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How Your ecommerce Website’s UX Impacts Conversions

Ecommerce platforms are ruling the digital market and entrepreneurs starting to show more interest in shifting their mortar and brick stores to shopping cart software. But at the same time, every e-commerce platform faces many challenges and one among them is the increase in the abandonment rate. E-commerce platform admins spend more to increase the traffic and put more effort to get the visitors to stay in their shopping cart software. But unfortunately, visitors abandon the site due to its poor UX. Equal importance needs to be given to UX to increase the conversion rate. Let us find out the ways to increase the UX to be more user-friendly.

Get customers’ feedback

We may think that our e-commerce platform has a perfect UX but our opinion doesn’t matter. We need to know how customers feel about our site and its accessibility. For this, you need to run a survey on your shopping cart software. Make sure that the survey carries all the important information that needs to be collected from the customers. Through the survey, you will get a clear picture of your e-commerce platform and its performance. Now you will know where you need to work to enhance the shopping cart software. Do not delay in renovating your e-commerce platform. The time you delay is the loss you are facing.

Have a clean and clear home page

The impression that you create with your home page will last long in the customers’ minds. So you need to give more attention to designing the e-commerce platform homepage. Your home page should not carry unnecessary information and it should be simple and clear so that people can easily understand your business and your products and services. Do not make it look clumsy.

Increase the site speed

The main and core reason for site abandonment is the slow loading of the site. People cannot wait patiently for the page to be loaded. Out of frustration they will leave the site and will move to the next site. So if you want to compete with your competitors, then you should increase the loading speed of your shopping cart software. People not only use their laptops or desktop to visit your site. They will mainly use their mobile phones to enter your site. So you need to maximize the speed of the site by doing necessary things like optimizing the images on your website, reduce redirects, and also use fast hosting server. This will support you in your order conversions.

Have intuitive navigation and searching in the e-commerce platform

People will visit your e-commerce platform initially without having any idea. They may not have any particular product in their mind. Just they will visit the shopping cart software and will see every product and they navigate every page and then they will start searching. So here you need to have flexible navigation and advanced searching feature that will enable the visitors to get what they want and they will feel comfortable getting them on the right page. The visitors will not hesitate to stay in your e-commerce platform and they keep searching for products and at one point they will decide to buy a product with your e-commerce platform.

Build a mobile responsive e-commerce platform

Searching on mobile is entirely different from searching through the desktop or the laptop. Most of the visitors come from mobile phones. So you need to develop a mobile responsive shopping cart software. You need to first use all social media platforms on your mobile and should build the same gesture for your e-commerce platform. People are used to those channels and they will expect the same view and accessibility. You need to understand what they expect and should produce the same. Only then you can get good conversions.

Easy checkouts

The last process that happens in conversion is the checkout process. It is good to have your visitors reach this page which means so far you have given the best UX that has made them decide on purchasing with your e-commerce platform. You need to be more careful in this stage as there are lots of chances for people to leave the page if they find the checkout process a complicated one. Allow them to have a simple checkout with easy form fillings. You need to simplify the inputs that are required. You can also use floating labels and enable auto-fill options. This will make them clear the checkout easily and will buy the product.

Give a customer-centric product page

Keeping customers in mind you need to organize your product page. Every product should contain a detailed product description that will clearly explain the product and its features. You need to include pricing along with the shipping charges. Also allow your customers to give their reviews about the product so that they will feel comfortable when they share their view about the product. The content should be more precise and should be attractive that will convince the customers to buy the product instantly.

Intimate customers about offers and discounts

Every customer gets easily attracted to offers and discounts. They love to avail the offers and to save their money. Keep your offers and discounts be promoted on all social media channels as all the target audiences are available on these platforms. So things go viral easily and your e-commerce platform will get an unexpected reach and visibility. This will increase the crowd to your e-commerce platform and you can make them into orders and generate revenue easily with fewer efforts.


Building an e-commerce platform alone is not sufficient to run a successful online business. You need to get visitors and make them stay on your site and finally make them purchase products in your shopping cart software. You need to put more effort to complete the process and build ecommerce website doesn’t lack in any aspects that are found to be essential by the customers.


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