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Ideas for online wedding invitation video and Digital wedding or engagement invitation card for 2021


online wedding invitation video and wedding invitation card from lovely wedding mall

The world is going digital. Loved ones are getting online wedding invitation videos and digital wedding or engagement invitation cards. Digital invitation or e-invitation for wedding or engagement is a growing trend. Digital wedding cards or wedding invitation videos are as attractive and appealing as previous trends.

What is special in online wedding invitation video and Digital wedding or engagement invitation card


People use to ask that why to change the traditional way of invitation? And, In this article, we would try to explain that this is not a change in the name of change. There are some good things about this trend. And, this about online wedding invitations and digital wedding, Also, engagement invitation cards.

Why go for e wedding invitation and engagement invitation card

First of all, it saves lots of paper, So, Being as a human this can be our small contribution to environmental protection. And, The second reason behind the trend of e-invitation is, Also, it opens lots of scope for creativity. Who doesn’t want to invite their loved ones and friend for marriage or engagement in a creative way?

Scope for e-invitation video and e-invitation card

Trends don’t take time to gain their ground. And, there are many functions and rituals where invitations are being given in digital or E formate. Like wedding invitation card video, online wedding invitation, Digital wedding invitation, e-invites for engagement. And other are like baby shower e-invitation card and video, birthday e-invitation card and video, Save the date e-invitation, etc.

There are many more functions, in which people are going for online invitation videos and cards. Like housewarming, janoi, inauguration mundan, and many more.

Types of e wedding invitations and e engagement invitation

There are many types of e-invites. This is to say, Here we will mainly discuss here online wedding invitation digital wedding card which is mainly in two types. The first one is the online wedding invitation video and wedding invitation card video.

we will discuss the e-engagement invitation. Means an e-invitation card for engagement. So let’s discuss some of the types of e wedding invitations and e engagement invitations.

Album theme Wedding invitation Video

This type of online wedding invitation video is made with text. And, sound, and images. Where all three components will be used creatively. The invitation will be very appealing and attractive. As mentioned earlier. That it is a customize e-invitation for weddings. so, you can customize its length too.

All three components of e-invitation can be customized. and, it is according to your requirement. Also, Invite your well-wishers with a creative call to attend.

Beautiful e-invitation for engagement invitation

Engagement is the first step toward a beautiful married life, and every single step towards an auspicious beginning requires love and blessing from our loved ones and elders. So, Invite them with a beautiful e-invitation for engagement invitation.

As it is also a customized format. So, you can customize its text. you can customize the image. Also, background sound, and length according to your requirement. Let your e invitation video speak on your behalf in a creative manner.

Wedding card invitation

Above we have mentioned online wedding invitations and online engagement invitations. And, here we are talking about the traditional form of invitation. Also, for any auspicious function.  especially wedding invitation cards.

Inviting relatives and friends with invitation cards with the traditional and religious and cultural design.This is in practice on high volume. It has its special importance. Sending invitation cards for weddings is the first step of starting the preparation. It has its special joy.

Types of wedding card Invitation

most importantly, There are many types of wedding invitation card has been evolved during the time. Also, It was with Sanskrit shlokas and with a fixed format early days. So, the form has changed but with keeping its soul alive.

however, There are a variety of themes available for wedding invitation cards like community designs. And Hindi and Sanskrit designs, designer 3D wedding invitation cards. in the same vein, colorful designer wedding invitation cards.

Box wedding cards

Box wedding card Invitations are another form of wedding invitation. It comes in a box. And, the size of 10*10*1 inch approximately. Its weight is around 500 to 550 grams. And, It comes in a variety of colors. You can increase the number of inserts according to your requirements.

Online invitation video and wedding or engagement card

Everyone has their personal choice. however, whether they go with an online wedding invitation video or wedding invitation card. Both have their special place in our society. Also, Nowadays the trend for online wedding invitations or online engagement invitation videos is growing. and, in the same vein, There are certain reasons behind it.

It is Time-saving

It is time-saving. Because, As we all know when we order a wedding card or engagement card in a bulk number. subsequently, it takes 2-3 days for delivery. A wedding e-invitation video hardly takes half or one day. In the same vein, it is time-saving.

saves environment

In conclusion, It does not consume any paper for an e wedding invitation video. And, It comes in a digital format and we do share it on digital platforms to saves paper, trees, and the environment. Also, it reaches its destination in seconds.


Lovely Wedding Mall’s online wedding invitation video and E invitation for engagement ideas are some of the creative invitations. Also, The designs are UpToDate modernized, and, at the same time rich with traditions.

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