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Section braids | African braids styles

There are many African braids styles to choose from including the following styles Cornrow styles, Half Cornrow styles, Temple Bun styles, and Pagel Can Style. These three are among the popular braids. In this section, we explain this and how to do these styles.
African braids are the hairstyles of African women. They differ concerning their shapes and lengths. Three types of African braid are believed to be Bantu in origin, the zebra, the feni, and the Ndebele braid. African braids are popular styles that originated from African ladies’ section hair. It has sections and is very decorative.

Triangle method:

Shape your hair effortlessly with The Triangle Section Method! The procedure is simple:
1) You cut all the hair that is on the nape of the neck while using the hair clipper
2) Once the hair is trimmed, take your ponytail and begin wrapping it around the plastic triangle.
3) Continue until the entire head has been wrapped in triangles. The tighter you wrap, the tighter the fabric will lock in. The Triangle section method is a method of knitting used for knitting garments and accessories. It is based on an old Scandinavian knitting technique from the 1800s.\

BRICK braids:

Our BRICK braids have a reassuring touch. These chic black braid panels are cut and separated from the same length of a long, black extension to make building your rosette or hair accessory easy and fun! BRICK braids are a new and exciting trend being taken to the New York Fashion Week runway.

Many have been caught scratching their heads as to why this particular hairstyle is so buzzy, while others have been stuck in awe. But one thing is certain, rock this look and be the talk of the town. If this all takes too much work, check out the BRICK braids tutorial.

Box braids:

Perfect if you want a chic hairstyle in a hurry, the box top is a great accessory for a braid. Start at the back of your head, parting your hair horizontally, and part each section diagonally to create triangle-shaped parts. It’s a traditional style that’s updated with uber-cool colors.

Diamond shape braid:

Diamond Parts are a great way to add variety and dimension to your ombre hairstyle without having to dye. With the Diamond Parts, you get the precision of a pinpoint parting, but with a variety of steps to preserve your hair color. They give you the option of parting your hair in a structured manner for those of us who want to take on all 3D challenges.

Diamond Parts has designed a triangle parting technique that is suitable for any hair type and texture. In comparison to the triangle parting technique, this new method is more complex and meant to create a slightly more intricate look. Because of this, it is recommended to start from the sides of the head, instead of the back. With the use of clips, it is easier to maintain separation in your hair as you create the design. If you need help with tips, Diamond Parts is more than happy to help!

Zig-Zag Parts:

Create several handmade parts using your hair for a bold and beautiful new style for every day. The zig-zag starts with a zig-zag and ends with a zig zig zig zag! Getting bald? Don’t panic; you can always create a part or a textured hairstyle. Just ask your stylist for a Zig-Zag part. It starts with a zig-zag line in the back of your head, instead of the traditional horizontal part. Zig-Zag parts are: easy to do on yourself, fun to wear, and flattering
on all hair types.

With the Zig Zag style, the idea is the contrast of the two angles – one diagonal and the other vertical. You can create this style with a natural look by attempting this on your natural hair.

Jumbo Square Box Braid Parts:

Braids are a time-consuming process, and even the most experienced braiders will admit that it’s sometimes difficult to find that time when the project demands it. To help make braiding an easier task, we’ve developed the jumbo square braid technique, which produces the same beautiful braids as a regular braid, but in no time at all.
Our jumbo square braid technique allows us to achieve this in large sections so that you can achieve it beautifully, Use this professional beauty product to make your box braids as beautiful as can be, with the speed and accuracy of a pro.

These 100% human hair, jumbo braid parts are made from 50% greater amounts of hair to achieve the same upper-tier look with much fewer hair strands and time. Defy expectations by creating smaller, less voluminous braids with the same parting technique as regular box braids. This technique reduces prep time and weaving time. The jumbo braid sections make the braid appear to be more jumbled and messy than a regular braid. This popular option for achieving a messy look with less work is a favorite among our customers. Create a jumbo braid of medium size or larger to create a voluminous and textured look.

Cross/Plus Sign Parts:

Looking for a bold style? Look no further than our Crosstrainer Plus. The Crosstrainer Plus features extra sections that add the iconic cross-shape in a jumbo size while featuring our signature antique-relief rubber bands that can be used with grease or combs to get that extra part separation. The minimum order is 10.

Go from clean to messy in seconds. This style uses jumbo square cross-shaped rubber bands, which you can use for a stylistically creative part. Add grease and comb hair into your rubber bands to add a more textured appearance. Or keep your hair brushed back and clean for a classic part, or add a fresh twist to your jumbo square cross-shaped plus sign.

Spiderweb Braid Parts:

The spiderweb part is one of the latest cornrows styles that has taken over social media conversations, especially on Instagram. It’s made with different braids, much like the French braid, and is a quick way to make a part with a textured pattern. Cornrows and Box Braids: The spiderweb braid pattern is one way to combine the two styles.
This style often is seen with a regular part pattern where the lines that follow the shape are thinned out and not too precise. If you want to recreate this style, the stitches that connect the lines need to start and stop closely while the lines align.

Puzzle Braid Parts:

Let your freaky side shine! This style features a zig-zag part across the back, with check shapes at each end. These look-a-like shapes are organic, giving you the ability to create a mood that is wilder than regular-boring hair. Puzzle Braid Parts from FZH is the ultimate puzzle for today’s designer. Whether you’re crafting for the living room, bedroom or office, these parts will help you combine the best of rustic and modern styles with geometric flair.

Puzzle Braid Parts are cut to be flexible, so use in any design–from hearts to organic forms. Using the standard zig-zag braid technique, this puzzle braid style features a parting design that starts with a zig-zag part across the back. The braid style then enters the puzzle piece itself and exit at the midpoint where a “V” shaped design is pulled back in the opposite direction

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