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Important Steps of a Successful Website Design & Development Process

Building a website is no trivial task that can be achieved overnight or in a matter of days. It is a protracted process requiring you to make the right choices and decisions. And guess who can guide you through the process and help you with the technicalities? Of course, it is a professional web development company. If you want to create an impactful online presence, it is a must that you engage help from professionals who are adept at web design in Dubai and worldwide. Apart from checking their credentials and experience, you must also confirm if they follow the right design and development process or not. Whether you run a business or manage a law firm, make sure there is no developmental mistake on the website.Remember, a successful web development project draws from a precisely cultivated work process, comprising important steps leading to success. Interested to know what these steps are all about? In this blog, we discuss them in detail.

Research – Conducting in-depth research lends a strong foundation for a web development project. Hence, to address this need, the professionals you have hired are expected to research your target market, competitors, and audience for creating user personas, analysing strengths and weaknesses, and so much more. This detailed discovery can be enlightening as it helps in creating a website that echoes your brand message and stands out from the rest in the market. Since this is the base upon which you will be building your web development project, ensure that you make no mistake here.

Prototype & Wireframing – At this stage, the designing team has to create the sitemap, which contains the main areas of your website, and maintains the flow between webpages. Basically, preparing a prototype ensures advance testing, user-friendliness & easy navigation of the website. Further, you may also check with the experts if they provide a mock-up or wireframe and are willing to seek your feedback on the planned user interface. In short, it is a review process that can ensure the implementation of an easily navigable architecture of your website.

Design Phase – In the wireframing/prototyping phase, the website layout is prepared by the designers. However, as you move on to the design phase, you will have to decide what colours, fonts, logos, and visual effects go into your website. Since this work requires both creativity and technical expertise, you may want to seek assistance from the professionals of the website design company in Dubai. Based on your brand identity and preferences, the experts can add visual elements that can enhance the appearance and intractability of your website. Further, they work in concurrence with the clients to take their feedback at every step.

Development Phase – Once you’re done preparing the designs and receiving the client’s approval, it’s time to code them and lay the building bricks of your web development process. This task is handled by expert developers who have hands-on experience with the latest development technologies and languages. While the front-end developers manage the visual presentation of your website, the back-end developers can take care of the server-side of your application. After analysing your needs, timeline, goals, and budget, the professionals decide which Content Management System (CMS) to use for your website development project. Added to that, if you want your website to be optimised for SEO, you may ask the expert to apply relevant techniques and create an SEO-friendly website structure.

Testing Phase – Now don’t think the job is over with the development of your website. It is only halfway done unless your website is tested before going live. In fact, the website developers follow the agile methodology wherein they work in close coordination with the testers to develop, test, and review the application in iteration to remove all sorts of glitches from it. Thus, in most companies, the development and testing occur simultaneously to ensure the launch of a high-performance website. From the structure and content to functionality and navigation, every aspect of the website is thoroughly tested to see if it is capable of delivering a great user experience.

Maintenance – When you hire services from a reputable company, the experts will never leave you in dark as soon as your website goes live. After all, that is a sign of a reliable agency or professional developer. Instead, website maintenance forms a very important part of the web design and development process. Whether you need to update functionalities or include custom features, the professionals will cover you from all sides with their technical and maintenance support. With exhaustive maintenance services, your website will be secure, reliable, and deliver high performance in the long run.

Closing Thoughts – So, you see, the website development process is a rigorous one that requires you and your team to adopt an agile approach. Without constant collaboration and revision, even the most ambitious web development project can falter and fail to offer the desired functions. If you want to secure your online presence, make sure you hire professionals who follow a result-driven development approach and offers end-to-end services.

Maya Ghannam

As one of the owners of a top digital agency based in Dubai, Maya Ghannam keeps herself up-to-date with the latest trends emerging in the world of digital technologies. Her in-depth knowledge finds an expression through informative blogs and articles. She is an avid learner who likes to delve into a range of subjects and share her insights with her readers.

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