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Sanely and safely drive in Dubai

The safe driving route, and sanely in Dubai

Driving in Dubai is a multi-level experience, all of which, if handled properly, will help strengthen your level of patience and endurance.

The real test for the Himalayan monk’s knowledge is to get him a UAE driver’s license, drive him to Sheikh Sheikh Zayed Road in a medium-sized car, and within 10 minutes he should be asked to stay at the Deira City Center Mall. Although we are very curious and somewhat skeptical about the test results, we feel that it is probably a good idea to take some of the lessons we can learn from the situation.

By doing this we have put together some driving tips and rules of good behavior to survive so that you can get on the streets of Dubai and help stay safe and intelligent.

Surely Dubai Driving Tips

Be traffic

Driving in Dubai requires a kind of patience that can only be achieved with truth like a monk. Loosen our advice until you reach the level of cosmic consciousness you need. Don’t be a stubborn driver. Become liquid like a river. Give way. Keep calm Breathing.

High beam pressure

Somewhere along the road in the UAE, the super-turbocharged headlights in front of the car have become a super tactic for the driver to drive up to the high-beam until the driver dominates and surrenders due to blindness. This is most common when driving a Flasher Ferrari, Mercedes. Or Behemoth SUV and the blind feeling is frustrated, and suffering, and well seen.

It’s simple, don’t take it personally. Any resistance to this behavior brings out the delicate balance of tradition and opens the door to Mayam. If someone comes barreling you on the highway next to the rapist, be Jane, change lanes, and let them go.

Changing path

Changing lanes in Rent Cullinan Dubai takes on new and different dimensions. A lot of times you will find yourself driving in multiple lanes at once. Four-lane-knitting is common, as well as barrier-front-line signals and signals-end-second-lane-change-cut-off-brake  These techniques can be a nuisance for European drivers of descent.

Over time, these techniques can become contagious and you can even drive yourself stupid, but we remind you that the true Jane Master does not deviate from the chosen path and harmonizes with the donkey along the way. Be aware of the four corners of your car and the cars around you. The idea signal is not as popular as where you came from.

Nothing for the road

There are some similarities between the meditative mind of a Zen monk and the level of intoxication allowed in the UAE; Nothing. The UAE has zero-tolerance for driving under the influence of drugs. If you get caught behind the wheel of a car with any amount of alcohol in your system, you will be arrested, your driver’s license will be taken away and in most cases. you will be asked to leave the country after serving your time and pay your fine (and even get a spare Can). If you plan to spend time in one of the great places in Dubai, go crazy, and on the way to safety … take a taxi.


While it is true that the wheels of the bus turn round, at the same time many newly arrived UAE residents do the same when the rounds get stuck around. A summary of how the cycle will work: When turning a crossroads here, the lane you have will indicate to other drivers which way you are going. If you are in the middle lane when going to the intersection, you should cross the intersection and go straight.

Sanely and safely drive in Dubai
Sanely and safely drive in Dubai

 If you are on the right lane when going to the intersection, you should take the first right after entering the intersection. The alley on the left is tactical; If you are in the left lane, you will move to the left (which means you will cut to the right to exit the roundabout).

 It would take a while for a western driver to understand this idea because he would go crazy when he was cut off from left to right. Keep in mind that the driver on your left can exit to the right at any time. He will be fine in doing so. Car awareness on the left is key. If you round out on the road on the left, try to get out of the signal and remember that the car on your right may not make you aware.

One-hundredth second rule

In most countries, the bi-second rule leaves two seconds in front of you and the car in front of you. If you follow this rule you will not find Dubai anywhere else and in most cases. There will be some harassment from the car (s) behind you. Drivers in Dubai don’t like having any space between your car and the car in front of you. They will let you know the four-inch space you allocated for quick braking by the driver in front of you.

 Our advice is to keep the bi-second rule intact as it saves lives. Resist the temptation to cut off the pussy driver who is trying to cut and press a few inches in front of you. Enlightened drivers will see the fog as another opportunity to practice endurance. Let them enter and secure your clouds to heaven.


This is an alien concept in the UAE. If you only expect results from drivers because they have encountered a large triangular sign that says “yield” you are setting yourself up for a weak failure that manifests as high blood pressure. Skin breakouts, cold sweats, nightmares, and occasional eyelid muscle. To be a spammer, always assume that no other driver will appear to you under any circumstances. Practice as fast as wolves if they don’t bear fruit and express gratitude.


Don’t let it come down as being disrespectful to others does not carry the weight of being exposed in Western countries. In the UAE, Hanning can be interpreted in the same way that a turning signal can; This is another way to communicate with other drivers. In the event, you are at the end of the all-out-anak-blowdown. Our advice is to turn it off and let it go.

 If this makes you feel better emotionally, don’t get emotional about it. In the event, the driver of a large colorful SEOV is blowing the horn in your mouth. In the turn-through-your-nasty style of hanking Try to turn off dangerous split-hair cuts, try to keep your temper. A truly advanced Zen driver will enjoy the confusion created by laughing, swaying, and walking out.

Aircraft, no fights

Driving in Rent Cullinan Dubai can push your buttons and irritate you incessantly. Even now, never, ever, will not rise in a division of the UAE. Western and European-style systems have no purpose in Dubai. Curses and hand/finger gestures and gestures carry heavy fines in the UAE and you may be unable to control yourself land behind bars

You may find yourself in a very hairy situation and the law will not give in your favor. If you feel the urge to shoot a birdie in Dubai, prepare to pay a 5000 ED fine. Our advice is to resist the temptation and use that money to treat yourself among the many world-class stress-relieving spas around the city.

Sub-par driving by others does not lower your driving standards. Above all, you can control only your own driving, so do it well. Timely, generous, forgiving, and conscious drivers will safely reach their destination safely. Collect rewards for Dubai’s picturesque highways, byways, and surroundings.



My name is Md. Mahasin Reja, Village: Birkaya, Post Birkaya, Bagmara, Rajshahi

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