Is Professional Medical School Tutoring Really Worth It?

Medical School Tutoring

If you’ve never had a tutor at any point in your academic life, you may not know how helpful it can be. Many medical students have made it through high school, MCAT test prep and even USLME test prep without the help of professional tutors, so it is by no means impossible. Personal tutoring, however, has been known to be beneficial to students in multiple fields, not just medical school.

Not only do you have the benefit of personal attention and expert guidance, but you improve your work and study habits for success long after the tutoring has ended. For pre-med and medical students, tutors can significantly improve your scores through extensive MCAT test prep and USLME test prep. No matter which part of the med school journey you are in, there is much to be gained. If you have been questioning the effectiveness of tutoring and whether or not it is worth it, here’s how it can make you a better student and physician.

Get Help from Someone Who’s Been There

Who better to help you improve your chances of success than the one who has actually taken the test and excelled at it? When you choose to get professional assistance, you get help from someone who has extensive knowledge of the material you are dealing with. A good tutor is one who has first-hand experience in preparing for, writing and teaching the work that you are about to engage in. As such, they are able to give you a good idea of what to expect, while using relevant practice tests and practice questions to make sure that you are well-prepared.

Access One-on-One Attention

Attending classes, watching videos online and embarking on dozens of Google searches sometimes isn’t enough. These methods can be helpful, but they are never truly adapted to your individual learning style. Every student has different needs and learns at a different pace, which is why it is important to get the personal attention that comes with a tutor. They will be able to assess your strengths and weaknesses, tailoring the experience to suit your learning needs and ultimately be more effective.

Receive Feedback

Learning on your own can sometimes feel like shooting in the dark. You can never be too sure about what you know and what you don’t. On top of that, it is difficult to tell whether you are on the right track. A tutor can help to guide you through your examination preparation with structured feedback on your progress. Regular feedback indicates what you should focus on a little more, what you have mastered, and where you are headed in general.

Strengthen Your Study Habits

A tutor isn’t just there to help you with the study material itself. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, they can motivate you. Getting regular tutoring feeds a sense of accountability, which in turn builds your study habits. No matter how long you have had a tutor, their influence will stay with you long after you have parted ways. The relationship is one that strengthens work ethic in the long run. As such, tutoring can be seen as an investment.

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