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Is Facedrive a Good Investment

Is Facedrive a good investment? At first blush, it looks like a great idea. After all, Face Prints is a company that makes and sells photo facial blenders, and its tagline says: “You’ll never go wrong with a face.” In addition, the face printer that the company manufactures comes with a 10-day free trial. The free trials seem perfect, but is Facedrive a good investment?

Is Facedrive a Good Investment

The Face Prints website claims, “The Facedrive printer captures the essence of a photo in seconds by delivering high-resolution photos through infrared technology… enabling us to share unique, one-of-a-kind facial expressions with family and friends.” The company also claims that the Face Prints printer “is easy to use for anyone. No training is required, and no technical skills are required. Simply upload the photos you want to print, and print immediately.”

Unfortunately, the photo quality of Face Prints is not as great as it claims to be. The cameras used in the Face Prints Studio produce excellent images, but they are not anywhere close to the quality of a professional photo. The results are often grainy and the colors tend to be washed out and dull. Face Prints has an option to upgrade the cameras sold with the printer so that customers can get better results.

Is Facedrive a good investment? On the one hand, Face Prints may be a fantastic promotional tool for a new business. Promotional advertising plasters such as ‘My Logo’ or ‘Your Picture’ often remind customers about a business regularly and help create brand recognition. Additionally, custom photo printing is incredibly inexpensive, especially considering the amount of time and effort that goes into making an advertising campaign.

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However, you have to consider the amount of face-swapping that goes on at the printers. You’ll also have to consider the long-term maintenance costs that will have to be paid by the company if you decide to switch. In general, custom vinyl stickers are cheaper in the long run than custom faceplates. So you’ll end up saving money if you move forward with a Face Prints-to-face meeting.

Now that we’ve established that Facedrive isn’t a good idea, what’s your opinion? Are you interested in using Face Prints? If so, will you be using it for your company? If you’re considering it, here are some tips for choosing the right company. Make sure the firm has experience in the printing industry and has received quality customer service feedback.

Look for a firm that can handle both photo transfer and adhesive labels. Also, check to see if the firm prints on high-quality photo stock and has a good reputation. You’ll also want to choose a printer that has printers located strategically around the country so when you need a particular design you don’t have to travel.

Is Facedrive a good choice for you? That depends. If you’re planning on distributing only to a few select clients, no matter what your product is, Face Prints is probably a good choice. If, however, you’re looking to go the distance and distribute to different areas, such as an internet store, then perhaps you should look into something like Geotrax. It might take a little longer, but it’ll ensure you always have photos to hand at your fingertips, whenever you need them.

What about the cost of handling the order and the delivery? Will it be more or less than doing it yourself? This is a big consideration, especially if your business receives heavy volumes of traffic. A cheap printer won’t always be the best choice, and neither will one that charges extra for redoing a job you already have in the process. So, think about it… Are you comfortable with doing all the work or will the added costs be too much for you to handle?

The company you choose should have a system that allows you to create a photo without any additional software. You’ll need to be able to upload the photo, select colors, change backgrounds, and do other photo tweaks. If you have access to multiple printers, choose one that supports multiple print jobs, not just the default photo print. There are some that offer up to five different printer capabilities, so don’t settle for the first one you see.

There are plenty of reasons why you’re considering making this purchase. Is face printing something you’re interested in, but you don’t know where to start? Then use this advice to help you make an informed decision before heading out to the local store. Face it: Most people don’t know how to print on canvas and the sooner they learn, the better.

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