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Network Dome CCTV Cameras for Better Security

The fixed dome cameras are compact in a dome housing. You can integrate them into any installation for inconspicuous surveillance in any environment. The dome housings are protected against adjustment of the recording field and the image focus and impacts. They also hide the current camera orientation. We carry an extensive range of fixed dome cameras for indoor and outdoor use, for every area of ​​application, for every time of day and night.

High performance in difficult lighting conditions:

The AXIS M30 series includes affordable mini-dome cameras that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. The series offers wide-angle views and excellent video quality of up to 12 MP, while the panorama cameras enable a complete overview of the situation with just one device. These mini-dome cameras are ideal for a wide variety of surveillance applications, including hotels, retail stores, and offices. They have WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) to achieve detailed recordings even in difficult lighting conditions. In addition, the models with day/night functionality, Axis Light finder, or both enable improved sensitivity in poor light conditions and high-quality recordings – in color – even if they were recorded in almost complete darkness

  • HDTV video resolution from 1080p to 4MP 
  • Integrated IR lighting 
  • Light finder and Forensic WDR 
  • Zip stream with support for H.264 and H.265 
  • Powerful capacity for advanced analysis functions 
  • Excellent wide-angle view 
  • WDR and IR lighting 
  • Protected against vandalism 
  • HDMI output and I / O connectivity 

Flat-faced dome cameras at an affordable price

The AXIS M31 series includes affordable mini-dome cameras that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. These dome cameras with a flat front have integrated IR lighting. Manufacturers specially developed these to suppress light reflections and achieve the best possible image usability. They are ideal for various surveillance locations, including hotels, restaurants, retail stores, and offices.

All AXIS M31 series cameras offer Axis HDTV video quality – from 1080p to 4 MP. The new Axis chipset has technologies such as Axis Light finder, Forensic WDR, and Zip stream with support for H.264 and H.265, which reduces bandwidth and storage space requirements. The series offers advanced security features, including signed firmware and secure boot to prevent unauthorized access and protect your system. It also provides support for advanced video analytics.

CCTV Camera
CCTV Camera

Robust and inexpensive – suitable for indoor and outdoor use

These IK10-certified, vandal-resistant cameras have the excellent wide-angle vision and built-in infrared lighting for clear recordings in complete darkness. The scope of delivery includes weather protection and a mounting bracket for easy mounting on walls, ceilings, and junction boxes. You can also connect external devices via I / O ports to trigger alarms or actions.

Optimizing your system through practical functions

The AXIS M32 Series offers advanced monitoring functions, including support for analytical procedures such as AXIS Guard Suite and audio via the AXIS T61 Audio and I / O interface. You can also connect them to a monitor via the HDMI connection.

Mobile CCTV Camera surveillance has its requirements and challenges:

  • Limited space.
  • Extreme shocks and vibrations.
  • Rapidly changing lighting conditions.
  • Minimal storage capacity.

Axis’ integrated cameras have been specially developed to meet these requirements.

Rugged and ready for use – for road and rail vehicles 

The robust AXIS P39 cameras are ideal for surveillance in trains, trams, and subways. The cameras meet the strictest EN50155 standards for use in railway operations. They offer the high level of reliability you expect from Axis and the quality requirements required for road and rail vehicles. These cameras are also ideal for buses, emergency vehicles, trucks, and even industrial environments where they have to undergo high levels of shock and vibration.

Small and discreet – for buses and emergency vehicles 

If you want to make use of the limited space in buses and emergency vehicles, the modular AXIS F series is just suitable for you. The cameras consist of two separate parts that you can mount separately to mount them almost anywhere. They also offer the highest level of discretion.

Difficult lighting conditions? No problem 

Advanced image processing algorithms enable immediate adaptation to the rapidly changing light conditions in moving road and rail vehicles, especially when entering or leaving tunnels. The traffic light mode in AXIS P39 Series cameras enables the detection of signal light colors. Powerful technologies such as WDR and Light finder enable optimal results even with solid backlight and poor lighting conditions. And with the help of a large selection of lenses and sensor units, it can capture the desired field of view under all circumstances.

Axis Zip stream technology saves up to 50% of the valuable onboard storage space and enables fast data transfer. This not only makes data transfer faster; it also requires less frequency. It retains all essential details in full image quality. The result is high-quality images and significantly less storage space and bandwidth.

Pan, tilt, and zoom to capture large areas:

Real-time movement and control. Axis PTZ network CCTV cameras can pan, tilt and zoom so that it can cover both large and small details with just one CCTV camera. Thanks to the excellent picture quality and the zoom function, recorded it can check security incidents. This leads to maximum protection at minimum cost.

The cameras are equipped with various intelligent functions and can automatically switch between preset positions and the zoom function in response to recorded events. You can easily integrate them into a system with other cameras.

Our PTZ network camera series includes particularly robust models suitable for use in harsh environments at extreme temperatures.

Compact Inexpensive Complete coverage 

AXIS M50 PTZ network cameras bring you good video quality at an affordable price. PTZ functionality, a horizontal field of view of 71 degrees, 5x optical zoom, and autofocus offer you both a sizable overall view and sharpness of detail in zoom format. For recordings you can use that in various ways, the series also provides a resolution of up to HDTV 1080p. And Axis’ Zip stream technology reduces storage and bandwidth requirements by up to 50 percent. Still, it captures important details in full image quality – and at a significantly lower cost. 

Integrated analysis functions 

  • Scream Detection – This function triggers an event as soon as the built-in microphone near the camera detects a scream. 
  • Audio level detection – an event is triggered via the Axis event system as soon as the input of the integrated microphone exceeds a set level limit. 
  • Scream Detection – This function triggers an event as soon as the built-in microphone near the camera detects a scream. 
  • Axis Video Motion Detection 4 – this function triggers an event as soon as the PTZ camera detects movement in an area you have defined. 

No more wiring, thanks to wireless I / O connectivity 

AXIS M5065 provides wireless I / O connectivity to devices with Z-Wave Plus®. This camera can communicate with up to six devices in a system using on / off commands. For example, when a door or window is opened, the device automatically instructs the camera to take its preset position. The installation costs are low, as no additional cabling is required, and you can therefore implement the machines flexibly. 

With us, you get more for your money

AXIS M5525-E is a great offer. This inexpensive camera is equipped with powerful functions that are only known from high-end cameras. It is particularly suitable for shops, schools, entrance areas, and other open areas and can be used indoors and outdoors. 

You won’t miss anything anymore

With the resolution HDTV 1080p, 10x optical zoom, and 360 ° endless panning, you can easily track moving objects. The AXIS M5525-E provides both detailed zoom views and the extensive overview that is essential for day-to-day business. WDR Forensic Capture works extremely precisely in scenes with significant differences in brightness. Even in almost complete darkness, the camera’s light-sensitive sensors deliver high-quality video recordings. 

Very diverse 

AXIS M5525-E is a versatile camera for indoor and outdoor use. It is compatible with all Axis PTZ mounting systems. It offers two-way audio and four digital I / O ports for integration into other system components, as well as three scene profiles: 

  • Forensic: Detailed recordings under challenging conditions 
  • Interior: color optimization for interior lighting 
  • Outdoor: Image enhancement for outdoor shots 

According to the scene, the camera automatically optimizes exposure time, white balance, aperture, sharpness, contrast, and image noise in each profile. As a result, an inexpensive installation will provide you with excellent image quality. 

Sharp images. Low bandwidth

Using Axis Zip stream technology, the AXIS M5525-E analyzes video streams in real-time and identifies image areas of interest. These areas are compressed slightly less than other areas to capture essential details in full image quality and reduce storage and bandwidth by up to 50%. The result is high-quality images and noticeable savings.

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