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Web Designing

10 Law Firm Website Mistakes Made by Lawyers

Law Firm Website Mistakes

Websites nowadays have become the new meeting place of service providers and potential clients. Lawyers are not really well-versed in technology and design because of which there are some fundamental flaws that remain in the design of their official website. In times like these, when people are more inclined towards judging a business from their impression of a website, this can be a huge disadvantage. More than two-thirds of the potential clients of a business search for services online. Any default on the online front can cost them their clients. Here are 10 website mistakes made by lawyers that should be avoided.

1.Cramming information

One of the most popular law firm website mistakes include stuffing too much information into the landing page. When there are too many texts and images going on, the readers tend to get confused about the services and lose sight of what they are looking for. As a result they end up creating the website due to lack of understanding of the plethora of information.

2.Plain and bland

When people say that cramming too much information is bad, they immediately jump ship to absolutely plain and bland website pages. That is where the disaster of website design for lawyers starts. Boring and an attractive website will not hold the attention of the masses for a long time. A balance of simple, neat and informative needs to be reached by the law firms while creating their website.

3.Slow websites

One of the most frustrating things each of us experience in our lifetime is waiting for a slow website to load. This is a huge disadvantage when you are the business-owner of the website. Slow loading is fundamentally an attorney website design flaw that can deter a large part of the audience from visiting your page.

4.Not making the website mobile-friendly

In the 21st century, each of us can watch that we live on our mobile phones. More than 50% of searches for websites come from mobile phones. There is a very good chance that your potential clients are looking for you through a smartphone. Making it tougher for them is only going to cost your business precious clients. It is one of the most fundamental law firm website mistakes which should positively be rectified.

5.Ambiguous or unclear content

One of the pivotal parts of creating a website for a law firm is uploading relevant content on it for all the potential clients to read. What good does a content do if the readers are unable to to read or understand it? Website design for lawyers also plays a hand at converting the potential client with good content. Keeping the background neutral helps the reading speed and understanding.

6.No ownership of domain name

There are no amount of goods that can stress on how important it is for a law firm to own their domain name. Any other law firm owning that domain name can put the other businesses out of work. Domain registration is important for people while they are creating and designing it.

7. Non-SEO domain name

Search engine optimisation is one of the most important things to put your focus on for an attorney website design. It is responsible for making or breaking the search engine rankings of your law firm’s website. It is always smarter to use those words on the domain name that are SEO friendly and help in improving the SEO ranking. Sadly, a lot of law forms make the mistake of not using SEO keywords.

8.Not catering to target audience

When you are running a law firm, you cannot expect every content on the website to attract all kinds of audience. There are some specific or target audiences that need to be kept in mind while creating content. Some of the major law firm website mistakes include not knowing what the target audience needs and is looking for.

9.No contact information

You can put up the best of content online after website design for a lawyer is done, but not enough it will prove to be fruitful if the clients do not know how to get in touch with the business. This is the most basic mistake one can make while designing a website but non-inclusion of contact information only directs the clients to competitors.

10.  Complicated terms

One of the fundamentals of law firm web design includes how to get your point across to the audience. The law has multiple terms that cannot be understood by a layman in the ordinary course of life. To engage them in the content of the website, make sure you refrain from using complicated terms as much as possible or at least explain them in the easiest words possible.

These are 10 of the most common law firm website mistakes that are made by lawyers while designing the website. Once all of these are taken care of, your law firm will be ahead of the others and flourish.

Author Bio

Sophia Dicosta, a Google certified online marketer, and blogger at Conroy Creative Counsel, best law firm seo company in the USA.

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