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pros and cons of the Frsky a flysky stations

In this article we are going to talk about the differences, pros and cons of the Frsky a flysky stations

We begin with a brief overview of the stations of these two brands.

Flysky stations are the most basic stations on the market to start in the world of drones, airplanes, helicopters and different models within model aircraft.

Flysky has a variety of station models like frsky, the quality of the materials is a basic quality, enough to start but if you like the hobbies in a few weeks you will struggle to change the station to one of frsky

Despite being very inexpensive transmitters, they have several two and three position switches to mix flight modes, or start engines, raise or lower the wheels of the landing gear of an airplane, the gimballs are quite basic but sufficient for the first contact.

Many famous youtubers pilots started with the mythical blue and black flysky fs i6. Because due to its low cost below € 40, it is used to test whether or not you are going to continue in the world of rc and if you do not continue you will not have lost € 200-400, which is already worth a more serious and professional station.

To highlight another important detail of the flysky stations is that all their models, despite their low cost, have a trainer on to connect the station to the computer and play the simulator. It is advisable to do several simulator sessions to understand and gain fluency on the device that we will fly later

Last detail of the flysky stations, the software can be updated a little to go from 6 channels to 10 channels. But in software it is not even close to the freedom to configure a frsky station, let’s say that the flysky software is very limited

One detail that I don’t like about flysky is that their stations work with AA batteries instead of lipo or ni-mh batteries.

We move on from the flysky topic and focus on the frsky stations

Frsky has a great variety of stations with a great diversity of formats and prices depending on the tastes and needs of each pilot

Its newer models, such as the taranis xlite or the x9 lite, are small-sized and low-priced stations that apart from being an excellent choice, these models already have totally free software thanks to open tx they also include a micro usb card bay to put them in audio files and one thing that I really like about the xlite s, which is the model that I have, that you can play the simulator and charge it at the same time thanks to the micro usb connection, the same cable used to charge smartphones.

Frsky has also made the good decision to power its devices by means of li-on batteries 18500-18650 or ni-mh batteries

In my view, the components of the frsky stations have a much higher quality than the flysky ones. I have had the opportunity to place the magnetic m9 gimballs in my taranis x9d plus SE and since I have been using them I have noticed my flights more fluid and prices.

Let’s talk about the interface of the frsky stations menus

People I know tell me that the management of the menus of the frsky stations is something complex at the beginning like any product until you get it fluent. But a few weeks later you will quickly navigate the transmitter menus without any problem and if doubts arise you can go to the youtube video that I am sure you will find a video in your own language that will clarify those doubts

Conclusion: in my personal opinion I consider that if you are going to try to see if you like the world of rc and you have a low-cost model or you fly, you can rarely buy a flysky station.

But if yours is going to fly more continuously, you are looking for reliability because you already have a more serious and more expensive model, I recommend that you acquire a Horus or taranis type frsky station. That if you take good care of them and handle them carefully, you can have a radio station for many years.

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