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Reasons Why You Should Start a Blog with WordPress

start a blog

Why I should start creating a blog? Is blogging in trend or dead? What is the correct time to start blogging? Is it too late to start? Even if I started, how I will get recognized, and how I will be able to stand out in the crowd? And so on. These are the common questions that strike into our minds if we think about starting a blog.

Let us clear one important question that it is never be too late to start a blog and nor blogging has been dead. On the internet, you will find so many influencers bloggers that at their beginning, they thought that blogging is dead but now they are happy with their decision because they start blogging when they thought blogging is just coming to an end. You will not have any idea that how blogging can leave a major impact on your life.

Keep on reading to know more about blogging and why you should think of starting a blog.

Who should start blogging?

Anyone can start a blog including you, your son, your daughter, your brother in law, your mother, your friend, or anyone else. Some reasons are mentioned below that why anyone should start a blog

  1. Blogging is a fun

Blogging is fun because you get a small space to explore your own ideas. You can write, vent, collect, and share your views, opinions, ideas on the topics you are interested in. No rules are defined for blogging.

Blogging can be done to make your friends and family updated about yourself and what’s going in your life or it can be done just because you like to write a lot. Although, blogging is the best platform to enhance your writing skills.

  1. Blogging helps to encourage and motivate people around you

Blogging can be done, if you would like to give advice and suggestions to your families and friends. The advice can be provided on life, products, organic food, fitness, lifestyle, clothing, electronic devices or something that you are interested in. Therefore it is said that blogging is the best method to share your knowledge and experience with people around you.

  1. Blogging helps to make more friends and help to grow the community

You will find that more people would be interested in sharing their views when you will start sharing your passions and expertise with the people around the world. Common interest is what that makes your visitors connected to you because they feels so close to you. Thus you will be able to grow your community and make more business friends.

  1. To get better in your expertise

When you start teaching or writing about something, you will realize that you are getting better at that topic. For example when you answer to your student’s question, you start remembering all things from the beginning to clear their thoughts easily. The same approach applies to the blog.

  1. Explore your hobby, interest, and creativity

In daily routine, it becomes difficult to manage some time to explore our hobby and interest but as soon as you start blogging you will notify that you will be able to manage your time properly and would able to explore more your hobbies, interest, and creativity.

  1. Make business to earn more money

To grow your business, blogging is the best solution. You will be able to increase the chances of getting more leads because of regular blogging on a particular niche. As the phrase says practice makes a man perfect in the same way, practicing blogging will help you to get better at your expertise.

  1. Blogging is very easy and affordable

You can utilize the features of free WordPress themes to start blogging without worrying about the cost and coding skills.


The top 7 reasons that why you should start blogging has been covered in this article. Hope you get answer to your question that why you should start blogging?

Jasmine Lopez

Jasmine is responsible for delivering impeccable WordPress best themes development services for our Spanish and South American clients. Besides leading the launch of Web design in the Spanish-speaking market, he works in the field of marketing and sales. She is in love with the Spanish and South American culture, and was lucky to live in Barcelona for a few years.

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