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How to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus at Work

The reopening of businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic is inevitable. The coronavirus has not only had crippling effects on the health of human beings, but on the health of the economy, too. Itis, therefore, imperative that economic activity slowly starts to resume, for the sake of livelihoods and the functioning of the world as we know it.

Before employees return to work and life begins to shape into the new normal, there are a number of key considerations for employers to make. Is the workplace safe for the return of employees? How will you protect them from the risk of COVID-19? Do you have a plan in place, in case there is an outbreak? These, and many other questions, are a great place to start. While it seems that COVID-19 is an illness that mankind will have to find ways to live with, its prevention is essential where possible.

Here are ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in the workplace, and ensure the safety of all employees of your company.

Coronavirus Prevention Cleaners

Your usual janitorial services should continue to maintain impeccable hygiene at work with the regular disinfection of surfaces all over. They are, however, not normally equipped to fight infectious diseases and may themselves be at risk of contracting the virus. Because of the risks involved, the aid of coronavirus prevention cleaners will be absolutely necessary before reopening for business. Dedicated coronavirus prevention cleaners will use specialized techniques, such as electrostatic spraying, to kill viruses and bacteria on surfaces and in the air. These techniques are also designed to prevent the chances of any future outbreaks of the virus.

Consider the Continuation of Remote Work

The rise of COVID-19 has shown that many people are able to work productively from home. If your employees have been connecting online, yet still been able to get enough work done for the ‘normal’ operation of the business to continue, it is worth continuing with remote work. If it is necessary for employees to come in to work, try to minimize the number of people doing so, in order to make social distancing easier. You could implement a shift schedule, or only have essential staff coming in while the rest of the team works from home.

Limiting Business Trips

For the time-being, business trips should be put on hold. Only those that are crucial to the functioning of the business should be considered and, even so, all other alternatives should be explored first. Can it rather be a conference call? Can it be postponed? Try to find ways to work around the need for business trips, in order to keep your employees safe.

Rethinking Meetings

It’s a common joke that most meetings could have been emails. During this time, it is important to assess the necessity of gatherings like board meetings and team meetings. If it possible to schedule a conference call, that is advisable.

The coronavirus will challenge employers to think differently about the ways in which they conduct business. From using coronavirus prevention cleaners, to canceling unnecessary meetings, businesses will have to completely change the ways they operate. If your company is preparing to reopen soon, remember to make the health and safety of your employees a priority. This will be a great guide for the way in which you handle these unprecedented circumstances.

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