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How to Troubleshoot Brother Printer Offline Windows 10?

Brother is a top manufacturer of printer devices. The Brother printer is well-design and offer excellent functionality. Sometime, however, printing with Brother printers can be a challenge. Many user report that Brother printer says offline Windows 10 is a common error. This error can be cause by many reason.

Why is my Brother printer not working on Windows 10?

  1. The Brother printer driver is now out of date
  2. Printer driver get corrupt
  3. Connectivity issue with your printer
  4. WPS pin not enabled
  5. Paper Jamming
  6. Printhead get clog
  7. Your printer’s fuse gets damage

To find the cause of an error, you must identify it. An error in firmware, or software can cause the error. Sometimes, Windows errors can lead to printer error.

For the best advice, consult Brother Professionals Brother printer service center dubai. Our experts are well-trained and capable of solving your problem in no time.

1. Verify the connectivity to fix Windows 10 offline printer brother

If you see an error, make sure to check the connection. Check if the Brother printer is connect to a USB cable. To ensure you’re not using a defective cable, connect another device to the USB cable. Replace the damaged cable if it is defective. Use a quality cable to connect the printer if the USB cable is damage. High-speed cables are best for printing. You should look for the WPS button if you want to connect your printer wirelessly. You should verify Bluetooth connectivity on both your computer and printer. Re-enable Bluetooth on your computer device. Check the Bluetooth settings in the Brother printer. The printer should be kept close to your computer. You should verify the WPS pin if you use a network printer. Check the pin by going to your router. Now disable the pin and enable it once more. Take a printout using the Brother printer to confirm that you have not made an error.

2. To fix Brother printer’s Offline error, check the driver.

Installing the printer driver is necessary when you set up a Brother printer. The driver acts as a bridge between your printer and your computer. Sometimes the driver can become corrupted or out of date. You will need to repair corrupted files if the printer driver becomes outdated. It can be difficult to edit the files manually. Only edit the driver files if you have the technical skills. You can check if your Brother printer offline fix Window 10 is resolved. You need to update your printer driver if it becomes outdated. Check the browser to see the most recent update for your printer model. Install the driver. Restart your device, and then try to print with the Brother printer.

3. Look out for the paper jam

You should inspect for paper jam if the Brother Printer is offline while you print. When paper become stuck in the printer, it is called paper jam. Take out the cartridge by opening the Brother printer’s access door. Take out all paper pieces from the printer. Install the Brother ink cartridge and take the printout.

4. Make sure you check the printhead of your Brother Printer

Check the printhead if the Brother printer indicates offline. The offline error is cause by a clogged printhead. The ink can build up if the printhead isn’t clean for a while. To fix the problem, you will need to clean the printhead. Follow these steps to clean your Brother printer’s printhead:

  1. Touchscreen Brother printer
  2. Click on the Ink key
  3.  The Arrow button to navigate to Cleaning
  4. Click the OK button
  5. Choose the Arrow button to choose Black or Color
  6. Click the OK button

To fix the problem, repeat the procedure 3-4 times. Restart your device, and you will see if the printhead has been clean. If the Brother printer printhead is damage, you must replace it immediately. Make sure to inspect the fuse in your printer. Replace the fuse if it is damage and take the printout.

5. Ink levels should be check on the cartridge.

When the cartridge is empty, the Brother printer may display an Offline status message. The cartridge’s ink level should be checked immediately. You should replace the cartridge if it is full. Then, check for any errors.

6. Printing command should be done with the same printer

If your computer is still not showing the brother printer’s icons, it could be a different problem. Another reason could be that you have connected a brother printer to print the content. If you give the command to the wrong printer, there is a chance that the content will not be printed correctly. This is why you should avoid making such mistakes when giving a print command or selecting the printer to perform the task of printing.Any issue related to hp printer visit Hp printer repair Dubai. 

7. Make sure your router is on for WiFi connection

Your router may not be able to connect to your brother’s printer if it is offline. To ensure that your printer is printing without interruptions, make sure you keep your router on the on position. This is the main reason why some people cannot print even though they have checked everything, including the printer driver, cartridge and printhead. If your brother printer is showing offline, make sure you check the router to ensure it is not in off or on mode.

8. Printing might be interrupted by broken parts

Some people can manage everything, such as updating the printer drivers and checking the settings for both the PC and the printer. If the ink cartridge is full, but the internet connection is not working, then it is possible to print. If you’re in the same situation and need to know how to get my brother’s printer back online, then find out what the physical condition of the printer is. It might not print the content correctly if your brother’s printer is damaged. Printer that are broke or damage can’t print, especially if the most important part of the printer have been damage.

9. Both in the printer and on the PC, printing cable can be installed correctly

The printing cable plays a vital role in connecting the printer and PC. It acts as a mediator between the two. If it isn’t inserted correctly, you may get an error message such as brother printer offline windows 1.o. To avoid such errors on your printer or computer, ensure that you recheck the insertion of the printing cable in both the brother printer as well as the computer. This will allow you to print the document without any barriers.

10. You can check if your printing queue has cleared.

Sometimes, the printer does not print the document correctly due to a long queue in the printing list. It can get stuck, and then you wonder why my brother’s printer is offline on Windows 10. It is important to keep an eye on minor issues and not let them get in the way of your ability to handle these small problems. Check the settings of your computer to make sure there are no pending printing documents that could affect the printer’s ability to function. This is the most important thing to do after you have checked for almost all other possible causes of the error that may lead to the brother printer showing offline for printing.

11. Cartridge spills ink

It is your job to make sure that the ink cartridge are fill with ink. Insufficient ink can cause printing error. You must also ensure that the window 10 offline brother error isn’t cause by poor ink cartridge insertion. The ink start to leak out of the cartridge, causing problem with the brother printer’s printing. When trying to resolve issue such as the brother printer offline for printing the document, it is important that you don’t ignore any one of them. This is how you can have a smooth experience printing with a brother printer.

12. Fluctuating connections

There could be a fluctuating network if your brother printer is unable to print even with an established connection. A fluctuating network can cause printers to not print properly or take up commands. To avoid any errors in printing documents through your brother’s printer, ensure that you have a stable internet connection. Many people take help from professionals, but they don’t realize that the connection could be unstable. This can cause the printer to stop working. If you’re in the same boat as me and are curious about why my brother’s printer is not working, then check your system.

These are the most common issues that can prevent your Brother printer printing. If you have any issues with your Brother printer, you can try the following steps. The solutions listed above are all genuine and work. As long as you follow the steps above, the brother printer offline problem will be solved without any need to call a professional. Each user will decide which steps are most useful for them to fix their brother printer offline. If the problem persists, which is unlikely to happen, you can seek technical support to help your brother print documents smoothly.

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