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Reasons Why SEO is So Important for a Website

If you’ve ever worked on a website before, or even if you just own a business, you’ve undoubtedly heard that SEO is important. You probably even have a basic knowledge of what it is.

But, do you know just how important it is?

Research has shown that 49% of marketing experts believe organic SEO has the best ROI of any other marketing channel. Having a digital presence and actually being seen as credible online is imperative nowadays, especially if you want a following, and the trust of potential consumers.

But, why is SEO really so important? What makes it stand out as a marketing effort above so many other things? Read an informative and detailed article about this by AAM Consultants.

It’s the Primary Way People Will See Your Website

The importance of SEO starts with the fact that without it, your website is less likely to get seen. Organic search is more important than ever, due to changes in search engine algorithms and people’s desire to feel more connected with the businesses they want to buy from.

The average person in the U.S. sees, on average, about 5,000 advertisements a day. So, people are starting to turn away from things like pay-per-click ads in favor of organic results. That isn’t to say that advertising on search engines is totally obsolete. But, you should be putting just as much (if not more) emphasis on how to boost your organic search. Doing so will make you more noticeable and seem more relevant.

It Builds Trust

Speaking of relevancy, making your website as SEO-friendly as possible will make you seem more trustworthy, as a brand. Because people are inundated with advertisements, they are more interested in brands they can feel a connection with and form a relationship with.

Focusing on organic search results will help you to do that. Make sure your website has updated, relevant content that is easy to read, so viewers know you’re taking it seriously. Your site should also be easy to navigate, mobile-friendly, and have internal linking to lead people to different pages.

When your website is near the top of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), it shows people that you are taking the time and energy required to really create something special. As a result, they’re more likely to trust your brand and what you have to offer. It gives a humanistic quality to your brand that people are craving.

It Creates a Better User Experience

Did you know search engines like Google take user experience into account when ranking your website?

Google has learned how to interpret both positive and negative user experiences on a website. They use things like how long a person stays on a page, navigation, etc. If a customer has a poor experience on a site, they likely won’t be back. Because Google knows that, they aren’t going to rank your website as high.

When you create a website that is highly-focused on SEO, it’s likely to be more user friendly thanks to everything from content that makes sense to how easy it is to navigate. SEO creates a better experience for people visiting your site, and the search engines will take notice of that very quickly.

It Is a Long-Term Marketing Strategy

SEO is interesting in that it is a marketing strategy meant for both the present and the future. If you put solid SEO strategies into practice right now, you will likely see results within just a few months.

But, it’s important to keep in mind that SEO trends change. Search engine algorithms also regularly change. This requires consistent upkeep to your website and the drive to constantly educate yourself on what the best practices for SEO really are. When you choose to do that, and you make SEO an ongoing strategy rather than a one-time thing, you will be consistent in your success.

So, while you might start to see result quickly, you can keep seeing results for years to come as long as you keep SEO at the core of your marketing.

Making SEO a Priority for Your Website

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to focus on SEO for your website, and this is really just scratching the surface. From an increase in ROI with local SEO to the fact that it is one of the most quantifiable forms of marketing, there are many benefits to having an SEO-friendly website.

If you think your website could use some work in that department, take a look at the things you can change quickly, and start to focus on more long-term solutions for transforming your site into something that will enhance your digital presence.

Having an SEO-friendly website will make it easier to be seen in search engines and will make your brand more trustworthy and credible.


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