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Do Babies Need Noise Cancelling Headphones

Why Should Your Kids Deserve Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise-canceling headphones are one of the things that kids require at a particular time. They need to wear the best noise cancelling headphones. When you’ll be vacuum cleaning or mowing, there’s a lot of noise produced. Hence you should guard your kid’s ears using noise-canceling headphones. Additionally, baby’s ears are more sensitive unlike for grown-up individuals.

Babies Noise Cancelling Headphones
Additionally, kids’ ears & eardrums are in the developing process. Best noise cancelling headphones will guard kids against short-term or long term hearing damage. Moreover, the best noise cancelling headphones for kids offers your little-one a pause from sensory overload. If you’re around loud-airplanes or fireworks, you should find noise-canceling headphones for your baby. This will make them feel comfortable.

How loud is sound to kid

Sound is measured using decibels (dB). Safe sound-levels will depend on time exposure. Noises softer than 80dB won’t harm the hearing unless he/she is exposed for a longer time.

Some of the possible hearing danger for kids

  • High television volume
  • Loud toys
  • Festivals, concerts, and sports events
  • White noise-sleep machines
  • Household appliances e.g. vacuum, blender and hairdryer
  • Firework displays

Importance of noise-canceling headphones to your baby.

As the name suggests, the noise-canceling headphone will cancel the surrounding noise. This will protect the ears and the eardrums. There are different models of noise-canceling headphones from different brands. Getting the best will offer you or any other person the most protection to your ear. Below are some of the benefits of noise-canceling headphones to your baby.

Protection from short-term or long term ear damage

Kid’s ears and eardrums are very sensitive. Thus, they need to be protected from the loud sound which can cause damage to the eardrums. When damaged, the kid can have issues with hearing. This issue may be temporary or sometimes may be permanent. Thus to prevent any of this issue, it’s better to use a noise-canceling headphone.

1. Reduce sensory overload

Noise-canceling headphones for babies allow kids to have a break from overloading the sensory. When in a place with the loud sound your baby needs to have a noise-canceling headphone. This will protect and keep your kid feeling relaxed and comfortable in every sense.

2. Keeps the kid-focused

The best noise cancelling headphones will help your baby stay and remain focused. The stress of the loud noises may make them uncomfortable and his/her concentration will be drawn. But with the best noise-canceling headphone, he/she will concentrate & still be attentive.

3. Calms the nervous & uneasy feelings

Some kids feel nervous & anxious when there’s a louder and unfamiliar noise. Kids are discovering a new world. The places may have loud or disturbing sounds which can be more jarring to their formed psyches. Ear protection for babies can cut the noise giving the required sensory break. Additionally, with a piece of calming music will work best with the best child headphones.

4. Reduce noise-related stress

Noise causes stress to everybody and more so to young kids. This is because Kids hear more intense things than adults. In kids, aural-stress can create behavioral issues & psychosomatic episodes. However, the noise-canceling headphone will block the aural-space around your baby. This will prevent aural stress.

How noise-canceling headphones operate

Noise-canceling headphones depend on an inverse wave that blocks outside noise. This will block noise from entering inside the headphone. In all pairs, there are more processors plus various sound tech which produces waves.

Moreover, a microphone inside the headphone will absorb the outside sound. Then the mic sends a signal to the headphone. This will form a particular frequency wave that cancels out any incoming sound.

Additionally, you need to understand that different headphones will block a particular sound-wave. Thus, you need to ensure that the pair which you’ll buy cancels out sound waves that you encounter more.

Example of the best noise-canceling headphones

There is a more different model of noise-canceling headphones in the market. Thus you need to be keen when buying one. When buying check on the comfort it offers and the level of noise canceling. Some of the best noise cancelling headphones are Snug Kids Earmuffs, Pro Ears Revo Kids, Bose QuietComfort, and more others.


Do babies need noise-canceling headphones? Yes, they need them. As seen, there are more dangers of exposing a baby to loud sounds. Noise can even lead to damage to the eardrum which can lead to a permanent loss of hearing. Most of the noise-canceling headphones come with an adjustable headband. Thus you need not worry about the size.

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