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How to Select the Right Popcorn Boxes?

Not every popcorn manufacturer is aware that your popcorn chain’s success depends mainly on the type of packaging you choose. The three main benefits of selecting the right popcorn packaging are keeping your popcorn safe during transit, luring customers, and keeping the freshness intact in the packaging box. 

The popcorn boxes can increase your popcorn brand’s reliability as your buyers can stay assured that your edible items are always fresh. 

Investing in the right packaging boxes for your popcorn can do a lot for your company. Therefore, here are vital points to consider when choosing the right popcorn packaging. 


If you approach renowned popcorn chains, they worry about sustainability and ensure that their popcorn boxes’ shape is correct. The sustainability of your popcorn is directly related to the material you are using for it. 

The most popular sustained materials for your popcorn boxes are paper-based. Any packaging box that is made all-natural and is biodegradable is perfect for your food. The most suitable choice for such a design is Kraft. It the best material you can use for your edible items. 

Kraft being lightweight also offers good printing results. Furthermore, recycled popcorn packaging also promotes sustainability by reducing packaging waste. 

Budgeting of Popcorn Boxes

Aside from Kraft, there are numerous packaging materials to choose from; however, exceeding your budget isn’t recommended. Investing a ton of expense on premium packaging won’t assure the popularity of your snacks. Finalize your account and choose custom popcorn boxes within a suitable range.

Meanwhile, eco-friendly popcorn packaging can be as appealing as other expensive boxes, but with minimal cost. Paper-based popcorn packaging boxes will only require a fraction of your resources. 


You can’t guarantee your product’s success unless you can choose packaging boxes capable of functioning accurately. You should select a suitable package design and ensure that it doesn’t damage the popcorn inside it while taking it from your factory to the retailer or the market. Check your popcorn packaging supplies’ strength if you use it for some fragile, bulky, or product of unusual shape. It is always wise to invest in protective popcorn packaging, even if you have a fixed budget. While you are considering sustainability, also make sure that it is easy to carry your popcorn box. 

Choose the right size

If you are one of the company owners who manufacture popcorn in different sizes, try to decrease the packaging cost by being economical with the design and dimensions. Become a bit inventive, and incorporating cost-saving measures will become a lot simpler. 

The purity of your popcorn will remain intact even when you transmit it. There should be stability in all your popcorn types so that you can save both money and time. Study the factors stated above, and choosing suitable popcorn packaging will become a lot easier.

Print Messages

A message on your packaging can add a personal touch to your present. A thoughtful note on the popcorn packaging will allow you to express your feelings and thoughts to the recipient in a very creative manner. 

You can print your popcorn ingredients creatively, which will show concern and care to the buyer. Instead of saying that your popcorn contains salt, you can say that your popcorn has ionized salt from Europe. However, make sure that they are actually from Europe. You don’t want incorrect information printed on your popcorn box. 

Use Tags and Ribbons 

Regardless of what container you are using, a  box, basket, or jar to serve popcorns, make sure to tie tags and ribbons on it. Any gift will look more authentic and enticing with beautiful embellishments, homemade labels, and a decorative ribbon wrapped all around it. 

Add a unique touch to it, enhance the popcorn package with small accessories like a cheese grater, Christmas adornment, or an extra packet of salt that could add the glamor you are looking for. 

Investing in the right popcorn packaging can bring your popcorn business to another level. If you are not spending on the proper packaging, all your payments can be of no use, so consider the above recommendations while choosing the custom die cut boxes for your delicious snacks. 


Using the right type of packaging for your popcorns is a must-have. Of course, no one wants to spend or invest in packaging that isn’t right for the product in the first place. However, if you are down to this part of the blog, you now have a way better understanding of how you can choose or design the right and perfect packaging boxes for your ready to cook or ready-to-serve custom popcorn boxes wholesale. You need to take care of only a few things while choosing the box for your product. Still, you can always ask your packaging provider to take care of all these things as a part of their job. 

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