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Who are qualified to apply for Scholarship Schemes?

Answer: The qualification rules of various plans facilitated, fluctuates from plan to conspire. Students concentrating in India and satisfying the prerequisites of different plan rules of different Ministries are qualified to apply for the scholarships. The nitty-gritty rules are accessible on the Home Page of the Portal. For more information visit


In what capacity can the student apply online for the scholarship facilitated on the National Scholarship Portal?

Answer: On NSP 2019-20, there are two significant classes of Scholarship Schemes:



Post Matric/Merit-cum-Means (MCM)/Top-class.

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All these are online Schemes and any qualified understudy may apply for a Scholarship under any of these plans on the NSP. The URL of the entrance is


New Application

On the Home Page of NSP, another client can tap on New Registration, to choose to conspire subtleties and other obligatory important subtleties.

After Registration, the candidate will get a novel application number and secret key as SMS in the enrolled mobile number

After getting the novel application number, therefore candidate can tap on Login for the point-by-point application structure.

The understudy may apply through the committed Mobile App National Scholarship Portal 2019-20 (NSP) at accessible at Google Play Store.

Scholarship Renewal

On the Home Page, another client can tap on Login choice to get a drop-down rundown which shows Fresh and Renewal for resulting scholarly years.

Could the candidate alter the data previously spare and up to How Many occasions?

Answer: The candidate can alter the draft/deficient data the same number of times as he/she needs, until doing ‘At last Submit’ the online application. To alter the application, the candidate needs to go to the choice “Student login”, enter the Application Id and afterward click on submit ‘login’ button.


Which handle the candidate can alter before conclusive accommodation of use?

Answer: The candidate can alter all subtleties aside from “Enlistment Details”. It might be noticed that once the candidates ‘at long last present’ the application it will send to the following level and after that, the candidate can’t alter further.


What to do if the candidate saw that some data in the online application needs adjustment, after the last accommodation of the application?

Answer: Immediately contact the Nodal Officer (either Institute Nodal Officer or District/State Level Nodal Officer) where your application is lying for confirmation and solicitation him to stamp your application as DEFECTIVE. When an application is checked imperfect, it is indeed made accessible in the candidate’s login in editable mode. The candidate can alter/change the data, aside from Registration Details, and would re be able to submit it.


What should the candidate do if some specific scholarship plans are not noticeable to the candidate while filling on the web application?

Answer: Schemes shown to the candidates rely upon the data given by the candidate while submitting an online application and qualification measures of the plans. Candidates ought to painstakingly check the accuracy of data entered and experience the plan qualification measures from the plan rules. Rules and FAQs of the plans are accessible on the entry. For additional help candidate may contact conspire proprietor service/division otherwise called nodal service/office. Contact subtleties of the nodal services/offices are accessible under the SERVICES area on the entryway.


What should the candidate do if his/her school or foundation not getting considered while filling the line application structure?

Answer: It may occur if the candidate’s foundation has not refreshed the course level and course in which the candidate is considering. Candidate should contact School/Institute Nodal Officer and solicitation him to refresh course level and courses in the Institute’s profile. Students additionally proposed to cross-check the total name and address of the establishment cautiously, to evade any contention with foundations with comparative names.


Could a candidate alter his enlistment details?

Answer: No, a candidate can’t alter his/her enlistment subtleties. Be that as it may, before definite accommodation of the application, he/she can pull back the enlistment and apply for new enrollment.


Which fields in the application structure have required?

Answer: Fields furnished with red reference bullet (*) mark are obligatory fields.


Does the candidate need to top off the online application at a time?

Answer: No, the candidate can top off the online application in numerous sittings utilizing ‘Spare Draft’; until the candidate fulfilled that he/she has entered all alluring fields effectively. The product gives the office to spare the application at each stage until the candidate taps on the ‘Submit’ button.


What are the compulsory records that are should have been transferred on Portal while applying for a Scholarship?

Answer: The reports should have transferred on entrance for applying for the scholarship may shift from plan to plan, and it proposed to completely check to conspire rules for subtleties. Be that as it may, the accompanying records are generally needed to transfer for Fresh applications if the measure of Scholarship is more than Rs. 50,000/ – per annum.


Position/Community authentication according to plot prerequisite

Salary Certificate is given by the Competent Authority in the State/UT Government.

Handicap endorsement according to the plan prerequisite

Single young lady kid endorsement gave by the Competent Authority in the State/UT Government according to the plan prerequisite

Checked duplicate of Bank Passbook reflecting Bank Account number and IFSC subtleties just on the off chance that not decided on Aadhar Based installment (for Pre-Matric Scheme where understudies don’t have their own financial balance, guardians/gatekeeper can give their own record subtleties).

Private/Domicile Certificate.

What directions ought to be trail by the candidates while topping off Bank Account details?



Candidates must enter the right IFSC code of their bank office cautiously.

The candidates will guarantee that the record subtleties given by them are right; the record stays operational till the scholarship is gotten in the record (for qualified candidates).

It encouraged me to keep up a similar financial balance all through the residency of scholarship dispensing.

It has proposed to have the ledger in a nationalized bank for smooth and bother free scholarship dispensing; even though it’s anything but an obligatory prerequisite

Ledger holders must check their ‘Know your Customer (KYC) status from the bank and whenever required the KYC must accomplish for effective exchange of scholarship sum.

Is there an arrangement to change/update the ledger details?

Answer: It encouraged me to keep up a similar financial balance all through the residency of scholarship dispensing. The candidate can’t change/update the bank subtleties during a progressing scholarly year. In any case, there is an arrangement to change/update bank subtleties during the restoration of scholarship in the resulting scholastic year. This is to be noticed, that the alternative to change ledger by the candidate will be confined carefully to One-time in particular, for a scholarly year. NSP framework likewise sends instant messages to the candidate’s mobile number, and in the candidate’s login dashboard if there is a need to change/update financial balance subtleties – the candidates are instructed to keep track concerning both for any update.

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What should the candidate do, if the candidate doesn’t discover his/her course getting shown?

Answer: The candidate should Contact his/her organization to add it to their profile. The State Nodal Officer can coordinate with the organization for additional help.


How does the candidate know the name and address of the Nodal Officer/State Department of my State?

Answer: The name and contact subtleties of the Nodal Officer/State Department; all things considered/UTs are accessible in the “Administrations > Search Nodal Officer Details” choice.


How to check the status of a student’s application?

Answer: The Student can check the status of the Online Application by login into the NSP 2019-20 record and “Check your Status”.


How to see the subtleties of a specific plan?

Answer: You may tap on Guidelines connection of specific plan showing in On-Boarded plans area on the Home page.


In what manner can the candidate change his/her mobile number?

Answer: Mobile number change choice is accessible just for the Renewal candidates. To change the mobile number, the candidate should respond to certain Questions (which appeared in the beneath given screen capture). The data given by the candidate would be from that point coordinated with the data accessible on the NSP 2019-20 information base and upon effective match; the candidates can change his/her mobile number. If it’s not too much trouble note, in the event of even a slight bungle; the framework won’t permit the candidate to continue further. Subsequently, the candidate encourages to enter the data as shown in his/her earlier year’s application print out or delicate duplicate for guaranteeing to bother free difference in the candidate’s mobile number.


Would there be any arrangement commercially distributed by the States/Ministry that might be put on the entryway?

Answer: The promotion for scholarships would distribute by the State Government/Central Government/Ministry on the papers in territorial dialects and sometimes public level papers moreover. It is not compulsory to get the ads distributed at the entrance, yet there is an arrangement for distributing these ads on NSP 2019-20. The promotions might be put on the entrance, according to correspondence got from Scholarship financing State/Central body.


How to think about the different administrations accessible on the gateway?

Answer: The Services tab on the landing page gives a dropdown rundown to get to different accommodating reports and administrations.


What sort of search office has given to students to Institute, District during enrollment measures?

Answer: A far-reaching search office including halfway name search is accessible at the Institution name Level. A drop-down rundown of locale is likewise accessible.


What are the fields which are not editable by any means?

Answer: Aadhaar and Enrollment Id not editable at any stage and it proposed that these ought to fill cautiously.


Will the candidate apply as a Fresh on the off chance that he/she is a Renewal applicant?

Answer: No, a candidate can’t matter as a Fresh competitor, if he/she is now a Renewal applicant. Therefore Application will dismiss all things considered. On the off chance that the candidate needs to apply in some other plan and doesn’t have any desire to proceed with the plot in recharging the application. So at that point; the candidate should pull back his/her reestablishment application on NSP 2019-20 and may apply as a Fresh candidate. Recharging application pulled back by the candidate can renounce for example re-instated given candidate has not at last submitted Fresh application. When Fresh Application at long last submitted, Renewal application can’t pull back further.


Can the candidate pull back his/her reestablishment application?

Answer: Yes, the candidate can pull back his/her Application before the Final Submission.


Imagine a scenario where the candidate needs to change Scholarship Scheme from the Previous Year.

Answer: The candidate needs to pull back his/her application before Final Submission; afterward apply as a Fresh competitor in another plan.


To whom would it be a good idea for me to approach if there is an excessive postponement in check of use?

Answer: Scholarship application confirmation on finished by the plan proprietor services and divisions otherwise called nodal service/office. The candidate may contact nodal service/division for additional help. Any complaint or portrayal concerning deferring in application check ought to be straightforwardly sent or routed to the plan proprietor service/division. Contact subtleties of nodal service/office are accessible under the SERVICES segment on the entrance.


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