blur motion when watching fast-paced videos or gaming. Monitors with the least response time will offer the best gaming experience. In gaming monitors, those with a high response time is 5ms and the fastest PC gaming monitors will offer a response time of 0.5ms.

Type Of Monitor PC Monitor 


There are different types of monitors to be used for different purposes. The choice of the type of monitor will depend on personal preferences. There are flat monitors, curved monitors, LCD, and LED. LED PC monitors are normally brighter & use consumes less-power compared to LCD screens. This helps in boosting the lifespan to about 50,000 hrs.

Brightness And Contrast


Brightness is the amount of light a monitor can emit. It’s normally represented in nits. More PC monitors can run 250 – 350 nits. Monitors that support HDR start at 400nits & go higher to 1,600. Contrast is the measure of the ratio of amid 100-percent & 0-percent brightness values. High contrast value makes all things pop more.



Higher resolution will result in better picture quality. Monitor resolution shows the number of pixels a screen has in the format width by height. The minimum resolution you need is 1920 by 1080. This is also known as 1080p which is a Full HD. However, you’ll get sharper pictures with QHD & sharper when you have 4K.

Graphics card


When buying the best budget monitors, you shouldn’t ignore the graphics card. Good graphic cards are suitable for any activity.

Another important feature to look out for when buying a PC monitor is the connection interface available. Modern monitors have HDMI and USB, VGA, and other display ports.

Other things to check out include color gamut, pixel response, backlit, adjustable stand, portrait mode, weight, and viewing angle.

Wrap Up


With the guide above, you will be sure of buying exactly what you need. Furthermore, the best monitors will offer excellent brightness and images which will protect your eyes from damage. Moreover, a good monitor is VESA compatible. Modern monitors come with in-built cameras and speakers. The adjustable stand will allow you to change the height to offer a better viewing angle.

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