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Home Improvement

How to Select the Perfect Sink Mixer or Tap for Your Kitchen

Kitchen sink mixer taps come in different designs, styles, shapes, colours, and control. You may like several mixer taps, but you need to choose the mixer tap that is perfect for your sink area, easy to use, and looks good. Let’s take a look at the various kitchen sink mixer taps available in the market and trending. It will help you to select the perfect mixer tap for your kitchen sink.

Gooseneck Sink Mixer

Square Spout Mixer Or Gooseneck Sink Mixer

Gooseneck kitchen sink mixer taps come with a high curved outlet and a U shape or Square shape. The height of a gooseneck sink mixer makes it effortless to clean bigger items such as a pot. Besides, they look stylish and elegant in a modern kitchen and they are somewhat sleeker than other pull out taps. Most square spout mixers are made of polished chrome finish.

Swivel Spout

The spout portion of the tap is a tall vertical pipe that can curve through 180 degrees and swivels on its base, so the water can be supplied into different parts of the sink. It is extremely useful for washing chores, be it cleaning vegetables, fruits, or utensils.

Stylish Coloured Sink Mixer Tap

The trend for coloured taps such as copper, rose gold, gunmetal, and matte black is on the rise. In the past, roughly five years ago, powder coating and electroplating were applied for colouring kitchen and bathroom accessories such as taps, showerheads, lever handles, towel rails, and toilet roll holders. However, it was observed that it could scratch easily and after a few years, the wear and tear would also become visible.

Thanks to modern technology for introducing PVD (physical vapour deposition) – it is a vacuum coating technique used to apply coloured finishes on metal. Perhaps, you will notice the use of these technologies on higher-end products of leading brands such as Abey, Blanco, Castano, Franke, and Nero.

Pull Down or Pull Out Sink Mixers

Pull Down Sink Mixer

Pull-out or pull-down sink mixers are considered the most practical and convenient solution in the kitchen. It can help you to complete kitchen chores conveniently and speedily and provide many advantages that include:

  • Effortless to Wash Pots, Pans or Trays: All you have to do is just pull out your mixer tap almost like a hand-held shower and spray your pots, pans, and trays. It saves your time and effort.
  • You Can Control the Water with One Hand: Cleaning the kitchen sink could be a lot easier with a pull-out spray because it gives you the ability to control the water using one hand while you scrub with another hand.
  • Washing Vegetables: Pull-out taps have dispensers that come with a spray, quite large and easy to pull out and control the flow of water, so washing vegetables, fruits, etc. is a breeze.

Sink Faucet, Tap & Mixer – How They Differ?

A sink faucet or tap is a device that controls the flow of liquid whereas, in a mixer, the cold and hot water supplies have a common outlet or spout and are operated individually, they can either be a single or double lever.

Single Lever & Double Lever Taps

The handle or lever on the tap is for balancing the flow of water and water temperature. In earlier days, most kitchen taps or basin taps were double handles or double levers that’s because, in those days, mixers were way too pricier. Thanks to the latest technological advancements, now they are made at an economical price point and have made single-handled taps affordable.

How do they work?

Single Lever Mixer: In a single lever mixer tap, both cold water and hot water inlets would go to the same place and the mixer within the tap will let you control the pressure and temperature from the same tap.

Double Lever Mixer: In a double lever mixer tap, the hot water inlet would go to the hot water handle and the cold water inlet would go to the cold water handle. Here, each tap will control the flow of each temperature and facilitate supply from the one outlet.

Why are Single Lever or Single Handle Taps Highly Preferred?

    • It is effortless to install.
    • They are simple to use and more functional.
    • Setting the flow or temperature in a single lever is a lot easier and quicker than operating two handles.
    • They look elegant and stylish.
    • They occupy a lot less bench space, so there is more space for items such as your soap dispensers.

The Bottom Line

If you’re having a smaller sink, then go for smaller single lever taps or pillar taps, they are practical and handy for the smaller area. However, if you have a large sink or double bowl sink, then it’s best to choose taps with wider spouts, which will help you to complete the chores with the utmost ease.

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