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Popular Types of Truck Tyres and Their Benefits

Many people know about passenger tyres as they are simply made to be driven on roads and highways. The only difference is the weather traction.

Tyres come in different sizes and varieties but the two most distinctive types are

  • Passenger tyres
  • Truck Tyres

Many people know about passenger tyres as they are simply made to be driven on roads and highways. The only difference is the weather traction.

However, many people want to know about truck tyres as there is not much information available. Today, we are going to talk about the most popular types of truck tyres which will help you make a better decision if you are planning to buy truck tyres.

Highway tyres 

Coming with long-mileage warranties — highway tyres are intended for roads and highway usage. You cannot take these tyres to rugged surfaces, whether it is mud or gravel. If you do so, it can damage the tire. But when it comes to road comfort, you won’t find a better tyre than highway tyre. Whether you have a large SUV or a stylish sedan, these tyre can fit into any passenger vehicle and deliver exceptional handling and cornering abilities. With multiple sipes and independent tread blocks, these grip the road perfectly. While most of the highway tyres are made for summer weather, you can find a few which can perform throughout the year. 

Pros of highway tyres 

  • Manufacturers engineer highway tyre with unique tread patterns which minimise noise while enhancing the performance 
  • The sipes in highway tyres make them irresistible in rainy conditions and prevent hydroplaning.  
  • These offer great fuel efficiency as the focus is to provide comfort in long commutes. This is great for heavy vehicles like full-size SUVs and minivans which get low fuel-efficiency. 
  • Since the tread in these tyres is not so deep, it is easy to brake and corner.   

All-terrain tyres 

Highway tyres perform great on well-paved surfaces but when it comes to rugged surfaces like gravel or sand, you cannot rely on them. You need a tyre has deeper tread to grip the uneven surface. All-terrain has a slightly aggressive tread pattern that does not make noise when it makes contact with the road and also grips well in off-road conditions. 

While these tyres offer perfect traction in moderate off-road conditions, you cannot expect them to perform in extreme or harsh off-road conditions. For instance, they might grip in light mud or sand but if you want to crawl rocks, you are going to need to a pair of mud tyres. 

These tyres are usually used on pick-up trucks, 4×4 vehicles mid-size and full-size SUVs. 

Pros of all-terrain tyres 

Pros of all-terrain tyres are:

  • You can use all-terrain tyres throughout the year without changing them before going for any off-road adventure as these are versatile and run on both highways and rugged surfaces. 
  • These can be used in different weathers as well. You can drive on ice and snow with great, while it also maintains great traction in rainy conditions.  
  • Since these tyres have reinforced sidewalls, they can endure heavyweight and loads  


One thing to keep in mind is that as these tyres have deep tread patterns for rugged surfaces, you will have to compromise a little bit of comfort when driving on well-paved surfaces as the tyre will make noise. The fuel efficiency also decreases as the heavy tread patterns take more energy. Also, the life of tread is less when compared to highway tyres. 

Mud tyres 

Mud tyres feature extremely aggressive tread pattern with huge depth. These cannot be used for on-road driving. Tyre manufacturers use special technology to craft off-road tyres. From exploring steep hills to crawling giants, these can get any job done.  

There are sizable tread blocks in mud tyres with large gaps which clear the mud from the way and maintain optimal traction.  

Pros of Mud tyres 

  • The rubber in off-road tyres is very powerful as it is designed for rugged surfaces. Due to this reason, these can endure any cut, chip, hit or puncture. 
  • These come with many ply layers which enhance the power of sidewalls   

You can find a lot of variety of truck tyre in Dubai. We would recommend you to buy the tyre the old traditional way. As buying it online can be a little confusing and less creditable. When you visit a tyre dealer, you can look at the tread pattern in-person. Just make sure you do all the research before visiting the outlet.


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