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Most Awaited Construction Technologies in 2021

The COVID-19 has changed the dynamic of industrial operations all around the world. The working of the construction industry has been affected by this as well. We have seen the introduction of numerous construction technologies during this time. Let’s have a look at some of the most anticipated ones.


Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) is the software for 3D model designing. It means it virtually builds a physical mini representation of a house. Later on, you can make some changes to the model easily with this construction technology. You can add a new feature to the same model rather than designing it on multiple papers. The use of BIM goes beyond the planning and design phase of the project. It extends throughout the building life cycle. BIM estimates all the expanses and aids the time management of a project.

BIM is now made mandatory in some countries. So, when choosing a contractor, make sure they use it.


Artificial intelligence

The most used technology in any industry is artificial intelligence. Robots are used somewhere, at least, in any industry. Maybe at the designing stage or the planning stage. The drones capture the ongoing work on-site and the hurdles a construction company might face at work. The most common artificial intelligence used is Computer-Aided Design (CAD). It assists in drawing 2D, 3D models of a project before starting it. The newest in the industry is bricklaying humanoid robots, which come under Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM).This construction technology limits human interaction, which is a must-needed feature of any technology in COVID times.


Virtual Reality (VR)

This construction technology blocks your real-world vision and takes you to the artificial world. That artificial world is just like the world of the games. This technology was adopted from the gaming industry and molded to perform in the construction industry. It allows you virtually visit a site of construction, analyze it and draw the buildings on it.


Augmented Reality (AR)

When talking about the augmented reality, it superimposes the real world with the artificial world. It lets the builders place the virtual images on real ones; and creates the design just as you need them. The AR construction technology is used with the VR one to have a better outlook on the project.


3D Printing

3D printing has been introduced to the construction industry for quite a time. It is still being researched and is yet not brought to practice. The 3D printer can construct a complete house within 20 hours. It builds the walls of the buildings using concrete layers. Its most important benefit is that it can create curved shapes as asked by the to-be-homeowners. We can’t do this using bricks. The expectation is that this construction technology will combat the housing crisis in the coming years.


Modulus Technology

It is one of the fascinating construction technologies so far. It helps to build portable houses.  It will allow you to carry your home along with you when you wish to shift. The modulus technology has made house construction easy, cost-effective, and sustainable too. The modulus technology has made it easy for economically unwell countries to deal with housing crises. As will prevent excess land usage. It can be a game-changer for construction in Pakistan.


5G and 6-WIFI In Construction Technology

As the industry is evolving, better and better means of communication are needed. An efficient network is required, which can work in a structured manner anywhere at any time. 5G is a fifth-generation wireless cellular technology that can speed up browsing and transfer information quickly. The same goes for the 6-WIFI network; it will boost communication in the construction industry.


Hidden Wood Joint

The hidden wood joint is a construction technology that made construction much easy than ever before. Select the wood type according to the area you live in and its durability. Once you’ve chosen the type of wood, the planks are ready to be used in building a house! Then assemble the planks with the help of hidden joints and metalwork. It can help to reduce the project finish time, and less effort goes into a project.


Construction Wearables 

The construction industry is traditionally labor-intensive. So, technologies are needed which ensure the safety of these workers. Some of these construction wearables are:

  • Smartwatches keep on monitoring the health and activity of the worker and give them access to hand-free communication.
  • Smart boots track workers’ location and send alert signals if a worker is in some trouble.
  • Smart helmets
  • Body wears


The industries are booming because of technological development and have made construction management easy, but there were some drawbacks of this transition. The construction technologies forced several people out of the workforce. It caused the overall unemployment rate to increase. The use of capital-intensive techniques damaged the standard of living of a vast population.







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