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How to Write a Good Assignment and Score High Grades

All of your academic career you have got one thing to fix your focus on and that thing is writing. Let us tell you why. If you know how to compose a précis your upcoming life is sorted. Because this is something you gotta do almost every day regardless of the field you have chosen for your career.

In every educational institution from prep to graduation, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees, you spent half of your time constructing a perfect essay or assignment. This helps you to grow in your professional life. But since you are stuck here with your half-written assignment and hoping for a miracle, we have got something that might help you.

In the following article, you are going to discover the easiest way to write a good quality assignment. It will not only shed some light on your intellectual side but also assist you to secure high grades in your class.

Stop procrastinating 

Get this straight into your mind that procrastinating is not going to help you! It’s just another way to waste your time and not get anything done in return. So stop delaying your assignment because there is no tomorrow. Now the main issue most people face is that they can’t figure out how to stop procrastination. Well, the first thing you can do is to promise yourself a reward for doing this bare minimum. Start focusing on possibilities and develop a positive approach towards your task. There’s nothing in this world that is impossible. Yes, it can be tough but not impossible. Erase the distractions and ask someone to keep a tab on you.

Be an early bird 

If you want to achieve good grades, you need to start early. And by starting early we mean, wake up early. That is the time when your mind is fresh and your thought processing becomes effective. Once you develop this habit, you’ll know why our parents always insisted on waking up on time. This helps a lot. Early to bed and early to rise isn’t just a poem for kids, this applies to adults too. Another good thing that you experience when you start waking up early is that at the end of the day you get lots of spare time to invest in other activities like exercising or gaming. It keeps you punctual and up to date

Do your research 

You should always start with research. Understand the assigned topic and find the most authentic papers and articles about it. This will not only help you to support your argument but you can also make your counterarguments with your collected information. Don’t forget to bookmark the sources for citation. And keep one thing in mind that you need research to complete the assignment and not to copy from it. And even after knowing, there are too many plagiarism detectors if you still try to misuse any information then that would be considered unethical. This might led you to face some serious allegations. Be honest with whatever you do. As they say, honesty is the best policy.

Manage your time accordingly 

However, it depends on the length of your assignment and how much time you might need. But it’s better to be one step ahead so manage your time accordingly. Suppose, you have to complete 2000 words in a day, keep 3hrs aside for your research. If you have prior knowledge of the topic and subject then it would take less than 3hrs. By doing this, you can also get some time to rest your mind or even take a nap. We’d suggest taking a break after your research and then starting writing.

Say yes to academic help

Now if you are still having a hard time or doing it for the first time, feel free to take help from professional writers. When you have the option of connecting with professionals for guidance you should go for it. Many students hire academic writers for Affordable Assignments, its cheap and they work according to your provided instructions. The good thing about hiring an authentic firm writer is that you can trust him with your project. If you are unable to balance work and studies together, you can go for this sort of assistance, they won’t disappoint you.

Keep introduction for last

This might sound illogical but this is the most effective thing while writing an assignment. A good introduction contains all the points you discuss in your essay. So, how can you write it beforehand? Once you are done with your assignment, you have got plenty of points to assemble a comprehensive intro. We know you might be thinking, all this time we were doing it wrong. Well, that’s not true. Both of the ways are correct.


When you are done jotting down each point, it’s time to conclude everything. Compile everything you have written so far and conclude. At this point, this might seem as you are composing a précis. It is nothing different than that. The only difference is that you need to add a closing statement here. This will work as a shred of evidence to the reader that you have studied the topic thoroughly and not throwing darts in the dark. And we tell you why this is important. Because many people don’t take assignments seriously. They start paraphrasing old studies they find on the internet without checking if it’s authentic or not. Since you aren’t one of them, we assume, so there’s no need to be worried. Besides, if you want to get high grades, you wouldn’t do such a thing.

Save some time for editing 

Since you are almost done with everything, we assume you still have some time to give your assignment a final read. But here’s the thing. Never do it right after completing your paper because your mind is already hectic with all the work you did. So, take some time off, go outside, have some fresh year. Leave your assignment for some time. And then start proofreading and editing with a fresh mind. There is no secret to this, it’s just your brain works effectively when it has no other thoughts going on. And when it has been assigned to highlight the loopholes, that’s the only thing your brain would do.

Expert opinion 

It’s always good to have an expert opinion. You get to know your shortcomings and where do you need to work the most. Constructive criticism is what everyone needs because it polishes your skills and motivates you to do your best. When you complete your thesis or assignment, hand it over to your professor to make sure you have done it right. And when he asks you to make certain changes or gives you revision, consider it a good thing because you don’t learn with consecutive victories, it’s the mistake that teaches you new things.

Wrap up!

There you go! Following these 9 tips are going to get you incredible grades. Moreover, it assists you to evolve your reading habit. Reading is one of the best things you could do to get more creative with words. We hope you find this piece of writing help for your academic growth and soon you will become smart enough to handle any subject and topic.

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