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Secure Your Gmail Account With These Easy Tricks

You can’t know who is snooping around your accounts and trying to get access to the important details stored in it. Gmail is that commonly used mailing service that has a lot of your personal information stored in it. Have you wondered what can happen if someone gets access to your Gmail account? It can cost you severely. Once they get access to your account, they can have access to the rest of your online identity as well. And you know how many cases of identity theft are increasing these days. Everyone should take responsibility for their online protection. You can’t compromise your online security at any cost. So, instead of just sitting and hoping that this will not happen to you, you can take some preventive steps to ensure your account’s security. Do you know how you can secure your Gmail account? Want to know how to boost your account security?

If you want to know the ways to increase the security of your Gmail account, then you have come to the right place. Here, today, in our following article, we are going to provide you with some tricks through which you can make your Gmail account more secure and safe. Please go through the entire article to get the methods.

The 4 Tricks to Boost the Security of Your Gmail Account

To make sure that your personal details do not end up in someone else’s hand that can cause some damage to you, then, there is a need to increase the security of your account. All the important files, documents, and passwords stored in your Gmail account are an integral part of your life. They have all the essential details of your life. That is why it becomes more crucial to keep your Gmail account safe. You can follow several methods to ensure the protection of your Gmail account. Here, we have mentioned some tricks that will help you in this regard. Please follow the below-mentioned instructions to go further. Take a look:

Refrain From Using Weak Passwords and Set up a Strong One

We all are always advised to use a unique and strong password for every account that we hold. And in the case of the Gmail account as it is linked to our every other account then it becomes more vital to set up a strong password with unique characters. Setting up easy passwords are comfortable to remember, but then it increases the risk of various online threats. And no one would want that to happen. Refrain from using your Family member’s name or your date of birth in your passwords as the hackers these days are good enough in guessing these types of passwords. Try setting up complex and strong passwords that do not contain any common words and characters. You can take the help of any password manager tool to manage your passwords if you don’t have a habit of remembering them.

Use Two-Layered Protection to Secure Your Account

Along with setting up a strong and complex password, this is the second most important step that anyone should take to secure their Gmail account. If you don’t have two-factor authentication set up on your account, then the hackers can easily have access to your accounts just with your password. Because, usually we reuse the same passwords for multiple services, and that’s where the risk of online threat increases. Hackers can easily steal passwords from a data breach. So, it’s better to use two-factor authentication on your account. Anyone can easily have it set up on their Gmail account. You can check out the report on our site on how to set up a Two-Factor Authentication on Gmail Account.

Check for the Account Recovery Options on Your Gmail Account

This is another beneficial step that anyone should consider to increase the protection of their Gmail account. Adding various recovery options to your Gmail accounts will help you in multiple ways. Like, it always happens with most of us when we forget our passwords. And adding a recovery contact number or email address will help you to recover your forgotten password. It is a very simple option but proves to be very profitable to secure your account. With this, you will get the notification whenever someone tries to have access to your account. In that case, you can even block that person.

Check the Other Devices on Which You are Logged into Your Gmail Account

These days, most of us have multiple devices on which sometimes, we log into our Google account. You should always check on the devices that you use to log into your accounts. This follows a straightforward procedure that anyone can go through. To check the devices through which you are logged into your Gmail account, log into your account with your password and email ID. Visit the device activity page. Here, you will get all the necessary information like date and time at which you might have logged into your Gmail account through that device. You can disable the access of other devices as well by clicking on the three-dotted menu and then go to the signing off option.

So, these were some of the essential and straightforward tricks that you should consider to take your Gmail account security more seriously. All these tricks are easy and manageable to follow. And for more information and suggestions like this, please stay connected to us and visit our site.

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