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How to start photography page on Instagram?

Instagram can be considered as the best social networking site for photographers, clicking good quality pictures and uploading them on Instagram, is a new high trend in the social media market. if you have got the skills of clicking photos, you are good to go. 

However, you must have to add an x-factor to the phones to make them a great buzz on social networking sites.


Setting up a photography page on Instagram

Setting your page on Instagram is not rocket science. All you need to do is create an Instagram page by signing in and make it public. Once it is public, you can showcase your creativity in various ways to your audience. The network will work as a search engine for different photos that you’ll upload. Therefore, it is important for you to make your account viewable to everyone by keeping it public to reach out to more people through your profile page. 


But for you to start photography following are a few things you must consider. To start photography on Instagram.

How to start photography page on Instagram: Tips and Tricks for successful setup

1. Always use a real camera.

Do not use a filter camera for good quality and impression; always use real cameras. But you must be thinking why? To start successful photography on Instagram, you must capture the image using an HD camera to pick every single detail in the pixels.

Filters may make your images appear very engaging but the pixels may seem blurry, turning the photos to look white-washed and edited. Besides, when you artificially edit a photo anyone can notice that it’s not real. 

Instead of using the filters straight away for capturing the images, apply them later on for adjustment. You can modify the lighting, colors, and contrasts using different ratios of brightness to make the photos more engaging for the viewers. 

Decide for yourself what kinds of filters you want to go for such as the texture, the background editing, color contrast, increasing or decreasing brightness. After editing your pictures in your desired filters, you can save the new versions and later upload them on Instagram. Instead of using filters during the photography apply them later to feel satisfied and happy with the results.  


2. Improve your editing skills.

Always conduct personal experiments with your pictures. Keep in mind that editing plays a very significant role for you to promote your photography on Instagram. You can apply different editing techniques; for instance, you can use fonts in different designs, write down interactive captions and text to instagram takipçi satın al make your photos and art.


 Craft your pictures beautifully using your own ideas and creativity. Always take care of the background. You can upload various edited versions of your images and ask for opinions from your audience. 


Maybe you can create polls on your stories. Remember, creating a poll will drag an enormous amount of audience to your Instagram page.

Apart from other filters, instream also offers a variety of filters. You can use various Instagram filters, the best one that suits your needs and all of that.

3. Sharing a story, connecting with your followers.

Engaging with the audience is the main step towards promoting your photography; growing on Instagram is not an easy job. You must know tricks and communicate with your takipçi satın al followers and review them. Reply to them in the comments, and like their comments. 

Post stories regularly and tell them the fantastic tales behind your photography profession and hobby. Speak your mind and inspire the masses to motivate them to go for what they like to do in their life. 

Communicate with your followers and share the history of your shoots. When I say detail, I mean every fine detail of your picture and what made you capture it. The weather, angle, transition, beauty, and everything that is worth sharing about the images you share.


Also, some glimpses of your daily artwork whether it’s as simple as an image of a bird sitting at a tree branch. This will help them understand your work and connect with you. If you are successful in connecting with your audience, there are great chances that you can be a successful photographer on Instagram. Make sure to do photography only if you have love and passion for it. Never indulge in anything to get artificial fame and popularity because it will never last long. Eventually, you will lose your interest in the domain, ending up not having any success to enjoy in the long run.


Photography is all about passion and interest. If you have a keen eye for capturing the details of daily life, the photos you can manage to take will be so different from many others available online. The point is not that these images are not new, the real catch is you capture the imagery through the lens in a different perspective that belongs to nobody else. And it is an art in its entirety and real form. 

4. Instagram is not your portfolio.

For becoming a successful Instagram photographer, you must know what you are doing. How you must carry out your work on Instagram. But one thing that all the Instagram photographers forget and that is, they think of Instagram as their portfolio. 

This clearly should not be the case. When you start uploading your pictures on Instagram you must always think about your future path. You should not upload all the pictures on Instagram but instead, divide them. Use Instagram for driving traffic to your Instagram page. Instagram should act as your journal. A journal where you showcase your latest work. Instagram should act as the uppermost layer on your Instagram photography journey.

5. Use of hashtags 

Hashtags can work like a magic for bloggers and photographers on Instagram. Yes, you heard it right! While driving people towards your photography page you must know the science of hashtags. When you post a picture, you go for a decent caption. But instead of just a caption if you do a little research on adding hashtags to your picture. you will come to know that there are bundles of hashtags, they can benefit you in so many ways. Though, you must know how to use them as the hashtags you are using must match with your niche. Always use relevant hashtags, if your niche is coffee for suppose you must use hashtags related to coffee as #cuppacino or #esspresso or #cofeeislove. 

Some of the examples for relevant hashtags are described.

For example, you are a wedding photographer you should use #bridelphotography #groom&bride. 

There are special hashtags for black and white pictures, and natural photography also. So, you just need to know how you should use them and the game is on fire. Just be specific about your niche and talent.

In the game of hashtags, never use banned hashtags google it and you will find some. Avoid using such hashtags as they may create a weird impression about your photography.

6. Show them the behind reality.

As I said earlier for starting a photography page, you must engage with your followers and get likes on your Instagram posts. And by that, I mean connect with them and show them your real side. When you upload your high-quality, perfect picture also shows them the real side. About the struggles, a photographer must go through for getting a perfect click. When you show them your human side, they will feel more connected to you. You must enlighten them about your shoot day, how you manage to click a perfect scenery. How much work you put in your picture all of that.

Also, keep them waiting. Share with them the upcoming glimpses of shoots, screenshots of your editing. Update them from time to time, build some suspense. Let them guess what you are up to what your next agenda on photography is.

7. Posting time

The timing of your post can have a great influence on your audience. You must know about the appropriate timing of your post. Uploading your Instagram pictures at odd hours may not engage the maximum audience towards you. Do a little research and find out at what time your maximum audience is online. In this way, Instagram picks your posts as popular and shares them with an audience on Instagram.

Like this, you will have a greater chance of getting popular in nickel time. Also, you can get new followers like this. After getting to know the best timing of your audience upload all your posts at that time.



8. Engage with your followers.

Behave as a real person with them, share with them your favourite photography skills, respond to their directs messages. Reply to them in comments and take time and go through their profiles and leave a few comments. This way they will realize that you are a real person, not some egoist type celebrity.

When they will see your active participation with them on Instagram. There are quite a few chances they recommend you to their friends and family.


9. The Kiss Principle

There is a simple principle called KISS Principle, which stands for “keep it simple, sweetie”. Through this, you will get an idea of what you must do with your Instagram. And by that we mean do not post long descriptions under your picture. People mainly on Instagram do not have that much time. So be as specific as possible. Do not drag too much.  

It will give you an idea about your future posts. It will help you organize your Instagram photography page in a good manner.

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