Inbound vs. outbound: Difference between them

Companies usually think about inbound sales, outbound sales, or a mix of the two when they are looking for the best sales strategies. Inbound sales have prestige for being cost-effective, bringing in new customers, and scaling well. Outbound sales are known for their personal touch, ability to build trust, and ability to close big deals. In this article, we’ll talk about inbound vs outbound marketing. 

Inbound call centers take care of calls that come into a company or organization. Most of these come from customers who have problems with a service or product or people who want to make an order.

Both outbound and inbound sales strategies are important for a business to stay healthy and to grow. Since prospects are the lifeline of most sales reps, getting them in much more than one manner makes your company dynamic and flexible, able to change with the current marketing market trend, and ready to make sales.

Inbound vs outbound

The inbound vs. outbound sales debate has been going on for a long time. The question is whether small companies should use outbound sales or the more famous inbound sales.

People often think that inbound sales are the best way to make sales, but there are some experts who disagree. They say that outbound sales have been more successful than inbound sales for a very long time.

The answer to the question of “inbound vs. outbound sales” is not simple, though. There are several different ways to look at the two strategies, and you need to know a lot about both outbound and inbound sales before making a choice.

Additionally, the primary distinction between outbound and inbound sales is who starts the transaction. In the inbound sale, the potential customer contacts the company to start the sales process. In the outbound sale, the business starts the process by getting in touch with the potential customer through a sales rep. It comes to whether the customer contacts the company first or the company contacts the customer first.

It might seem like a small difference, but it makes a huge difference in how the client and the company work together. Most of the time, inbound customers are more interested, know more about the brand, and know more about the services and goods they want. At least at first, outbound customers tend to be less interested, less familiar with the brand, and less knowledgeable about the services and goods.

What are Inbound Sales?

An inbound sale is a technique for making sales that puts the needs, goals, challenges, and interests of each buyer first. This method focuses more on helping customers solve their problems than selling them the product.

Imagine that you are attempting to sell a SaaS or specialized service that helps a person with some technical problems. Users with the same technical issues look for a solution and then get in touch with you to buy it.

In this case, the buyer goes straight to the salesperson to buy the item. It’s called “Inbound Sales.”

Large businesses usually use the inbound sales method to make money and accomplish their goals.

What are Outbound Sales?

Outbound sales is a method of selling in which a salesperson starts a conversation with a prospect, keeps it going, and then sells the product. This technique is more about getting a potential customer to buy something.

Outbound Sales Strategies are used by a lot of small and medium-sized businesses. Most of the time, the salespeople call the prospects, set up a meeting, and then sell their product.

Sales representatives also submit cold emails to prospects they don’t know much about and work to develop relationships with them. Even though this is an old way of selling, it is still a good way to do things.

Inbound vs outbound sales: What’s The difference 

After looking at both outbound and inbound sales methods, you should have a good idea of which one will work best for your sales department.

In this section, we’ll talk about how inbound sales are different from outbound sales in terms of their methods.

Now, let’s talk about the methods that you will need to establish an Inbound Sales Strategy.

Inbound Sales Techniques:

Content Development

Inbound sale is a mix of Sales and Marketing. So, your Marketing Team needs to build on the content they already have.

Your brand’s identity will come from the content you put out, and the solutions in that content will bring customers to you.

So, if you want to make inbound sales, it’s essential to schedule your content calendar around your buyer persona. To develop a seamless inbound sales process, you need to be consistent with how you make content.

External promotions

There are many other ways to promote your content that will help you get more inbound leads. Some of these methods are syndicating your articles, guest blogging, offering solutions on different platforms, and so on. Even though these portals might not give you a lot of leads, they will help your business grow.

Social Media

Mostly in the inbound sales method, you must first be contacted by your prospects before you actively seek them out.

Social Networking sites are among the most effective channels for connecting with millions or billions of prospective customers around the world.

In various social media groups, individuals with similar interests communicate with one another, discuss their difficulties, and seek solutions.

Adding your problem-solving content to these platforms will assist you in bringing your product to your prospects.


Everybody has a brand, but not everyone is branded.

Branding is the process of getting people to recognize your product or company as a branded thing. It is a slow procedure where you use your marketing techniques and content to set yourself apart from your competing companies and become well-known.

You need to show that you are a thought leader by sharing your research and explaining how it can help a community. Long-term, this will enable you to get a lot of inbound prospects and make money.

Outbound Sales Techniques:

Cold Email

Cold emailing is the perfect Outbound Sales Technique that is used all over the world and gets the best results out of all the other techniques.

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Additionally, a cold email is a procedure for identifying the perfect prospect through the right channel and contacting him about your product. Here, the prospects and the sales representative are complete strangers who don’t know what each other’s goals are.

If the product fits with the objectives of the prospect, he’ll respond, and after more nurturing, he’ll become a customer. There are various tools like a sales crm software or a customer service crm tool that you can you use to manage your leads. 

Cold Calls

Cold calls are another value-driven outbound sales technique. In this procedure, the sales representative calls the potential customer and pitches the commodity. A cold call is a quick, results-oriented approach that gets an agreement or disagreement from the lead.

Social Media Prospecting

There are many social media platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn, where a sales manager can connect directly with a prospect and pitch their products and services. If the prospect wants the same thing, the salesperson agrees, and with more work, the deal is made.

Inbound vs outbound: Conclusion

Along with the right CRM software for sales, both outbound and inbound sales can help a business grow. However, outbound sales may be perfect for making money right away, but inbound sales are also a good way to build a good reputation and trust over time. Keep trying both, and you should soon be able to find a good balance in between the two.


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