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Health and Fitness

Make The Water More Reliable With The Help Of The Best Water Purifiers

The Best Water Purifiers

Water is an integral part of our lives. About 60% of the human body comprises of water. Water serves different functions in our bodies that include-

  • Water is the primary nutrient of body cells; it keeps the cells alive.
  • Water regulates our body temperature by respiration and sweat.
  • Water plays a crucial role in body metabolism.
  • Water assists in flushing waste products from our body.

Thus we must make sure that the water we are drinking every day is pure and has the essential minerals. Water supplied by the corporation, which is claimed to be drinkable, has been reported to be unclean and contaminated in many cases.  It has been seen that the water provided by a corporation contains lots of toxic material, including arsenic, cadmium, barium, chromium, ammonia, etc. There can be numerous microbial contamination in your drinking water too. Therefore we cannot blindly entrust our health to the authorities, and that generates the need for water purifiers at our home. Nowadays, in a health-conscious family, you will always see a water purifier mounted on the wall.

The History Of The Need For Water Purifier

When there was no frequent use of water purifiers or the people were not aware of it completely, there was a practice of adding chlorine to the water to purify it and killing all the existing germs and microbes. Though the chlorination method was effective in destroying bacteria, the chlorine itself caused harm to health. Nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, coma, and even death occurred. So, the method of purifying water had to be changed to sustain a hazard-free life. And then, there came the water purifier, the bliss of modern technology that assures optimum purification of water without any health issues. There are multiples of water purifiers available in the market claiming the best facilities. Before going through them, it is always best to know about the technology they are using in the water purifier system to obtain optimum efficiency.

Technologies Used In Water Purifiers

  • RO Technology

RO technology refers to the reverse osmosis technology.  A partially permeable membrane is used in this process that traps all the unwanted and harmful ions and more massive particles inside it and leaves the pure water. But the process is not that much effective in killing bacteria or microbes, and the water coming out also lacks minerals. The technology is used in a water purifier, and it seems useful for hard water.

  • UF Technology

UF or ultrafiltration technology is quite similar to RO technology. But the only difference lies in the semi-permeable membrane that is used. Here, the membrane consists of bigger pores that are capable of separating undesired substances from water. The force applied to the membrane to make the procedure happen known as hydrostatic pressure.

  • UV Technology

UV or ultraviolet technology seems to be the most effective to treat the water properly. The ultraviolet ray is very efficient when it comes to destroying harmful micro-organisms, bacteria, and fungi. The UV water purifier consists of a lamp that is capable of emitting UV rays. The rays help in eradicating 99.99% of the harmful microbes. The areas where water contamination level is so high, UV water purifier use must be suggested there to minimize the chances of health hazards due to drinking unsafe water.

How To Get Pure And Healthy Water All The Time

To get healthy water for the drinking purpose, you need to install the Kent RO water purifier. To install the best water purifier for your home, you can visit the Kent RO service department. There you not only get the best water purifier but also receive RO water purifier maintenance services. The maintenance service of a water purifier makes the system durable and efficient. Sometimes the cost of the RO service may put extra pressure on your pocket, thus buy the best Kent RO AMC plans. It is an annual plan under which you will get regular water purifier services the whole year.


RO Care India Is One Of The Trusted & Independent Water Purifier Service Provider In India. At RO Care India, We Offer A Complete Solution Such As RO Installation, RO Repair, Maintenance And AMC Service For Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Water Purifier.

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