iPhone 12 Launch Date, Price, News & All You Need to Know

Apple’s new beast line-up is nearer than what you thought about them. Both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are speculated to arrive within a few upcoming months. According to several reports and leaks, these two devices might officially roll out in the coming September.

This speculation could be indeed correct because every year, Apple launches a new iPhone in September. However, the ongoing pandemic has changed everything about how brands act and launch their products. This is true for our next iPhone edition as well, and we might face some delay, who knows. In a recent event, Apple told that the supplies of the forthcoming iPhone are affected due to the ongoing epidemic, and it might also influence the final release date. Apple further said that the delayed supplies might arrive several weeks after the normal September release date. This is what we have heard from Apple officially about the iPhone 12.

So that means you cannot truly speculate whether it will release in September 2020 as Apple itself told that they would get the supplies after September.

What to Expect from iPhone 12?

First of all, the all-new iPhone 12 might involve 4 different versions, including the base model. The other three versions can be iPhone 12 MaxiPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Doesn’t it seem pretty similar to the iPhone 11 line-up? However, iPhone 11 does not include the iPhone 11 Max, but the iPhone 12 might.

The Max model sounds like a larger version similar to iPhone 11 Pro Max, but we would like to say that the plain Max version will only feature a large size, not specs. This means it would feature almost the same specs as the base model. It would be a perfect model for those that prefer large display phones but don’t require powerful specs. So, the iPhone 12 Max should be pretty affordable than iPhone 12 Pro Max since it won’t have better specs.

Other chatters suggest that iPhone 12 might come up with 5G mobile internet technology as well as it might also get a new design and exterior. It will change the way the iPhone looks since 2017.

Also, many legends are hinting that the iPhone 12 will be the most exhilarating launch in Apple’s history. Whereas we don’t have any substantial evidence behind these talks so far, we are confident that it will get the all-new iOS 14.

All We Know About iPhone 12 To Date   

It will be a new iPhone line-up from Apple and might launch in late September, but Apple might push back the release date due to the ongoing crises. The price may start roughly from 649 USD. This is all we know with the help of official reports.

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