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Ron Trautman Describes 45 Businesses Starts Less Than 100 Pounds

Ron Trautman Describes 45 Businesses You Can Start with Less Than 100 Pounds

Do you dream of owning your own business?. Are you resentful?

If you don’t have enough money to start your business, here is some great news: There are many businesses that can be started with as little as $100.

There are many jobs that people do to make ends meet. You can make an additional income by working as an online marketer or handyman.

These are just 45 ideas for business to help you get started.

Seller on eBay

eBay has been a way for people to make a living selling junk and dropshipping.

App developer

The demand for apps is higher than ever with the mobile revolution. You don’t need programming skills to make your app a reality.

Personal chef

Personal chefs cook meals for clients, not catering which might only keep you busy for a few days per week. You can also spend your time cooking meals that are ready to be reheated. This allows you to work with more clients.

Personal trainer

Although health is important for many, it can be difficult to keep on track and ensure that you are exercising correctly without injuring your body. Ron Trautman siad you can help motivate people and keep them accountable while you exercise by becoming a personal coach.

Beautify products

You can modify an existing product or make it more appealing if you don’t possess the necessary skills or tools to create something new. For example, take mosquito nets. They are plain, but you can decorate them with ribbons or beads to make them unique.


Photographers are always in demand at special events such as weddings. This guide will help you get started in starting your own photography business.


Once you have purchased tools such as a sander and a matte-cutter or a glass-cutter as well tape, clamps, saws. miter boxes. picture-hangers. A stapler and glue are all you need to start your business.

Flea market-vending

Flea markets still exist and can be rented for $20 a day. Anything can be sold, from junk found around your home to produce grown in your backyard to handmade items. Many flea markets are held throughout the week in many locations, making this a very lucrative gig.

Online content producer

Today’s businesses need plenty of content. They often hire outside talent to produce and create content if they don’t have the resources to do so. (There are companies that charge $50 per blog post. Here’s mine.

Website developer

Everybody should have a website. For those who don’t know how to make one, they can hire someone to do it for them.

Online selling of plants

Online selling plants is possible if you have the space and a green thumb. #Ron Trautman said this niche is growing because people are more concerned about the origin of their plants. You can also charge less than big-box stores.


You can charge people for handwritten invitations if you have above-average penmanship.

Selling crafts

You can sell handmade crafts on Etsy if you are skilled in making jewelry and furniture.

Home daycare

While you will need permits and licenses, this business can be started at your home. Daycare can be very profitable in some areas. It costs about $15 an hour in certain areas.

Foreclosed houses can be cleaned

A bank will hire someone to clean a house after they foreclose on it. This type of business is possible if you are willing to get dirty.

Scrap metal can be recycled

Some people drive around taking junk such as dryers off people’s hands all the time. Why? Because they can easily scrap the metal. Keep in mind, however, that aluminum and copper are the most valuable metals.

Consultant in Internet Security

Businesses and individuals alike are concerned about security. It doesn’t take much to set up a business that protects other people’s hardware and software.

Bartender freelance

You can be a great bartender at private events and parties, especially if you are able to make Manhattans and Cosmopolitans.

Training dogs

You could be the next Cesar Millan. This business idea is low-cost and can yield high profits.

Referral service

You can help a family or business start-up, or a friend who just moved in, to find the right babysitters, restaurants, or vendors. Networking and marketing yourself to your community is all that’s required.

Service for packing

Nobody likes packing for a move. They will hire others to pack and load their belongings. Since boxes and tape are included in the final price, you don’t have to buy anything unless you get reimbursed. Professional movers will still be cheaper than you, but it’s likely that you’ll still be a better option.

Songwriting and recording

You can make a career writing your own music if you have the musical chops. #Ron Trautman said you don’t need to write the latest Taylor Swift song; you can also create jingles for local businesses or podcasts.

Promotion of concerts and shows

If you are a marketer with experience and are interested in spreading the word about upcoming events you could work with venues, artists, and labels to create buzz. There is no investment required.

Reviewer or tester

Companies often seek individuals to review and test their products. You can also create your own blog to review products within a specific niche.

Fashion design

Websites such as Etsy make it easy to sell your fashion designs. You can even make your own T-shirts, and sell them through CafePress.

Importing products

It is possible to buy products from overseas and then start selling them at a profit. This is how Pura Vida was founded.

Makeup artist

People often pay significant amounts to have their makeup done, whether it’s for Halloween or a special occasion.


You can open your own salon if you are knowledgeable about current trends and can cut hair.

Snacks and beverages for sale

Are you ever hungry and thirsty after a sporting event? We’ve all been there. After an event, you’ll see people selling hot dogs and bottles of water. You don’t have to invest in a food cart or truck; you can start with a cooler.

Voice-over artist

Businesses are now creating their own content. They’re searching for “golden voices”. You could make it a career if you have this skill.


A beer kit costs less than $100, and you can start making your own beer. I know a friend who did this with his friends and has his own microbrewery.


Winemaking doesn’t require a vineyard. You can either buy juice or grow your grapes. You could start your own winery or vineyard if your first batch of wine is successful.

Selling eggs

The demand for farm-fresh eggs is huge right now. Buy a few hens and build your own chicken coop to get in on this action.

Baking bread

You might be surprised at the size of the home-baked bread market. I know of a woman who makes her bread at home by only working a few days per week and then people line up to buy it.

Creating customized care packages

Many people love personalized care packages that can be given out as gifts. Start by finding a niche like holiday packages and then fill your baskets with goodies.


Lessons can be sold to teach people how to cook, play an instrument or exercise. To get started, you will need to have your own marketing and knowledge.

Airbnb hosts

You can rent out your extra space or home on Airbnb rather than letting it sit empty. I was able to rent out a portion of my house for $3,000 per month and made around $3,000 last year.

Property management

Landlords are often too busy to check on their properties and maintain them by mow, cleaning, or even mow. Ron Trautman these tasks can be handled by a property management company for busy landlords.

Ironing/laundry service

Nearly everyone has clothes that require ironing or cleaning. Many people hire others to help them with this chore.

Service for clothing alteration

You can make a business out of your ability to replace or sew buttons and zippers. This type of business is also very affordable.

Onl dating consultant

Online dating is becoming more popular. However, it can be daunting for those just starting to look. Some people will pay for your advice if you have previous experience in the area.

Sourcing service

Local businesses can purchase products and services from you, then resell them at an additional cost.

Travel agency

There are many travel websites, but most people don’t have the patience or time to compare prices for flights and hotel rooms. People still need to do the legwork.


Making toys can be a profitable business idea, whether you’re carving dolls out of wood or using a 3D printer.

Delivery of food

Some people don’t feel able to leave work to get food. Others prefer staying at home. Ron Trautman said they will then contact you to deliver the food to their door.

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