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Learn How to Move Office 365 Mailbox to Another User In A Prudent manner

You can find Office 365 users anywhere across the globe because these services are widely used by businesses worldwide. Oftentimes, some businesses want to move Office 365 mailbox to another user, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. Microsoft does not come up with any direct solution and that is why users face difficulties in this operation.

Users need to be technically sound if they want to perform such an operation without any hassle. However, one of the challenges that organizations face is a lack of skilled resources. This makes this task difficult for many businesses.

In this article, we are going to focus on the Best & reliable solution we can opt for without a doubt. Other than that, we are also going to discuss about the manual methods and their limitations in a brief. Some FAQs are also covered to leave no confusion behind.

Transfer Office 365 Mailbox to Another Account Using the Best & Reliable Solution

Organizations are shifting towards the modern approach nowadays due to its advanced features offerings. Moreover, there is no or scope of risks in these approaches. Whereas, manual methods possess a higher chance of miss happenings, with our crucial data files.

The Modern approach simply consists Most Reliable M365 to M365 Migration Tool developed with advanced algorithms. This utility is very much capable of eliminating all the risk factors that may disturb this migration operation.

Download the tool, activate it using the key, and then finally proceed further to move Office 365 mailbox to another user using the below-mentioned steps.

Step 1. Open the tool and choose your desired Initial & Final Platforms [Office 365] step-1
Step 2. Select the categories you want to transfer like emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, documents, etc. If you want to move all data, apply the date range filter for selective information.
Move Office 365 Mailbox to Another User step-2
Step 3. Enter your Office 365 credentials from the administrator ID and validate the required permissions to move further.
Step 4. Create Group Mapping for migrating the bulk data, You can add users through different possible ways like manually or adding CSV files.
Move Office 365 Mailbox to Another User step-4
Step 5. After validating permissions, finally, click on the Start Migration button. You made it!

What Features Does Modern Approach Offer to This World? 

The biggest feature of using the modern approach is that it can eliminate all the drawbacks of the manual method. Apart from that, it offers some extra helpful aid for users to move Office 365 mailbox to another user. According to a recent survey, 40% of organizations said they have a fear of data loss during the migration process. This is where the modern solution provides better security options to users.

Let’s have a look at what are the features that attract businesses to opt for these new era techniques.

  • It Offers 100% security for the protection of your crucial data files. No default cases till now.
  • The capability of transferring various mailbox items from emails, contacts calendars to tasks, categories & documents.
  • Shared mailbox migration from one user to another is also supported by this tool without any threat to data integrity.
  • Users can also perform Office 365 Tenant to Tenant migration with the help of this utility.
  • A Date-Filter feature is offered to users that simply avoid migrating unnecessary data files. The filter can transfer only the selective information.
  • To move newly arrived emails and other data files, it offers a very helpful Delta migration feature.
  • An account-based priority migration facility helps users to transfer data of important users before others.
  • Users can download a detailed migration report at the end of the successful completion of the operation.
  • This tool supports various Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions plans.

We’ve just discussed only a few benefits users get from the modern approaches, but there are several other advantages too. As technology is getting better day by day, there can be more features in the near future.

Is There Any Conventional Approach Available? 

When we talk about manual methods, we can say that there are not many solutions available. Even Microsoft does not offer anything directly to its users. We can still find some basic solutions to copy mailbox to another user O365. IT experts from all over the world do not recommend these solutions as it involves various risk factors.

Outlook Method
In this Outlook method, we need to configure our Office 365 account to Outlook and then proceed further. Here we simply download files from Outlook to our on-premise systems and then manually upload these files on the target account.

PowerShell Method
This method is more complex to perform than the Outlook method as it requires the core technicalities of PowerShell scripts. In the majority of the cases, IT admins of organizations lack the required skill-set for such a highly technical operation.

Limitations of Manual Method to Move Office 365 Mailbox to Another User

There are various limitations of the manual methods that make them a No Go choice for businesses. Have a look at these drawbacks and understand all the risk factors in detail.

  • The manual method does not guarantee the safety of your data files. There are multiple cases observed where the data files get corrupted.
  • If not corrupted, then there are chances of data loss too in using these manual methods.
  • The manual methods are time-consuming, they directly hit on the efficiency of the businesses.
  • This approach does not provide the liberty of migrating all mailbox items. It only focuses on emails and then a few more things.
  • We agree that it can migrate your files, but it can not migrate the permissions of your files. There are many miscellaneous errors that users have to face if they are opting for the manual Method.

Users do not want to use conventional methods because of these drawbacks that severely affect their business in different ways.


Q- Can I merge my two different Office 365 email accounts together? What is the best way to do so?
A-  It is not possible to merge two accounts into one. However, users can add PST files of one account to another account to get all the data in one account.

Q- How can I copy Office 365 mailbox to another account manually without using Outlook? 

A- The Powershell method is the only manual method other than Outlook. It involves PowerShell scripting and commands that new users can’t perform.


Q- How long does an Office 365 migration take? Can I complete my project in one day or less? 

A- This can differ from a few minutes to hours, to weeks, and even several months. It basically depends on the size of data files a user is migrating.  


Finally, we have successfully covered all the important aspects to move Office 365 mailbox to another user. If your organization is planning such a migration operation on a large scale, this article has all the answers. The above-mentioned tool is the perfect solution for the fastest completion of the operation with 0 errors so far.

We are concluding this article on the note that, Office 365 migration can be an easy task only if you have the guidance of IT experts and the right tool. Otherwise, there are plenty of complications out there waiting for you. Make your decision wisely after going through various risks & advantages of all approaches.

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