Kevin Costner Leaving “Yellowstone”?

Yellowstone is paving its way to season 4 gradually after a very intense season 3 finale episode. The creators left all of us amazed with the cliffhanger; they have also raised some serious questions about the fate of Kevin Costner, aka John Dutton. Rumors are that you won’t see the vintage Yellowstone Jackets of Kevin Costner in the upcoming season, as the actor will say good-bye to the series after season 3.

Although there is no confirmation from anyone, not even the actor himself, is there any weight in this news? Or is it just a clickbait made viral by some critics? Let’s have a look at what is being revealed about the future of Kevin in Yellowstone and decide for ourselves.

What Lead To This Question?

The Paramount hit TV series, Yellowstone, has some really big names present in its cast members. From the legendary Kevin Costner in the lead role to the very beautiful Kelly Reilly as his daughter, the cast is worth-drooling for. The concerned patriarch of the Dutton family had nothing in his mind but the safety of his family and the Yellowstone ranch owned by him.

The person who scares people on-screen is loved by so many people off-screen. And that is why the first thing that came into the minds of people, as soon as season 3 ended, as if he will survive in the next season or not. We all remember how he got into serious risk after being shot in the last episode. While helping someone on the street, in episode 10 of season 3, an armed man appeared from his side and shot John Dutton several times.

This is the last memory that people have of Kevin’s from Yellowstone — lying on the ground, drenched in blood. This has left so many curiosities about his survival. If he dies, then it will automatically mean that Kevin won’t be in the show anymore. And if he survives, then? Will he remain in the show? Well, there is nothing revealed about the plot or the stay of Costner in the show.

What Has Costner Said Until Now?

Although at the end of August, he was seen talking to Good Housekeeping about the shooting of season 4. He said that there is no doubt that he will remain a part of the Yellowstone team for season 4, surely. He also opened up about spending his second-half of the acting career. He wants to do it his way, and according to the ground realities, Yellowstone is a part of his plans!

He also opened up about the difficulties that he will face regarding his personal life. The team will shoot the whole season 4 in Montana due to the recent Coronavirus prohibitions. Kevin looks all concerned about his kids and second wife, and also, he is the man who believes in ‘family over career.’ There is also an article saying that Kevin Costner might love acting, but he will prioritize being a good husband and responsible father instead of being John Dutton in Yellowstone.

But there is nothing confirmed by Kevin as of yet. He has surely shown his concerns about traveling with two airplanes, but that doesn’t mean that he will leave all of us sad, right? Well, hope so!

Apart From Kevin, Who Might Leave the Show?

While Kevin is stealing attention towards himself, don’t forget that there are so many characters on the show that became bloodshed victims in season 3. There was nothing but a lot of bloodbath in the last season, taking three other characters from the main cast into major risks.

Beth Dutton, who happens to be the daughter of John Dutton, got a bomb bursting up in her office. There was no scene shown or clue given afterward about her survival. On the other hand, Kayce Dutton was sitting in his office who gets attacked by a gunman. The next scene that was shown was that he was dodging the bullets behind his work desk.

Then came Jimmy Hurdstorm, played by Jefferson White, who was kicked out of his horse and was left in extreme danger. There is nothing to do but to wait for the new season to drop finally. However, Jefferson told that there are a lot of turns and things happening in season 4. He was talking in a special Tales event of Paramount Network and seemed as excited as every one of us!

One Thing Is Certain Though… Costner Isn’t Leaving Yellowstone Anytime Soon!

Yellowstone is all about Montanna now. Either Kevin chooses to travel to Montanna and other cast members or plans to travel to Utah, an airplane is the only way for him to reach. There will be shooting all-day, and Kevin doesn’t seem to get bothered by it. He posted on Instagram a picture in Montana with a hashtag of Yellowstone. So, the captain is back on the ship! (Like he was ever gone).

There is no weightage in the rumors revolving around his exit from the TV series. He is currently in Montanna, working on his part in Yellowstone. He is not only the lead character of the TV series but has been fulfilling the duty of an executive producer as well. So, it’s crystal clear that the new season can’t be renewed without his approval and involvement.

The news is recently confirmed by one of the spokespersons of Kevin that there is no authenticity in the quitting news. Instead, Kevin is very much proud of Yellowstone. This talk went viral as soon as Gossip Cop reported it, and fans are nothing but as happy as they could ever be! We will see the legendary actor riding on a horse, wearing his iconic ‘cowboy attire consisting of retro Yellowstone Jackets and boots.

Season 4 is reported to release in 2021 with no finalized date as of yet. The broadcasting rights are still in the hands of Paramount Network, and they look all geared-up for gathering the highest TRPs!

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