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Health and Fitness

How To Take Care of Your Skin


Everyone has a question How To Take Care of Your Skin. Skincare is a practice of bracing skin integrity and enhancing the appearance and relevance of skin conditions. It includes many types of nutrition and appropriate use of emollients.


It can be practiced in my ways by applying cosmetics, fillers, laser surfacing, peels, retinol therapy, etc. It can be done on the daily basis in many settings like sometimes, skin is too dry or too moist. It can prevent skin from dermatitis and other skin injuries.


Each and every person in their daily life have some kind of routine. But, a daily skincare routine can take care of your skin health and also helps to improve aches, dark spots, and scarring.

There are some steps you should have to follow in the morning and once before you sleep:-

  1. CLEANING:- One of the most important things you have to do once or twice in a day after wakeup and before going to bed. Avoid washing your face more if you have dry skin and you are not wearing any kind of makeup. Always choose the right type of cleanser for your face that does not leave your skin tight after sometimes of washing.

 Some well-known cleansers are:-       

  • Cetaphil
  • Banila clean it with zero sherbet cleanser

2. SERUMS:- When some amount of serum is added to vitamin C, growth Factors, or peptides. Then, it would be a better option in the morning,

Under sunscreen. At the night, vitamin c and retinol work best for skin care. Most makeup artists prefer vitamin c, E serum, and retinol available.

3. MOISTURIZER:- Most people have dry skin. So, They use different kinds of moisturizers such as gel-based, and non-comedogenic. While using any kind of moisturizer you should have to keep this thing in mind that the moisturizer you use doesn’t block your skin pores. Using an everyday moisturizer helps to keep your skin soft and gentle as well as wrinkle-free. Proper use of moisturizer prevents your skin from dryness and keeps the skin cells operating their best.

 How does a day cream differ from a night cream?

  •  DAY CREAM:- Cream that helps to protect our skin from environmental intruders, when we leave our houses- it contains some anti-oxidants that miniaturize the infection-based free cardinals and the sunscreen helps to protect our skin from the ultraviolet rays. They have featherweight flexibility.
  • NIGHT CREAM:- Cream that focuses on remodeling the damage you have taken from the outside with the help of the ingredients like retinol, which basically mass exodus the cellular and countervail dark spots. It also helps to restore the moisture level as well as work as a natural dip in the evening with the help of emollients that helps to generate a well-off and husky texture. 
  • SUNSCREEN:- Sun is one of the most affected enemies of skin if we compared it with the other factors. But, sunscreen helps us to protect our skin from ultraviolet rays and harmful free radicals. Peoples who have darker skin need more sunscreen protection because of the problem of hyperpigmentation, which is hard to correct because of the dark skin color. 

Many of the debates have been taken apart but sunscreen is the most favorable and safest for any complexion. “ According to experts. It is recommended that you have to use moisturizer daily on a broad spectrum of at least 30 SPF.

 Here, we have two kinds of integrants in the description:-

  1. CHEMICAL INTEGRANTS:- Chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate help to absorb the damage get from the ultraviolet rays
  1. They are very light in weight and easy to apply.
  2. They are invisible on the skin.
  1. Some people have sensitive skin. So, they directly react to their skin and make them feel irritated.
  • PHYSICAL INTEGRANTS:- Compounds like titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that lie on the top layer of the skin help to deviate the ultraviolet rays from coming into our body. 


  1. They are heavy in weight and have a little risk of tenderness and health considerations.
  1. They generally react with skin and leave some white and greyish spots on the skin.
  2. Mostly this problem can be seen in people who have a darker skin color.




  • LACTIC ACID:- It contains citric acid, which is highly acidic in nature. It creates some dark spots on the uppermost layer of the skin because of sun exposure or ultraviolet rays. It may dry your skin and creates some tenderness.

  • BAKING SODA:- It forces your skin at the PH level of 8. It may substantially the water content of the skin and create a problem of dry skin

  • GARLIC:- Most people avoid garlic because of its allergic behavior. It creates skin allergies, skin burning, etc.

  • TOOTHPASTE:- It helps to kill germs and soak up oil from the skin. But, because of that it may dry your skin, and create some tenderness.


  • ACNE:- The treatment of ache basically depends upon that how severe your acne is. Our daily routine helps to tackle the problem of acne. Whenever you go outside, you always face the problem of skin inflammation. So, apply some sunscreen to prevent your skin from tenderness. But, it creates some skin sensitivity. For immediate relief from pimples and inflammation, you can try acne stickers. They are thick in nature and clear all the spots. They can also heal pimples and prevent skin from infectious particles.
  • SEBACEOUS FILAMENTS:- Pores that are whitish yellow, and tiny in nature, are known as sebaceous filaments. They are generally cylindrical in shape and are often confused with blackheads. But, blackheads are typically a part of oxidized acne.They can forge your pores bigger. But, you are desired to remove these filaments by skimping them. These methods create many sides effects like:- Dryness, Redness

Cure for sebaceous filament:-


  1. With the help of retinol or retinoids, you can clean and clear your skin pores.
  2. Apply some Castrol oil to your face and massage it for a minute.
  3. With the help of the small metal tool having a zero-size circle at the end, also helps in the treatment of sebaceous filament.


Treatments For blemishes, scars, and hyperpigmentation

You can use silicon gel, which helps to recover scar thickness, color, and texture of the skin.

  • Honey can be used to heal your skin from scars and wounds. If you are looking for home treatment, then honey is one of the best options for you.
  • Niacinamide can be used to diminish pimples and dark spots, notably from acne.


If over-the-counter treatments don’t help your skin concerns, you should visit a dermatologist. Prescription medications such oral antibiotics, birth control, or topical prescription retinoids may be necessary for treating more severe acne, scarring, or other issues. For deeper cysts or acne patches that are firmly embedded under your skin, your dermatologist may conduct an extraction.

Keep in mind that the way a product behaves depends on your skin type. Even if a product is natural, using the wrong one might aggravate blemishes or produce redness or breakouts. It is advisable to determine your skin type and use  skin care products according to this.   Additionally, you may make notes on a product’s composition to see whether certain components are producing unfavourable skin responses.


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