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Post Hair Transplant Tips to follow

Gladly, cosmetic surgery has made hair transplants easier for everyone. You don’t need general anesthesia to get your Top Hair Transplant Surgeon. Also, there is no fear of scars and surgical instruments. For instance, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is one of the most popular hair treatments these days. Interestingly, this less invasive procedure involves little downtime, and you can experience evident results in no time. Besides, the swift recovery time makes it convenient for you to resume routine life activities after some rest.

But, Top Hair Transplant Surgeons always recommended post-treatment precautions to enjoy the results for a longer time. So, you should follow such tips properly as such tips help in experiencing hair growth without any problem.

The current discussion also highlights some practical post-hair transplant tips for you. Indeed, considering them is advantageous and helpful for everyone who undergoes hair transplant surgery.

Post Hair Transplant Tips

Here’s the list of post hair transplant tips, including;

  • Avoid Exercise And Exhausting Activities

It is quite necessary to avoid sports and other physical activities soon after the hair transplant. Generally, most surgeons instruct you to refrain from exercise for at least two weeks or until the wounds heal properly.  Moreover, it is essential to avoid all those strenuous activities that cause sweating as everyone knows that sweating is harmful to newly transplanted hair and can affect them negatively.

However, if exercise is an essential part of your routine life activity, start it after proper consultation with your surgeon. It is recommended to steer clear of heavy weight lifting, skipping and push-up, etc. All such exercises speed-up blood circulation, and blood can rush to your head. So, opt for the regular exercises that help heal wounds and avoid doing activities that make the post hair transplant phase challenging for you.

  • Rinse Your Hair Carefully

It is one of the patient’s primary concerns, i.e. when to rinse hair after a hair transplant? Undoubtedly, patients want to know whether it’s risky to wash newly grafted hair or not? Well, the answer entirely depends on you. You can rinse your hair after following all the preventive measures properly.

Remember, following preventive measures can help in yielding desired outcomes. Generally, it is recommended to rinse your hair after 48 hours of hair transplant. However, you can take another gap day as it better helps in swift recovery.

We don’t recommend you apply shampoo directly to your hair. It is better to add few drops of shampoo to a cup full of water. Mix it well and make a dilute solution. Apply that solution gently on the scalp and wash with normal water.

You should follow these instructions for one week as a direct application of shampoo on your scalp can damage your newly grafted hair. It is also preferable to use organic shampoo during the initial weeks of hair transplant. The chemical-free shampoo doesn’t hurt recently grafted hair and makes your hair soft as well. Top Hair Transplant Surgeons

  • Wear a Hat

It is essential to avoid direct exposure to the sun as the sun rays can harm your hair. It becomes necessary to wear a hat if you have undergone a hair transplant in summer. We understand, no one wants to cover newly grafted hair, but such preventive tips are for your well-being.

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So, wear a hat for 3 to 4 days, mostly when you leave your home. It is better to wear a loose-fitted hat in the initial days of hair treatment and a tight hat after a week. Don’t worry if you experience hair shedding, as it’s part of treatment. Usually, you experience hair shedding after 1 to 2 weeks, and after that, you can enjoy a healthy hair regrowth process.

Therefore, always cover your head with a hat to avoid the storm, heavy rain, sweat, etc. You can stop wearing a hat when wounds start healing correctly.

  • Don’t Itch Your Hair

It is absolutely fine to experience swelling on the newly grafted area of the scalp. Generally, the swelling stays for 4 to 5 days, but the professional surgeons use the latest equipment to subside swelling and bump. You might discomfort and itch during the initial days of hair transplant, but please AVOID itching the sensitive area of your scalp.

You can apply ice above the eye-brows to feel little comfort but don’t use it directly on the scalp. Usually, your surgeon recommends medication to feel comfortable during the first week, but you should consult your surgeon if itching irritates for a longer time.

Choose Professional Top Hair Transplant Surgeon for Satisfactory Results

No denial; the tips mentioned above are helpful to avoid undesired post-hair transplant results. But, it is always recommended to choose a professional Top Hair Transplant Surgeons for satisfactory results. Besides, follow all the preventive measures seriously and enjoy the most satisfactory results for a longer time.

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