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How to Reduce Surrogacy Costs

Surrogacy parenting cost in the USA is very high for some reason. The costs range from 110,000 US dollars to 150,000 dollars. Many would-be intended parents suffer a lot to arrange this large sum of money. How to reduce surrogacy parenting costs has always been a matter of thinking for couples who need surrogate mothers to provide them surrogacy facilities. Some tips here can help to understand how you can reduce surrogacy costs.


Sometimes, a good surrogate mother already has health insurance in an insurance company that covers insurance for surrogacy for prenatal and delivery care. Before you choose your surrogate, try to find out such one who has already health insurance if you want to reduce your surrogacy parenting costs. If you fail in this first step, you may find that the surrogate is matched with you does not have surrogacy health insurance coverage. In this case, you have to research and find out an insurance company for her that will provide surrogacy insurance. It is a good idea to ask your surrogacy agency which insurance companies cover surrogacy insurance and which one will be the best for you. Not covering your surrogate under surrogacy health insurance coverage at all will be plain unwise that will dangerously increase your surrogacy parenting costs.

Medicine Costs

The medicine costs in surrogacy clinics are very high. They use some expensive injections throughout the IVF cycle. It is cost-saving to buy medicine from the pharmacy instead. Compare among the prices of medicines in several pharmacies and then choose a suitable one. Some pharmacies sell medicine at lower prices for surrogate mothers. Even some international pharmacies offer fifty percent for surrogacy patients. You can order medicine at an online pharmacy because they offer a reduced price for the surrogate, but it takes time to arrive the medicine to your hand.

Selecting IVF Clinic

Selecting an IVF Clinic carefully is an important step to reduce surrogacy parenting costs as some IVF Clinics charge super high for the IVF cycle and all the other costs included during the antenatal period. Compare among several IVF Clinics in your state by asking them their costs and services. You can also ask your surrogacy agency for information about the costs and standards of services of the IVF Clinics they know. The agency officials will sincerely help you and even advise you to pick up the best one for you.

Relatives or Friends as Surrogate

If you can choose one of your relatives or friends as your surrogate mother, you will be very significantly able to reduce your surrogacy parenting costs. For example, you can convince a maternal or paternal cousin sister who has a soft corner for you or a female friend who had been in good relation with you during the days of your high school with her. This will give you an opportunity to not only reduce costs to the greatest level but also build up an emotional and positive social relationship with her. You will also be able to avoid many other problems like being introduced to a new woman as a surrogate, communication problems if she is of a different culture, so on and etcetera.

Skip the Agency

Picking an autonomous surrogate instead of experiencing an organization may set aside your cash in advance, however, remember that your financial plan may endure over the long haul except if you handle matters cautiously. An office offers a specific degree of assurance and backing that you will not get in the event that you experience the interaction autonomously. In the event that you have the assistance of an accomplished regenerative legal counselor and on the off chance that you do a lot of exploration yourself, you might have the option to prevail without the assistance of an organization. You’ll need to do some additional desk work and examination yourself, yet you may set aside cash by skirting the agency.

Shared Risk IVF Cycle

A common danger program or IVF Refund Program can be offered in numerous IVF Clinics. Every one of these projects works with the very essential rule that dangers of ripeness treatment are shared by both Intended Parents and the IVF Clinic.

The Intended guardians are approached to pay forthright a more critical sum, and the IVF center consents to give positive outcomes in a specific number of IVF Cycles. In the event that IVF clinics can’t give the ideal outcome after numerous IVF cycles, they discount the vast majority of the cash. In this way, it is to the greatest advantage of the IVF Clinic to give the most ideal outcome straightaway as the expense of each cycle is an extra expense to them. The Intended parent can find a sense of contentment as they probably are aware possibly they will get the pregnancy or their cashback. Along these lines, it is a mutually advantageous arrangement for both IVF Clinics and Intended Parents.


Do you dream to become a surrogacy parent? Never lose heart. Try your best from your position, and one day you will see your dream come true. Even if you do not afford to manage one hundred and fifty thousand US dollars for your surrogacy parenting costs, you can try the above methods about how to reduce surrogacy costs that will surely work for you.

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