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Incredible Tips To Create Data-Driven Content For Effective Link Building



Content strategy that relies on data must be interesting, engaging, and novel. How to pick a winning topic and craft a compelling piece of content that will draw links organically. Whoever said content is king didn’t tell us about all the work involved in generating material that people will want to share on social media and link to.

Copywriting, blog posting, and calling it a day are all simple tasks, but making your content king requires careful attention to how it will be presented to search engines.

In this blog, you can easily find out why and how to employ data-driven content in your link-building strategy.


#Take the Lead as Your Own Original Source


It’s always a huge hassle to gather your own information for an essay. Anyone who has tried to conduct a consumer survey would understand what I mean. People will want to reference your original source when using your created data. You may find popular subjects and collect your own data with the help of Google tools like Google Trends and Google Consumer Survey.

Using Google Consumer Surveys, they were able to learn more about the voters in the Republican primary. According to Echelon Insights, Donald Trump had 32% of the vote going into the first Republican Primary Debate.

There is no guarantee that having access to high-quality information will result in informative writing. With the information at hand, you must construct a narrative.


#Determine Your Topic Before You Begin Writing


When dealing with data, there is often a tension between starting with what you know and building your topic from there and starting with what you want to know and then gathering information to support that.

To some extent, this might be determined by whether or not you already have access to relevant information or have decided on a topic that you believe would get media attention.

Google Trends and BuzzSumo will be my first stops when considering what I want to write about. Research and trend analysis are the primary functions of these technologies.


#Acquire The Necessary Content Strategy


Gathering relevant information is the first step in making data-driven content. Initiate the collection of data, whether through user surveys or my own records. Be mindful that quality, not a number, matters most when creating content using your private data.

For instance, Shutterstock’s 2017 Creative Trends infographic makes excellent use of the company’s data to provide valuable insights. There were over fifty connections to this infographic.

It’s a common misconception that increasing content output would result in a corresponding increase in lead generation. To accomplish anything, you need just produce one truly exceptional piece of content.


#Conduct Content Strategy Surveys 


As the gold standard for gathering new information, surveys are an excellent tool for compiling facts and figures on topics of particular interest.

Asking a question without giving it enough thought might lead to a frustrating experience. You need the most significant outcomes possible to produce a wide range of perspectives for your content. Limit the open-ended questions you ask and ensure they serve your narrative purpose.

There should be a wide range of demographic questions asked so that you may compare and contrast the responses. As a result, you’ll have many angles and side stories to pitch to the local media.


#Putting The Content Strategy To SEO Experts


Do you have a devoted following of your own? Then, after collecting this information, you may use it to create content by asking them questions, conducting a survey, or distributing a questionnaire. The survey inquiries are shown on this page. Moreover, you may see the survey’s findings below.

If you work for a larger company with consumer discussion boards, you may begin a dialogue about the issue you want to develop content around by posting relevant questions. As a result, many companies keep extensive records of their customers’ contact information and occasionally provide newsletters.

Sending this database an email with a series of questions, surveys, or forms to complete and, in return, offering a discount coupon or entrance into a prize drawing is a simple approach to collecting data. Facebook and Twitter polls may be used to collect information if you have a sizable social media following. You may also use a data collection system as a means of entry in a contest you ran on your site to collect the necessary data.


#Use Your Own Information and Reports


Many SaaS businesses undervalue the information they currently possess.

You probably have access to data analysis tools that allow you to monitor the performance of your own website and advertising campaigns. Insights and data gleaned from these instruments might be integrated into your content marketing plan.

Using Google Analytics, you can learn a lot about your target audience and how they behave. This includes their age, gender, and location, as well as the businesses they work for, the products they buy, the gadgets they use, and more. Performing your own trials and testing might yield data and insights that others in your business or your customers find helpful.


#Put Your Data In A Pretty Picture


Your content’s success greatly depends on how you display your facts. Engaging and shareable content begins with data visualization. Still, this is no simple task.

Your data should be visualized with the help of a designer. But if you can’t get your hands on one, you can always build your own with the help of a data visualization tool.

Work together with public relations to formulate a plan. Public relations teams provide some of the highest-quality connection possibilities but also waste many of them. As such, link builders must carry out manual outreach. If you want to know more about link building strategies, you can visit and find the valuable information about best link building tactics to your website.

Obtain backlinks and guest posts on industry blogs by manually reaching out to the blog owners. Create a webinar with other businesses to share and discuss the information. Make a series of blog posts to provide background on the data and optimize for emerging search phrases.


#Try To Find A Unique Perspective Content


If your content is as noteworthy as possible, you need to assess your data and choose the angles you want to utilize to convey your narrative. It’s not always simple to analyze data, particularly when confronted with a massive spreadsheet full of figures and statistics.

Try to draw out any interesting insights from your results and emphasize any data elements that support the storyline or headline you wish to employ. Find relationships between sets of data with the use of conditional formatting and pivot charts.

Don’t try too hard if you don’t immediately obtain the anticipated response or outcome. When you have sufficient information, divide your findings by demographic characteristics. You may use this to uncover niches in your material based on demographics like age, area, or gender to pitch to local media for a wider audience.



When it comes to SEO, link building plays an important role for getting authority backlinks to your website without spending money and time. There are different link building strategies followed by business and individual websites. You have to follow the best tactic and using it to your website is the best practice to rank your keyword at the best position on google.

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