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Custom Packaging For Omnichannel Retail

Everything you should know about custom retail packaging for Omnichannel – the perfect solution to cater to retail and eCommerce businesses.

Firstly you need to know about Omnichannel; it is a cross-channel content strategy that organizations implement to improve their customer experience and drive healthier relationships with their purchasers across points of contact. Rather than at work in parallel, communication channels and their supportive resources are intended and orchestrated to collaborate.

The Omnichannel retail environment is more significant than ever. It is just as crucial for those with an Omnichannel presence to maintain your presence online to sell your products & services in flagship shops or retail chains. So, your online brand cannot observe or feel different from what you have in stocks, which endures everything from branding material to packaging boxes.

Delivering a seamless shopping experience for your clients has become an indispensable aspect of all brand’s delegation. However, the customers require the same quality for products and packaging when purchasing in-shops as when they place an order online and get the products at the doorstep.

Is Omnichannel Retail Packaging Necessary?


Many brands agree that eCommerce packaging, when custom printed retail boxes wholesale, can add a flair layer and create a significant impact on consumers. 74% of consumers agree that their purchasing decision is influenced by the packaging design. After all, there is no dynamic or physical interaction between the buyer and online brands, making the eCommerce packaging speak for them. But, one of the most fundamental inquiries you can get as a packaging company is whether custom boxes can influence retail markets the same approach they do eCommerce brands.


In a purely simple answer to their queries, Pretty Yes..! Retail packaging can be your secret tool to delivering your in-store shopping process quite friendly and outstanding. Here’s an example to illustrate.


Adidas latterly launched a new pair of shoes in collaboration with Lego. So, any buyer who needs to purchase these shoes is likely to go into the retail store, try on a duo, and acquire the right size. But the shopping experience doesn’t end there. The buyer will only get an enchanting look and feel for the product once they unbox it later. You aspire to continue to wow them and even add factors of a surprise when this occurs. Adidas went with a custom-designed Lego lookalike rigid packaging box. This rigid box is catchy and serves customers to identify the retailer in seconds without even having to look at the product.


Custom Lego Shaped Rigid Box With Shoes.


Investing in custom retail packaging wholesale boxes for physical stores is an attempted and tested method that serves to make your products more visually appealing, raise word-of-mouth for your products, and ultimately produce your consumers back for more.

2 Reasons To Go For Custom Packaging For Omnichannel Retail


Customers probe your retail packaging to expand your brand, so why not supply them with an unforgettable unboxing experience. One that tends them remember your brand for a long time is whether they communicate with you online or offline. Custom retail packaging for Omnichannel retailers can assist them to achieve this and more!

Increasing A Consistent Brand Identity


Having similar brand colors and themes in your packaging across channels helps customers understand your company identity and creates a strong impression. Building a solid identity can help ensure your brand is more memorable. That consumers come back to buy your products more often. In a Dotcom Distribution survey, 54% claimed they could have repeated a purchase if your retail packaging or eCommerce packaging boxes looked branded or had a premium feel. This is something customizable packaging can encourage you to achieve.

Communication And Retailing


Your brand story can showcase on your custom packaging boxes. This originates it easy for your consumers to know more about your business and products; without having to bombard them with erudition on your website or in your shops. So, appending personalized objects like thank you notes and discount vouchers; can make your customer feel like they are a chain of your brand community. This might also reassure them; to spread the word about your offerings. 51% of people are likely to endorse your product & services; to their friends and surroundings if it came in imprinted retail packaging.


Retailing and communication must not take place entirely using words. The effectiveness of different texture materials and add-ons; such as foil stamping, stickers for your customers to use, and inserts; that hold your products in place all communicate the effort put into creating your packaging; which gives your brand an upscale feel. What’s added more? Consumers love sharing photos of interesting new ideas, and your packaging; might make it on their social media. This will help draw more people and also build a spirit of faith and credibility for your brand’s custom retail packaging services.

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