There has been an outcry in the RUST community for more PVE Servers with more PVE content. RUST, a survival, crafting and base-building game developed by FacePunch Studios, has grasped massive popularity over the years. But one might call its reputation more infamous rather than famous. RUST is well known and notorious for its toxicity and has been clutched as the most toxic game in the world.

The reason being is that most survival games are PVE-based, meaning “Player Vs Environment”. So that would involve, literally, the environment, keeping your character warm and fed, and building shelter to defend yourself against the enemies, whether that might be wild animals, zombies or NPCs (Non-Player Characters).

That’s the premise of most PVE survival games. However, RUST has a huge emphasises on PVP, which means Players Vs Players, but in most PVP games like Battle Royals games, you start with nothing, loot what you can, shoot who you see, and be the last man standing. From start to finish, most PVP games last around 40 minutes.


The problem with RUST and similar survival games that are PVP based, like SCUM and DayZ. Is that it could take days, if not weeks, to get a decent base, armour, guns etc. and whilst asleep or at work. Someone can be destroying your base and stealing your loot. So the next time you log in, you’ll find weeks of work gone.

This is where the toxicity comes in because it’s way more devastating to lose in a Survival PVP game than to, say, a 40min match on Apex Legends. The raiders know that and enjoy every minute of it. But you can’t fault them because the person they are raiding has also probably raided and destroyed many bases themselves. The fact they are playing on the full raid PVP server would insinuate that’s what they also had the same intention. So the motivation to raid is higher, and the loss of being raided is much greater. 

The other problem with RUST is that there is no single-player or tutorial. Instead, you are thrown straight into the gauntlet of the online multiplier world. You wake up naked on some island with nothing but a rock and a torch, you hear gunfire in the distance, and you have no idea what to do. 

That’s the first impression everyone gets of RUST. To some, this might sound exciting, but to others, it’s a turnoff. But there is a solution, RUST PVE Servers. Usually, PVE in RUST is boring. There is no one to fight besides the occasional NPC event and wild animals. But you soon overcome these challenges, and very quickly, nothing is really a threat. 

RUST PVE Servers Needed EMU


However, a gaming community called Salty Zombies has highly customised and modded RUST PVE Servers. These servers include regular events for you to fight, zombies that come out at night, and NPCs guarding every POI and monument. Salty Zombies also has NPC-generated bases so that you can practice raiding against a computer-guarded base. The solution that fills one of RUST’s main flaws.

Salty Zombies also has a RUST Base Building Server. This is for people to practice building bases. Whether it’s to test new PVP designs or if you love to create and build bases that look amazing, this is a great server to do it on. Their build server has a 20x gather rate, so you will have all the materials you need in no time.

They also have a lot of QOL (Quality of Life) mods, like giant stacks, faster smelting, slower decay, backpack mod and loot sorting, not to mention a fantastic new building tool menu with all blueprints unlocked.

If you are interested in learning the game but without the hardness and toxicity of PVP, then Salty Zombies has you covered. They also host various games like Minecraft, DayZ, Scum, 7 Days To Die, Empyrion and Atlas. They also host Valheim, which was voted in the top 10 online games of 2022

So whatever online multiplayer game you are into, be sure Salty Zombies either host it on their owner servers or have a group of people who also play the same game.

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